Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review: The Back Up List by Miriam Brady and Amber Best

The Back-Up List has only ever been a joke- that's it. Madison Grey has a celebrity crush list of possible replacement husbands ready with the off-chance her husband might inexplicably vanish. Clearly, Madison was not prepared for- A. her husband's untimely death and B. Calvin Hunt, rock god and top man on her Back-Up List to begin crushing on her. Talk about your cruel cosmic ironies. It has only been six months since her entire family was killed in a tragic accident and he's looking to her for a hook-up! Really? Calvin Hunt, rock icon, is living the dream of any womanizing man-whore- that is until he spots the first unavailable woman he's ever met. What the hell? Is she gay? He's busily seducing her with concert tickets and exotic getaways, all while he's touring. There are plenty of obstacles he'll have to overcome to be with her and he'll need all the help he can get from his stoic bodyguard, his nosy Oprah-channeling brother and even Madison's bizarrely quirky friends who are all fighting to cross his name off of Madison's Back-Up List.

4 Star Review by Monika Adams

I found this book to be a bitter sweet love story.  I loved the characters and the way the Authors developed them. The cast of players that formed their families were a foundation that was well thought out and fun to met.

The story centers around Madison Grey, and the unbelievable tragedy that befall her. I don't want to give it way but let me say it was one of those OMG moments.

Madison felt her chest tighten. They were going to a funeral..

It just tore me up. It hit uncomfortably close to home.

Someone started to speak, but she couldn't really hear it.. 

Madison's friends are the one who pull her through. She tries to carry on but could not seem to find a purpose. She goes to school but has no plans. Finally her best friend Kinley buys concert tickets to see a group that Madison has loved for years. At first Madison didn't know where they were going. She was told they were going to a play and inner. It was a distraction, but she agreed to go just to make her friend happy.

Once they are in line she knew. Kinley showed her the tickets and they had VIP tickets to be right in front of the stage. The band is the nationally renown Murder of Crows With lead Calvin Hunt, lead singer, Rock Star extraordinaire. Cal is feeling that he is missing something. He wanted to settle down.

He'd watched as one by one each member of the band was married. He'd watched as one by one each of them had children. 

He was living the fantasy, motels and groupies, but it was not completing him.

Until he sees her.

A woman caught his eye when she threw her head back, laughing with her friends. She gets invited back stage and could not believe she was meeting Calvin Hunt, number one on her Back Up List! Something in Calvin recognizes that she is the one and the story goes on from there. He finds her after the show, and introduces her to his world of travel and luxury. The story progresses nicely and Madison slowly feels that she can trust him.

There are more OMG moments in the story that add drama to their relationship, and Madison's emotions (and the readers) are sorely tested. She goes through periods of guilt and confusion. She really doesn't understand why this famous person would be interested in her; someone so ordinary. And he is confused as to why and how this woman got under his skin. His fame usually means he gets the girl. Cal was not used to having to work for what he wants.

This story does have a happy ever after.  I really enjoyed reading and I must admit, crying to it. Referring to a Back Up List is funny! I didn't know other people did that. I had a hard time putting the book down. The last ten percent of the story was perhaps a little long, but overall I found it to be a very well written story.


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