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Review and Giveway: Belong to You and Made for You by Vi Keeland

Belong to You

My honeymoon was almost everything I dreamed it would be, a tropical paradise, turquoise water, romantic walks on the beach, and loads and loads of mind shattering sex. The only thing missing was the groom.

After seven years of coasting through a relationship with Michael, my senses were numb. A week of passion with a stranger was just what I needed to clear my head and take back control of my life. But how do you move on when the man that was only supposed to be a fling somehow seeps into your soul and steals your heart?

4 Star Review

Sydney is spending her honeymoon in Hawaii with her best friend, Sienna McAllister. Several months before her wedding to her longtime boyfriend, Michael, she started having doubts. Years ago, she had enjoyed singing professionally with Sienna. She didn’t earn enough to make a living but she enjoyed it and was good at it. Michael convinced her to take the safe route and leave that behind. Sienna lives in New York and still follows her dream. When Sienna started to feel restless and wondered if she wasn’t tired of the living the safe life this created tons of friction. After an over the top argument with Michael she went to apologize, but Michael was a little busy at the time with his secretary. Thus, the honeymoon with her best friend.

Sydney has since moved to New York and works as a singer in the Heston Hotel. As the girls’ vacation begins they meet a gorgeous group of men; one in particular stands out with his mesmerizing green eyes-Jack Cole. She finds herself drawn to him and the feeling is mutual. They enjoy a little cat and mouse flirting and agree to dinner. They play a game of 10 questions; they can each ask each other that many personal questions and the other must honestly answer them. Their attraction is off the wall and when they have sex-these two can’t get enough of each other! Sydney learns more than she may have wanted to know when she asks how many partners-his answer between 500-1000!

"He took a deep breath in and exhaled loudly. "I told you the truth both times. I had one girlfiend, but lots of partners."

Jack has two important means of wealth-one is hotels the other is one he enjoys but one that may not impress Sydney so much. He keeps lots of things hidden. But all vacations must end and theirs is no different. Fate throws them a curve ball and they are thrown in each other’s orbit again. Can these two overcome Jack’s business, reappearances from cheating exes, and Sydney’s career? I really enjoyed this book and although there is a sequel, this one did not end on a shattering cliffhanger.

Made For You
Jack and Syd spent a week in paradise. It was only supposed to be a fling. But life can be funny sometimes, and circumstances brought them back together again. Together they seemed to have found their happy ever after. But when Sydney is offered a chance at the career she has always wanted, she must leave Jack behind to follow her dreams. Can their love survive long distance? Sydney’s touring with a man every woman wants, but he only has eyes for Syd. And an unexpected tragedy leaves Jack feeling remorseful. Can the two find a way through to forever?

4 Star Review

Cole and Sydney’s story continues in this sequel to Belong to You. At the end of the first one, Cole and Sydney agreed that she would give up her apartment and move in with him. But first there is the little matter of her 4 month European tour that she and Sienna are doing. They are opening up for Double Strife . Both the girls know brothers Kyle and Justin from working with them years ago. Justin had a thing for her, but it’s been years and Sydney figures he has had lots of women over the years and she’s not on his radar any more. Cole is not convinced of that.

 “Sid, how would you feel if the situation was reversed and it was me in a hotel room with two women and a friend?”

It’s hard for both Cole and Sydney to be apart for long periods at a time. Cole flies back and forth to see her, but their insecurities still make things difficult. Sydney sees new clippings from old red carpet affairs of Cole with his business associate for his porn production company; Jenna, a former porn star who wants Cole all to herself. Justin makes a total ass out of himself and both Sydney and Cole are aware he wants Sydney for himself.

This one is just as hot and steamy as the last one.

“I wasn’t sure if the cube had melted on my flaming skin or if Jack’s hot mouth had scorched it to water, but there was no cold left when Jack’s warm mouth came back down on my nipple, sucking it firmly and biting down until I could no longer hold back my low moan.”

 It still has the right amount of angst and humor. Not to mention the sex scenes between these two have lost none of their chemistry. Loved the epilogue. The Cole series is definitely worth checking out!

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