Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review and Giveaway: Tears of Tess by Pepper Winters

A New Adult Dark Contemporary Romance, not suitable for people sensitive to grief, slavery, and nonconsensual sex. A story about finding love in the strangest of places, a will of iron that grows from necessity, and forgiveness that may not be enough.

“My life was complete. Happy, content, everything neat and perfect.
Then it all changed.
I was sold.”

Tess Snow has everything she ever wanted: one more semester before a career in property development, a loving boyfriend, and a future dazzling bright with possibility.

For their two year anniversary, Brax surprises Tess with a romantic trip to Mexico. Sandy beaches, delicious cocktails, and soul-connecting sex set the mood for a wonderful holiday. With a full heart, and looking forward to a passion filled week, Tess is on top of the world.

But lusty paradise is shattered.

Kidnapped. Drugged. Stolen. Tess is forced into a world full of darkness and terror.

Captive and alone with no savior, no lover, no faith, no future, Tess evolves from terrified girl to fierce fighter. But no matter her strength, it can’t save her from the horror of being sold.

Can Brax find Tess before she’s broken and ruined, or will Tess’s new owner change her life forever?

4 Star Review by Jen Hagen

Tess has been in a relationship with Brax for two years.  Brax is a good guy, loves Tess, protects her, but he doesn’t worship her body the way she would like him too.  She wants to spice things up a bit with their lovemaking.  Brax is missionary only, and Tess has yet to have an orgasm through sex with Brax.  Brax surprises Tess with a trip to Mexico.  Tess is hopeful that this romantic getaway will be enough to drive their non-existent bedroom sparks into a raging inferno.  Sadly, when Brax sees Tess holding onto a sex toy he becomes skittish and immediately the flame is extinguished.  Tess immediately feels bad for putting doubt in Brax’s mind that he is not enough for her.  Both Tess and Brax come from pasts that have hurt them emotionally and have left them with no one to rely on now.  Tess has made up her mind that Brax is enough for her and she will embrace him and their love forever.

The next day Brax and Tess are on a day tour of their surroundings and stumble into a hole-in-the-wall cafĂ©.  This is where Tess and Brax’s lives become changed forever as she is kidnapped.  She is put into a holding area along with 8 other women, all with futures unknown.

I was being trafficked. Me and these women were about to disappear around the world, exchanged for money, no regard for us as people—we were belongings.

Tess ends up being sold to Quinn, or Q as he is known in his trafficking empire. Q is a wealthy businessman living in France.   Q is impressed and intrigued by Tess and her fieriness to not succumb to the orders  from her master/owner now that she has been sold as a sex slave.  Tess is defiant and is determined to escape from her current state of hell.

“They didn’t break you, but don’t think you can fight me. You won’t win.” -- Q


When the time comes for Tess to make an escape, she takes it although she suddenly realizes that life outside of being Q’s sex slave is far more dangerous.  Q has enemies and they are willing to take what they feel is rightfully owed to them.  

 In that moment, in my fragile and broken state, my feelings for Q changed. He morphed from monster to saviour. He did what Brax hadn’t done in Mexico: he found me, killed for me. He rescued me from horror and protected me from the bastards who hurt. Q was no longer the devil. He was my master and I belonged to him.

Tess has now accepted that Q owns her and her future.  All is not as it seems…Q holds a darker secret that he doesn’t allow to surface and very few know his true self.  

“You want to know how dark I’ll go? I want blood. I want you sobbing at my feet. I want you in f*cking tatters. Does that scare you?” – Q

Q will be the focus of the author’s upcoming novel  “Quintessentially Q.”  I look forward to getting into the mind of Q as we were only given a slice of his past and that slice has me wanting for more.


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