Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: Wethering the Storm by Samantha Towle


Music journalist Tru Bennett has done the impossible: capture the heart of rock-star bad boy Jake Wethers. Now they’re busy planning a wedding and navigating their new life together in the US. Of course Tru misses London and her best friend, Simone, but living happily ever after with Jake in LA is going to be great…right?

Wrong. Even the bright California sun can’t whitewash the dark side of celebrity coupledom. Greedy music execs, merciless paparazzi, and Jake’s wild past are lurking around every corner. Making matters worse, Jake announces he doesn’t want kids, which just may be a deal breaker.

Tru loves Jake more than anything. But when a devastating crisis threatens to destroy everything they’ve fought for, the couple must face the hard truth: What if, this time, love is not enough?

5 Star Review by Lisa Kane

My love affair (the one that exists totally in my head) with Jake Wethers is well known to others. So having fallen in lust with Samantha Towle’s The Mighty Storm, how could the sequel live up to the original novel? As I started to read it, it felt a little slower than TMS’ beginning and I was a little apprehensive. But then those fears all went by the wayside and Jake and Tru do what they do best-they captivate, motivate and stimulate. What a sweet ride! Besides Tru and Jake, all the familiar characters are here; Stuart (can I say how much I adore this guy-and this time around there just may be someone to share his life with), and Denny and Simone and Tom (who I actually found myself liking much more than I did in TMS).

“You are officially turning into a woman. Next thing I’ll hear, you’ll be baking.”

Tru’s parents; Billie and Eva and Smith (who has lost none of his surfer boy hotness) are back and even Dave, Jake’s bodyguard/chauffeur.

This one is chock full of delicious angst, some heart wrenching scenes and some of the steamiest, sexiest love fests I have read-like put your kitchen mitts on when handling your e-readers kind of sexy! WTS picks up right where TMS left, our favorite couple is newly engaged and trying to keep their privacy in the very public world of the rock star extraordinaire.

“I’m not interested in anyone but her. It was weird to me for a long time, but now it makes absolute sense. She is all I want.”

"You hold this in the palm of your hand. You are the only woman who has ever had it, and ever will. You own me, Tru"

Tru is constantly running (literally in some cases) into Jake’s manwhore past and is trying her best to cope with his all too famous conquests. Jake has troubles of his own brewing at his record label. *insert Zane, a hot exec who I would love to read more about*.  While these two are crazy mad for each other, they quickly realize that there are lots of important issues that sex won’t solve, for example, maybe Jake doesn’t understand the extent of hurt Tru feels about some parts of his past and maybe Tru doesn’t want to live in LA.

“And don’t think I’m punishing you because of your past, because I’m not. It’s just my own jealousy and insecurities getting the better of me. Just give me time to figure out how to get past it, okay?”

"I don't want to lose you because of who I used to be."

Jake is newly recovered and there are temptations and tragedies that will test his sobriety. My heart broke for him several times as he found his world crashing down on him and there was little he could do to stop it. There is one particular part in the story where I just could not breathe, I was so afraid to turn the pages because I just did not want to read my worst fear. I could feel tears spilling over and I kept thinking..please don’t let this happen…just don’t.

“Drugs. Do I want a hit? Yes. So very fuc#ing badly. I want the fear and pain that’s consuming me to disappear.”

At every point Jake’s love for Tru is so evident and I fell more in love with him than before. This book has it all; so much banter and humor, so much hurt and loss and pain and it is so worth every page. Tru and Jake have fought so hard for their HEA-for every tear there is a kiss for every hurt there is a song and for every sorrow there is a reward. I like to think that the epilogue is Ms. Towle’s gift to her readers-so sweet and hot and packed with so many teary moments; they have been a long time coming. I am not ready to say goodbye to these characters, there are many more stories to be told, and I so want to read them.
"You will always be my June, Tru."

"And you're my Johnny Cash, Jake."

 I received a review copy from Amazon in exchange for an honest review.

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