Monday, December 2, 2013

Review and Giveaway: Fighting for You by Hazel St. James

Tristan Hart is just getting started out in the world, when he is handed a severe blow that breaks down every barrier he has ever erected. What gets left behind is a twenty-four year old tortured soul, searching for the road to redemption.
Peyton Bauer is a natural born nurturer that wants nothing more than to care for those in her life. She carries her own past that she keeps carefully hidden from everyone. Peyton and Tristan are thrown together by fate and the attraction between them is instant.
Tristan sees his recovery as slow going, but even still, he is ignoring a part of himself that often times appears in his dreams. Those dreams hold so much more than Tristan is willing to acknowledge and it holds him back.
Tristan and Peyton struggle to find a happy medium for themselves as the relationship heats up. Tristan is left with a difficult decision that he doesn’t want to make.
How far will they go to hang on to something doomed to fail? Will Tristan’s life make strides in the right direction, or does his lack of foresight cause his world to come crumbling down?

4 Star Review by Jen Hagen

Tristan needs more in his 24-year-old life.  He should be content with his life having risen from the ranks of not being wanted by his family, having a good job and a fancy car, but he has grown restless.  He has been very active in his sex life, but even that has gotten stale.  He believes he can conjure up more feelings of empowerment and control by experimenting in BDSM.  Instead of taking a training course, he insists he is capable of doing this with minimal instruction.  He is proven very wrong when on his first night things go too far.  The ramifications of his uncontrolled behavior have him thrown so far backwards in his life that he has lost everything.   He has resorted to living in an apartment above his uncle’s garage and is back to square one.   


Peyton is hired to take care of Tristan during his recovery.  She makes certain that he takes his meds, transports him on his errands, and keeps him from falling into any self-destructive behaviors.  Peyton is a little spitfire and has a comeback for Tristan whenever he tries to get under her skin.  Their banter is humorous, sometimes gets a little sexy, but you can tell that these two broken souls have grown to trust each other.   Things are going well between the two and their trust has grown exponentially into something more.


“…just thinkin’ about how I must’ve done something right in another life to deserve you.” -- Tristan


Besides Tristan’s familial abandonment he also suffers from bipolar disorder.  Tristan struggles with his acceptance of needing constant meds and therapy to control it.  He has Peyton standing firmly by his side, but he begins to question if she is only with him because she was hired or if she truly feels anything for him.   Tristan feels like his disease is bringing him down and he will ruin Peyton in the process.  He tries to do the right thing by breaking away from the stability and dependence of Peyton.


“Hey, if you really want to help me, you’ll leave me to do this my way.  Before I can be someone that isn’t poisonous, I have to find out who I am and how to BE me.  How to live and be a person and not just a bi-polar f*ckup.  I need to do that and I think it would be best if I did it alone.”


Tristan is making a mistake.  Tristan holds a lot of promise becoming a better man that he is striving to be, but he needs the self-assurance that he is that person as he is now.    He thinks he’s doing this to protect Peyton, but he doesn’t see that he is hurting her by pushing her away.  We will find out in the next book “Being With You” which has already been released, how Tristan fares in his life without Peyton grounding him. 


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