Monday, August 26, 2013

Review and Giveaway: Damaged and the Beast by Bijou Hunter

New Adult Romance

Heir to the local motorcycle club and crime syndicate, Cooper Johansson is accustomed to taking what he wants. His newest conquest is college freshman Farah Smith.

When the tattooed bad boy reminds her of a rough childhood she desperately wishes to forget, Farah keeps him at arm's length. Yet, Cooper refuses to give up. He pushes her buttons, tears through her walls, and forces her to admit her feelings for him. What begins as lust soon builds into something more powerful than either expects.

Can the beast heal the damage inside the girl of his dreams?

***Warning: This novel contains scenes of a sexual nature, violent themes, and coarse language. It is intended for mature readers.

Damaged and the Beast is a complete novel with a HEA. Damaged and the Knight is scheduled for publication in June 2013 and follows Farah's sister. Damaged and the Outlaw is planned for autumn 2013.

4 Star Review by Jen Hagen

Farah’s life is headed in a new direction.  She has moved away from her father and onto college life.  Farah has not seen her mother for 5 years, ever since the night when it became more important for her mother to save a materialistic item than to save her own flesh and blood.  Farah’s sister, Tawny, is still living from city to city, hotel to hotel, with their father who owes a lot of debt and is always on the run.  He expected Farah to work and bring home money.  Ever since the 3rd grade she has had dreams of becoming a teacher and now she is well on her way to achieving that dream.   

Grinning while I unpacked, I couldn’t believe I was finally on my way to becoming the new Farah. An educated woman, instead of simply the daughter of losers. I loved my parents, but they made bad choices. I intended to do the opposite for the next four years so I could get my dream job and build the life I had always wanted. 

Cooper is the oldest son of the motorcycle club president and is expected to take over the business.  He lives by his own rules and has no idea what it is like to be poor and to have nobody looking out for him.   He is infatuated with Farah and is weaseling his way into her life and trying to break down the walls that she has built around herself.   Farah doesn’t know how to respond to somebody actually caring about her.  And Cooper isn’t the best guy to be comfortable and unguarded around.  He is used to getting his way and doesn’t know how to respond to Farah’s ability to not be influenced by him.  

I felt confused by how he bounced back and forth from asshole to gentle jerk. When he was sweet, I wanted him more than I’d ever wanted anything. When he was an asshole, he represented everything I hated in the world.

Farah and Cooper have fights, run away from each other, only to find solace in each other’s arms again.
Cooper is adamant that Farah will be his and he will continue to chase her down and make her his. 

I won’t give up until you give me a chance. A real chance to show you who I am and what I see happening between us.

Once their attraction steps up to the next physical level there is an emotional  barrier that Farah needs to cross and it doesn’t help that Cooper is always “horny” (yes, I used that word…it’s used in the book a lot!).   Several attempts to get her to feel comfortable with this level of intimacy prove unsuccessful and always ends in Farah crying. 

“It breaks my f*cking heart when you cry while I’m enjoying myself.”   (I was a little disappointed that Cooper would still continue on with his attempts even after witnessing her tears, but I guess he was horny.) 

Farah has so many issues between her own emotional/physical trauma, her mother’s betrayal and the fact that her sister is away from her on the run with her father that she is barely hanging on to her own life and her dream.  Throw Cooper’s magnetic pull in the mix and Farah is barely keeping her head above water.   Can Cooper be strong enough to support Farah and break away her walls or will the damage from her past be too strong for the beast? 

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