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Review and Giveaway: Holding on and The Way Home (Lights of Peril) AC Bextor

This novel contains material that is not suitable for individuals under the age of 18. Content includes: drug use, explicit language, violence, rape, and other scenarios with content that readers may find offensive. Please use caution when deciding on this book, as every reader has the right to understand the product before purchase.

This book is one of two and does not contain an exact HEA as the reader may expect, yet.

“You are mine. You’ve been mine since you took those training wheels off that pink bike of yours and fell at my feet. Never even cried, you didn’t. Just sat on my lap trusting that I had you. Well I have you now, baby. You’re grown up, you’re a woman, and you’re mine. Mine.”

That’s Shame. My brothers best friend and the Vice President of Lights of Peril MC. Along with my best friend Sadey, we’ve all grown up together. I don’t have a memory that isn’t surrounded by the four of us.

Years together as friends and often times in the face of adversity has led Shame, Hem, Mace, and Sadey to share their lives now as adults.

Sadey and Mace have been best friends since they were five years old. As a child, teenager, and then young woman, Sadey longed for Hem to notice her. As years passed, she vowed to save all of herself for him with the hope that one day he would see her as the woman she was turning herself into, not just the child he remembers.

Mace and Hem are siblings that grew up in a small town in the Midwest. Sharing the same mother, Mace’s father refuses to accept Hem as his own, leading him to a life similar to that of his biological father.

Hem never set out to be President of the Lights of Peril Motorcycle Club, but when he left home at 17 to find the acceptance he was so desperate for, he ended up finding Doc. After Doc's passing Hem was determined to lead Peril into a clean existence.

The story is about love, heartache, and tragedy.

Sometimes we search our whole lives for something we think we are missing, only to find out what we had with us is what we were looking for all along.


4.5 Fantastic Stars 
Review by Jen Hagen
I love a good motorcycle club (MC) book.  I love the angst that comes with the bad boys and their no-rules approach when it comes to life and women.  The thrill of them getting caught with their pants down (figuratively speaking) ignites a fervor in me that should be wrong, but it feels so good.  I cannot get enough angst when it comes to an MC book.  A.C. Bextor fulfilled all my wants and needs, and has left me yearning for more.  My more will come in the second installment entitled “The Way Home” and the good news is that it has already been released.


The story is mainly told by Mace, the sister to the motorcycle club president.  She is engaged to be married to Greyson, who from the get-go doesn’t appear to be the right fit for her.  Mace has an older brother, Hem (short for Hemingway since he is a master of words). Hem is the motorcycle club president and the black sheep of the family.  Hem and Mace share a mother, but not a father.  Hem’s step-father has steadily shown more and more disgust for Hem and his way of life.  It always hurts me to see a child that has to endure years of  verbal and/or physical abuse until they are able to escape it.  Hem found his escape in the motorcycle club when he left home at the age of 17.  Hem is now 32 years old.


Mace’s best friend is Sadey, and Sadey has been in love with Hem since forever even though there is a 10-year age difference.  Hem is aware of Sadey’s undying love for him but he never steps over the line, never even getting close to stepping near the line which leaves Sadey in v-card limbo.  Finally Hem wises up and realizes what has always been his and takes it.  One night is all it takes for them to connect, and now their connection is sealed.  There is nobody that can break them apart as their love for each other is too strong.   


Shame is Hem’s best friend.  Shame is 12 years older than Mace, and there has always been sexual tension between the two.  They both equally lust after each in the same way, but are scared to ruin the friendship not only between the two of them, but between the entire group.  With Greyson in the picture, Shame has had to hold back his feelings but eventually he puts it all out there for her.


“You are mine.  You’ve been mine since you took those training wheels off that pink bike of yours and fell at the my feet.  Never even cried, you didn’t.  Just sat on my lap trusting that I had you.  Well, I have you now baby.  You’re grown up, you’re a woman, and you’re mine.  Mine.”


