Monday, January 20, 2014

Review and Giveaway: Music of the Soul by Katie Ashley

In Music of the Heart, an unexpected twist of fate caused Abby Renard to fall into womanizer Jake Slater’s bed. What started out as a small spark between the unlikely pair, grew into a deep and intense love. After a year-long engagement, the two have finally been able to set a wedding date. It’s off to Mexico for a destination ceremony on a private beach. After a heated week long honeymoon in a tropical paradise, the two return to the real world of touring and making music together.

As the newlyweds settle into married life, another twist of fate challenges their love. For once, Abby isn’t able to be the rock of strength that Jake needs. Can the two of them hold on to the strong foundation of love they have built, or will it crumble under the pressure?

4.5 Fabulous Stars!

Review by Nicole Lorenzo

When Abby Reynard quite literally fell into rock star Jake Slater’s bed, she had no idea how much her life would change. After getting engaged at the end of Music of the Heart we find them now a year later. Both of their careers have taken off and between rehearsing and touring they hardly had any time to plan their wedding. But when they finally get married they have a beautiful, romantic ceremony surrounded by everyone close to them. After a glorious honeymoon on an island in Mexico Abby and Jake head back to work and start their life together as a married couple.

“Selflessly and unwaveringly, she had reached into the very darkest places of my soul to bring me back to the light.” 

Abby and Jake’s fairytale soon gets a dose of reality when they both realize they have different plans for their immediate future together. Being surrounded by Jake’s bandmates and their families makes Abby realize something is missing from her life, something that Jake is not ready for. Abby and Jake are faced with a situation that has the possibility to ruin their happily ever after. Will wanting different things actually taint Abby and Jake’s love story or will they fight for the ending they deserve? 

Music of the Soul is a short but sweet look into the first years of Abby and Jake’s life together. We get to see their fairytale wedding and honeymoon as well as experience their first argument and problems as a newly married couple. I loved getting glimpses into their lives and the lives of the rest of the band and their families as well. In true Katie Ashley fashion Music of the Soul is an emotional read that has tender, sweet, sad and plenty of steamy moments that will have you falling in love with Abby and Jake all over again. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next installment of this series, Strings of the Heart. This next novel will feature Rhys but will surely give us more Abby, Jake and the rest of the Runaway Train family! 

“When you fell into my life, I was shattered beyond repair. But as the shining angel of redemption, you didn’t seem to care. While the tempest swirled around me, you led me to solid ground. You’re the purest, deepest love a man like me has ever found. There is a fire that burns within me that only you can ignite. You’re the light that fills my soul in the darkest, bleakest night. You’re the balm that cures the wound; the lifeline in the storm. You are the song of my heart, the music of my soul.”

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