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Review and Giveaway: Wild Chase by L A Bressett

"Music is a Moral Law, It Gives Soul to the Universe"- Plato

Sometimes it doesn't matter how long you know a person. The effect they can have on you can happen after four seconds or four years.

In Chase Taylor's case - it's both.

Avery McGuire doesn't just flip on a light inside of her - he sets a blaze to everything holding her back. After only a week together, he has to leave, but he strikes a match before walking away that won't easily burn out.

Four years later, Chase finds herself face to face with the boy -now rock star - who changed everything. The same one she still can't admit to falling head over heels in love with. She has no idea that her world is about to get rocked, in more ways than one.

{Romance, Love Triangle, Drama}

Excerpt from the Author-

"Do you want to come in for a little bit?"
He looked a little surprised, but nodded.
"As long as you say it’s ok, of course I’d like to."
We went inside and I showed him around quickly, not wasting our time on a tour. When we reached my bedroom, I thought his jaw was going to drag the floor.
"This is your room?” he asked with an odd sternness to his voice.
Watching him survey the four walls, I nodded. He turned to me, his face completely disconcerted, and pointed at the entrance.
“Chase, there's no door!"
I shrugged. I hadn't thought this far through when I invited him in.
"Privacy is for adults, I am not an adult yet," I replied in a mocking tone, trying to laugh it off. I looked up at him as he gave me a sad, almost torn look.
"There isn't an ounce of color in here, no door, nothing. Add bars and it might as well be a jail cell. This can't seriously be how you live every day," he spoke almost angrily.
I wanted to feel defensive. How dare he act like my life is like a prison, but, the truth was, I had felt that way for so long that I couldn't argue.
I felt his strong hands on either side of my face as he tilted my head up. I stared up into those stormy eyes and braced myself. He was about to wreck me again.
"I know we haven't known each other long, but seriously, Chase, there's so much more to you than this," he said waving his hands around my room and gritting his teeth out of anger.
I don't know if it was the repressed thought of this being the last time I would see him or touch him suddenly surfacing, or the way he was already fighting for me, a girl he barely knew, but something inside of me broke. The innocent nature of my feelings towards him crumbled. My hesitation melted away as I stepped closer and with both hands I grabbed onto his shirt. The urge to touch him and kiss him completely overwhelmed me, and it must have been on his mind too because in an instant his hands were cupping my face and his lips were on mine.

5 Star Review by Amy Bustard

Beautifully written rock star love story by this New Author L.A. Bressett! The characters in this book grabbed me from the beginning and kept me wanting more. It had a little bit of everything.. The first love, first heart break, the best friends that stick by your side to help you get through… and of course it had an evil Bitch that you just wanted to choke out! I could go on and on about this book but don’t want to give any spoilers so the quotes in this review will be minimum.. It’s one of those books you MUST READ!
Eighteen year old Chase Melanie Taylor has never had an easy childhood. Growing up in Texas with strict religious parents, Chase was never allowed to do the simple things everyone else enjoyed like watching television, listening to the radio or chatting with her friends on the phone. Those things were not allowed in her house. Chase was raised to go to church, do chores and do school work. Her parents had her future planned out for her and that did not include the one thing she loved most.. Music. Chase loved music and would hide in her room at night after her parents went to sleep listening to an old radio, writing lyrics and playing with an old acoustic guitar that she bought when she was sixteen from a thrift store. Music was her passion but unfortunately was not going to be her future but for now Chase was going to do one thing for herself. With her best friend Victoria by her side,
I had always been the Robin to her Batman, and I wouldn’t trade her for anything.” 
 Chase escapes the confines of her parents house for the night to sing on stage this one time at an out of town bar.
With a little bit of liquid courage and a bit of dancing before going on stage, Chase’s world turns upside down when she literally collides on the dance floor with an out -of -town visitor, Avery McQuire.
“I’m sorry!” I blurted out, sounding every bit the silly girl I felt on the inside.
“No, please, don’t be sorry at all! In fact, I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to assault me like that for the rest of the night.” He mused, the corners of his lips turning up into one incredible breath stealing smile.
Chase was hooked from that moment on to Avery McQuire a pierced, tattooed rocker. Spending time with Avery during the week of his visit, Chase and Avery learned they both had the same passion for music. During the time they spent together their feelings and desires grew for each other but they knew it couldn’t last because he was going back home to New York and Chase and would continue to live in the under her parents strict rules that Avery didn’t agree with.

“Chase Taylor, promise me that you’ll break free of this place one day. Don’t be two different people anymore. You don’t need to be anything more than who you are right now. Just promise me, please?”
I didn’t know how to answer that so instead I just kissed the crazy, beautiful boy in front of me goodbye.
Four years later, Chase’s feelings for Avery have never changed. Watching from afar through tabloids and listening to him on the radio as his band grew to success, when their paths cross once again at a photo shoot for Chase’s best friend Victoria, things will never be the same.  With a new look and going by her middle name Melanie, Avery is caught off guard when he discovers that this is “His Chase”, but there is nothing he can do because Avery has moved on and is now engaged to Olivia- the CEO of the record label's daughter.
When the girls and the band hang out together, Avery and Chase agree to remain friends and when Avery’s best friend and band mate Jesse pursues Chase and asks her on a date, Avery encourages it solidifying that there is no future for him and Chase.

Chase and Jessie hit it off and feelings start to grow; however Jessie has no idea who she really is. Avery made it clear to her that if Jessie knew he would stick with the whole bro-code and not pursue a relationship with her because he knew how Avery felt about her, so Chase continued to go on as Melanie. When things start getting really serious between Jessie and Chase, Avery starts to become angry and jealous when he still has strong feelings for her and Olivia notices the change in his attitude. The two get into a heated argument. Words fly, secrets are let loose, deception is held over their heads.
What will Olivia and Jessie do when they find out that Melanie is really Chase?

Will Jessie break things off with Chase or push the bro-code to the side?

Will Avery and Chase be able to maintain their relationship as friends once Olivia discovers who she is?

Will Avery end things with Olivia and pursue the girl he fell in love with four years ago?
What will happen to the band???

The characters in this book were excellent! I loved all of the members of the band! I loved Chase and Victoria!!

Great story-can't wait for the next book in the series!

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