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Review and Giveaway: Through it All by Ashley Beale


I will never let you fall. I will stand up for you forever. I'll be there for you, through it all. Even if saving you sends me to heaven." -The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

Landon Hastings has lived a life of luxury. 
When he starts to question things in his life, he leans on Sawyer Wexler, the new girl in school that intrigues him.

Neither of them can deny their feelings for one another, yet they don't push in trying to go too fast. 
Sawyer has a past that still haunts her, and Landon has a future that he has worked his whole life for.

Can they accept the things they cannot change and push through the obstacles in their lives?
And is it worth it?

4.5 star review by Jen Skewes

Through it All is one of those books that pulls you right in.  From the moment you read the gut wrenching prologue you know that it is going to be an emotional ride.  This is the story about Sawyer Wexler and Landon Hastings, two people from completely opposite worlds who unexpectedly fall in love.

Landon thought he had his future mapped out.  He is the quarterback for his high school football team.  Getting ready to go to college and play football.  He is popular, rich and has a great girlfriend that he loves and has been with for the last few years.  He has everything he wants, until one night his girlfriend betrays him and he starts to question everything, including their relationship   Then he meets Sawyer, the new girl in school, and for some reason he feels the urge to protect her and take care of her.  He feels a connection with her that he can't really explain but knows that he wants to be friends with her.  Sawyer wants nothing more than a friendship from Landon which right now he is ok with.  He likes Sawyer and will take what ever she has to offer him, even if it is only a friendship.

Sawyer has had a hard life.  She lost both her parents at a young age and was moved around from one foster home to the next.  She found herself in a relationship that was abusive and needed to find a way out.  she moved to a new town and is not living with her aunt.  She has been through so much pain but has managed to stay strong and overcome it all.  She is trying to stay focused on school and move on from the tragic past.  When she meets Landon there is certainly an attraction there and she takes a liking to him.  With Landon she feels comfortable and safe.  But right now the last thing she needs is a boyfriend.  She still has walls up around her heart, given all that se has been through.  They agree to be friends, but they both know that their feelings for each other is so much more than that.  As time goes by they move past that line of friendship and become more.  Sawyer and Landon have a bond, a connection and a love for each other that is undeniable.  But their journey is one that is filled with obstacles along they way.  Sawyer has a past that will come back to haunt her and in the end could have an affect on her relationship with Landon.  The questions is; will these two be able to overcome all the obstacles thrown their way or will it just break them?

I loved these two characters.  Landon is sweet, caring loving and just wants to protect Sawyer and love her.  He come from a wealthy family but he never let that control him or his life.  He didn't care that him and Sawyer came from two different worlds or that she had a ton of baggage.  He cared about her as a person and that was what mattered.  He made some stupid mistakes along the way but nothing that you couldn't overlook or love him any less for.  Landon was a wonderful hero and one that I fell in love with.  His love for Sawyer was amazing and evident in his actions.  Sawyer was such a strong heroine.  She has been through so much pain and suffering in her life but she overcame it all.  She stayed strong and wanted to move on from her past.  That moment when she tells Landon all about her past will break your heart.  You can't help but root for the two of them.  

Through it All was an emotional read with some twists along the way.  You will laugh with these characters, cry when they are hurting and there is a "NO! this is not happening" moment where you will be afraid of what comes next.  I think Ashley Beale did an amazing job with the writing of this story and the characters.  I also loved the secondary characters of Paisley and Flynn (their best friends) and found myself rooting for them as well.  Silas was also a wonderful addition to the cast and I loved the bond that Landon formed with him.  Sawyer and Landon had an amazing love for each other and while their journey to finding happiness had some bumps along the way, sometimes those obstacles and heart ache is what helps you make it through it all.  A must read!

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