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Review and Giveaway: Illusion by Ashley Beale


Everything in Zoey's life was destroyed the day her fiance never made it home from the war. Now being a year later, and still dealing with the horrible tragedy, she makes a move to New York City for her job, hoping to finally start healing.

The last thing Zoey ever expects to find is someone she can feel so comfortable and happy with. Everything about Harvey draws her attention, and she can finally feel herself heal. There are times things seem too perfect, but she tries not to question it much as she holds onto the passion she has for him.

When everything unravels and Zoey is forced to face a truth she can't seem to grasp, she has to make a choice to finally move on, or stay lost in a world of illusion.

Sometimes life is simple, sometimes love is unexpected. Sometimes we're exactly where we need to be, when we need to be there.
Then sometimes everything we thought we knew is just an illusion.

This [New Adult] Contemporary Romance novel contains mature themes, graphic sex and language, and is recommended for readers, 18+ in age. Please be advised, this story also deals with PTSD, depression, infertility, attempted suicide, and other very mature situations, and is not recommended for all readers.

4.5 star review by Jen Skewes

Honestly I am not even sure where to begin or how to write this review.  Mainly because I do no want to give anything away.  This is one of those books that you just need to experience on your own.  It was an emotional journey and one you will need tissues for.  It dealt with very heavy topics such as loss, grief, depression, PTSD, and suicide.  This is a very emotional journey but one that is worth taking.

I was completely sucked in by the prologue of this book.  Zoey had it all, she was engaged to the man that she was with for the past 13 years.  They were in love and ready to start their future together.  Kirt had joined the military as a way to make their life better.  And all though Zoey never saw it that way she supported the man that she loved, even if it scared her. When Zoey said goodbye to Kirt when he went off to war, she somehow knew in her gut that it would be the last time she saw him.  But that still didn't prepare her for the devastation and pain of losing her fiancĂ©, her love, her best friend.  The months following his death Zoey fights a battle with depression and tries so hard to just move on.  It's now a year later and she is moving to New York to try to start over, to move on from the pain and grief.  

While in New York, Zoey meets a few friends along the way.  Harvey, the guy she meets on the train one morning and Bryce, the IT guy from work.  Zoey enjoys her time that she spends with Harvey which in ways makes her feel guilty for moving on from Kirt but she is trying her best to heal.  And being with Harvey gives her comfort.  But at some point while in NY something happens to Zoey that completely shatters any progress that she thought she was making towards healing.  And Bryce and Zoey's sister are there to help her pick up the pieces.  This is the moment in the book for me where it began to get even more emotional.  This is where we really see what Zoey is going through, what's in her head, how depression and PTSD has taken over her life.  Will Zoey ever be able to move on from the pain of the past and find happiness?

Illusions was a beautiful story of love and loss.  It's about a young girl trying to come to terms with the death of her fiancĂ©.  Trying to deal with the depression and what she feels inside.  Without Kirt, Zoey wasn't sure she could go on.  But she had the love and support of those around her to help her fight through it.  One of those people was Bryce.  He was such an amazing hero.  He worked in the IT department where Zoey was transferred to in NY and when he first saw her, he knew that she was something special.  He wanted to get to know her better and they quickly became friends.  But when things started getting even more complicated in Zoey's life, Bryce was right there by her side.  He loved her, never judged her and would do everything to protect her.  He was with her through some hard and depressing times.  He was simply perfect.  I also loved Zoey's sister.  They had an amazing relationship and one that I think most sisters ouwld be envious of.  Her sister was younger than her but always there for her to give her advice, to comfort her, love her and protect her.  She was a wonderful addition to the cast.  

Illusions was one emotional journey.  There are moments where Zoey dreams of Kirt or thinks back on their years together that gave me goosebumps and caused some tears to be shed.  They were really sweet moments between the two of them.  Illusion deals with very deep issues, such as PTSD, suicide, and depression and Ashley Beale did a fantastic job in dealing with those issues.  It was raw and intense and real.  You felt the pain that Zoey went through, you felt the sadness every time she thought of Kirt.  You wanted to just hold her and tell her it would all be ok.   I definitely cried often while reading this book, but Ms. Beale managed to wrap it all up nicely and put a smile on my face in the end.   Excellent job!!

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  1. You know the old saying, if it's to good to be true then it's not. Would love to read this book.


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