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Blog Tour: Ink My Heart by Jean Haus

Title: Ink My Heart (Luminescent Juliet, #2)
Author: Jean Haus
Release date: November 12, 2013
 Publisher: Skyscape 

Book Description:

Even if he weren’t the lead singer of the popular college band, Luminescent Juliet, Justin Noel would have his pick of women. And he does pick. Nightly. Tattooed, blonde, and green eyed, he flashes his dimples and females swoon.

Except for one.

Tattoo artist, Allie Landon, rarely dates, and especially not men like Justin. Though he’s hot enough to melt off permanent ink, she’s done with the bad boy type. But when the ex who broke her heart wants to reunite, desperation has Allie introducing her latest client as her boyfriend. Justin’s more than happy to play the part. He’s completely intrigued by the sexy artist and college student.

However, Allie’s life isn’t what it seems. There’s little room in it or her shattered and confused heart for Justin. But as Justin remains persistent, ignoring the growing attraction—both physical and emotionally—between them becomes more difficult than tattoo removal.

*New Adult. Recommended for mature readers due to language, drug references, and sexual situations

4 Star Review by Lisa Kane

Justin is the lead singer for Luminescent Juliet. We met his band mate Romeo (the lead guitarist) in In The Band. He and Riley (the former drummer) had a tumultuous romance, but things have worked out and they are still together. Justin likes women, all kinds of women. Although he is a self admitted player, he does take college seriously and has fun playing with the band. Justin hides a lot of pain from the world. The only child of a wealthy couple, he has had money thrown at him his whole life, but his parents are apathetic towards him. They live a life devoted to entertaining and hosting charity events. Justin is an inconvenience and one they don't bother with often.
Allie owns a tattoo shop, she's 23, has a ton of responsibility on her hands and a cheating ex-husband who was the love of her life since high school. She rarely dates and is mistrustful of men in general. When Justin decides to get some new ink, he takes one look at Allie and decides something is different about this girl. He may not be ready to give up his life of one night stands but she does intrigue him. Allie isn't playing hard to get, she may be more than a little attracted to Justin, but she doesn't need nor want any more complications in her life. When her ex comes back into town, and seems a little too interested in her, Justin agrees to play the role of her boyfriend.
These two find they have a lot in common, and really do like to hang out together. Justin has been exposed to culture, art and fashion and enjoys sharing his knowledge with Allie.
His teeth gleam when he smirks. "Oh, I'm a wine snob. You can't go to Europe for three summers and not become a wine snob. I'll drink any crap beer but never crap wine."
Allie has been hiding something big from Justin and when he finds out what it is, he is hurt and angry and pretty much messes things up for them. 
She shrugs. "You've never been close enough to someone to get hurt." "Why are you assuming she's going to hurt me?" My tone is exasperated. Just as we separate to avoid a group of students in the middle of the sidewalk, she says over her shoulder, "I'm not, but things don't always work out like we want them to."
But this guy has no problem saying his sorry and admitting when he is wrong. To the outside world their life styles are very different, but for some reason it works for them. 
His fingers brush me with the softest touch but don't offer relief. "Say it," he demands again. Desperation offers enlightenment. "I'm your girl." "Don't ever forget it," he says roughly, and drags my panties down. 
When Trevor, Allie's ex, makes trouble for them will they be able to keep it together? 
This was an enjoyable read, we learn a little more about Justin and the drummer in the band, Gabe. He has a world of pain in his history and I won't be surprised if he gets his own story at some point. I would have liked to have seen more interaction between Romeo and Rylie. Their story kicked this series off and they only appeared briefly together in this one. Romeo came across as crabby and a bit of a control freak, but I know a little about him from the first book so I chose to overlook it. Justin has a good heart, in spite of a lack of affection in his own upbringing, he knows how to love and protect. Allie is a strong character who makes choices not only for herself, but for those she loves. I look forward to reading more from this author.

About the Author

Jean Haus writes young adult and romance novels. She reads a lot too. Anything with a bit of romance has the possibility of being loaded on her Kindle. She even does a bit of cooking, which is actually quite good. She also golfs in the beautiful summers of Michigan with her awesome husband and son, but she cooks way, way better than she golfs.

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