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Blog Tour: Make it a Double by Sawyer Bennett

Last Call, #2
Adult Contemporary Romance 

Brody Markham has endured a nightmare, spending the last five years in prison and losing everything that was dear to him. Now he’s back home, trying to survive in a world he doesn’t recognize anymore. While his family and friends desperately try to reach through to him, he shelters himself further and further away from their love.
Alyssa Myers has worked her entire life to distance herself from the luxurious and privileged lifestyle in which she was raised. Running her non-profit agency, The Haven, she is content to spend her days helping abused animals find sanctuary, which fulfills her in a way that money just can’t buy.

Maybe it’s that she recognizes in Brody some of the same characteristics she sees in her homeless wards, but Alyssa is powerless to stop her personal quest to make Brody whole again.

While Brody struggles to surface from the darkness, Alyssa tries to protect her heart in case he’s not willing to accept the light that she offers him.

*MAKE IT A DOUBLE can be read as a stand-alone*

4.5 Star Review by Jen Skewes

After reading On the Rocks I could not wait for Brody's story.  All we knew was that Brody had spent the last five years in jail and that he was trying to now adjust to the outside world again.  The little bit of his character that we saw in the first book was very intriguing and I wanted, no needed to find out what happened to Brody to cause him to shut his family out.  Since being back Brody had basically gone to work and home, shutting himself off from the rest of the world as much as he can.  Brody is just trying to get his life back on track but in the process has basically kept to himself, shutting the people that care about him the most out.  

Brody is not the same man that he was before he went to jail.  He is damaged and broken and one would assume he is this way because of his years spent in jail.  And yes spending five years in jail will change a person, but the broken and damaged part of Brody comes from more than just spending time in jail.  There is more to his story and the hurt and pain that he has suffered all these years.  Yes jail has to do with it but so do the reasons behind it all.  

Alyssa is the girl who saves Brody in a way he never expected or saw coming.  Alyssa is best friends with his sister and his brother's fiancĂ© and runs a non-profit agency, The Haven for abused animals.  Brody has to do community service and The Haven seems like the perfect place for him to work.  But Brody refuses and their first encounter was not a pleasant one.  Alyssa comes from a very rich family.  And to Brody she is one of those rich spoiled girls that he cannot stand.   She reminds him of someone from his past who has caused him a lot of hurt and pain.  But Brody's assumptions of her are so far from the person that she truly is.  Alyssa has distanced herself from her family and the way she grew up.  She is not like her family or the person that Broday thinks she is.  

As they spend more time together, Brody agrees to do his community service at The Haven.  Hestarts to see how wrong he was about Alyssa.  Brody's walls slowly start to fall apart as he spends more time alone with Alyssa.  He begins opening up to her in ways that he has not opened up to anyone since he is home.  He shares his inner most secrets with her.  He slowly finds himself becoming more alive and more like the man he once was, and that has so much to do with Alyssa.  

I loved these two together.  One of my favorite characters written by Ms. Bennett is Nix Caldwell from her Off Series.  And one of the reasons why I loved him is the same reason why I loved Brody.  He is a broken man due to his past experiences but beneath the hurt and that brokenness is this amazing man who is loving and kind and sweet.  Ms. Bennett knows how to write these male characters who are broken.  She makes you feel their pain and hurt.  You understand what they are going through and want them to be able to find their way and be happy.  I loved Brody and he has quickly become one of my favorites.  

Alyssa as such an amazing heroine.  She saw something in Brody beneath that attitude and his rough ways.  She saw a man who was hurting and wanted to help him heal.  But at the same time she was also afraid of getting her heart stomped on as well.  She was strong and confident and stuck up for herself.  But the ways that she believed in Brody and how much she wanted to help him will just melt your heart.  I cannot say enough about how amazing they were together and how perfect they were for each other.  Their relationship was not rushed in any way and it just felt real.  Alyssa had her own issues that she was dealing with as well from her past.  But what I loved was how they both dealt with it together.  There were certainly situations that made me nervous and I was afraid to see what happened next.  But the bottom line was that they both worked through it together.  This was truly a beautiful love story that will touch your heart.  And absolutely loved the epilogue. An amazing job by Sawyer Bennett

About the Author
USA Today Best-Selling author, Sawyer Bennett, is a snarky southern woman and reformed trial lawyer who decided to finally start putting on paper all of the stories that were floating in her head. She is married to a mobster (well, a market researcher) and they have two big, furry dogs who hog the bed. Sawyer would like to report she doesn’t have many weaknesses but can be bribed with a nominal amount of milk chocolate.
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