Shame has had a unique way of telling Mace throughout the years how special she is to him…”I love your face.”  He may not be able to tell her in the words she wants to hear of I love you, but his endearment means just as much.  His actions to deserve the wrath of Mace were very, very bad and I can say I would have handled Shame the same way, even if it was breaking her heart (and mine too).  For Shame being a bad ass biker guy, he is very soft when it comes to his emotions with Mace, but he was WRONG with what he did......WRONG!........… 


I turn to open the car door and I hear him sob.  F*ck, I thought it I couldn’t hurt more.  When I look back at him, he is on his knees looking up at the dark sky…

“Please, Mace, don’t leave me alone.”


A.C. Bextor gives us passion, love, drama, broken hearts, mending hearts, deceit and finally the ultimate heartbreak. 


“Sadey Girl, I love you.  Don’t you ever forget that.  Ever.  You’re mine.”


 I can’t believe Ms. Bextor did this to us.  The ending broke me and has left me in little pieces that I hope she can put back together in the second book.  I can’t be mad though, because I LOVE to feel my stomach churning when reading a good angst-filled book.  The tears clouding my ability to read is an added bonus.  “The Way Home,” here I come… I’m ready for my heart to be mended.  I’m crossing my fingers at what I hope is going to happen.


“You won’t have to look for him baby, he’s already on his way to you. Be happy.”


Where do you begin to piece back the fragments of a shattered heart?

“I’m letting you go today, it’s time.”

Finally, Sadey is ready to say goodbye to the only man she’s ever loved. With the help of Shame and Mace she’s learning to breathe on her own again; one day at a time.

Her hopes are high and her world is finally coming into focus.

Until someone from her past comes back to help her heal, bringing with him more heartbreak and confusion than she could have ever believed possible.

Ace loves her. For six months, he’s watched her suffer from a distance. Knowing it wasn’t his place to see her through this, but no matter the risk he won’t stay away.

“Sadey, I’ve missed you, okay? I’ve thought about you. I missed being here. Do you understand that? I’ve missed being around you, touching you, holding you, and laughing with you. I missed you before I even left town that night. You chose Hem, not that it was any kind of competition, but you were with Hem. I was never even given the consideration.”

Emotions are high as further truths of betrayal are exposed, leaving everyone to pick up the pieces once again.

4.5 Outstanding Stars
Review by Jen Hagen
I didn’t think it was possible but A.C Bextor was able to put my heart back together after she broke it into pieces at the end of book one, “Holding On.”  I am going to keep my review spoiler free of the ending of book one so this may be a short review, but I absolutely cannot give away anything that happened previously.


“In about ten minutes, your life is going to change, radically.  I need you to hear me out and remember that I love you.  I would do anything for you.”


Book 2 begins six months following the conclusion of book 1.  I will say that I cried during the first 50 pages of the book.  Sadey’s emotions are struggling and I could feel her pain jumping out from the words.   Book 2 is mainly told through Sadey’s persepective.   A person from her past has suddenly come back and she is unaware that the reason that he abruptly left was because of her.


I hated that he left; how he left.  He didn’t tell me goodbye.  Hell, he didn’t tell anyone goodbye.  He just walked out on his whole life here.”


When Ace left he did it with his heart shattered. He had loved Sadey from afar and had paid a hefty price for letting his feelings be known to  members of the club.  There was no way that he held a chance with Sadey as her heart had always belonged to Hem.   There is a drastic shift in the dynamics of the club and the reason is that Ace has returned, bearing his heart on his sleeve hoping for another chance.


“You chose Hem, not that it was any kind of competition, but you were with Hem, I was never even given the consideration…I love you.  I’ve always loved you.”


The author handles each character’s emotions and actions as if we are reading their POV.  I was able to feel anger, passion, and fear with every character without hearing their voice. “The Way Home” takes on more suspense than passion as compared to book 1.  There are many secrets, many stalkers, and many unanswered questions that we slowly discover the answers to.  Shame and Mace’s lives are prevalent in the book and we will be able to find out Shame’s complete story in the upcoming release.  We have been given a few clues as to how horrible his life was growing up and the choice he had to make in order to survive.  Now we will get the complete backstory.  I think it will be a very emotional journey that we will be taken on as we discover just who Shame is.


In case you missed it in the review of her first book in this series, I love a good motorcycle story.  A.C. Bextor did not disappoint me and she fulfilled all my expectations. I am very impressed with her writing style and look forward to more in this series.

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