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Release Blitz and Review: A Will to Change by Beth Rinyu

In A Cry for Hope you meet Jamie’s carefree younger brother, Will. Now read his story…

Will McAdams is a New York City firefighter who has always lived in the shadow of his older brother, never quite measuring up to his parents standards. He lives his life without regrets, and answers to no one. The women love him and he uses that to his advantage, making it clear that he only has one use for them.

Gabby Spencer is a nurse in the burn unit of a busy New York City hospital. Her guarded personality doesn’t allow many people into her life and her patients take the place of her lack of family. She masks the pain that she is harboring deep inside with quick wit and sarcasm.

When Will becomes one of Gabby’s patients they form a special bond and soon become each other's solace. But Will doesn’t see her like every other woman in his life. She means the world to him and he feels an underlying need to always protect her – most of all from himself. Even though he wants her more than he’s ever wanted any other woman, he’s not willing to take that next step and jeopardize everything they have. When jealousy and pain begin to overtake their once perfect friendship, will Will's fear of falling in love and never measuring up, cause him to lose the one and only woman to ever own his heart? 

4.5 Star Review by Jennifer Skewes

I will start by saying that I am a huge fan of Beth Rinyu’s.   She has such an amazing way with words and I love the way she makes you “feel” while reading her books. For me connecting with the characters and feeling their emotions is part of what makes an amazing book.  And Beth manages to get that out of me every time.  We first met Will in A Cry for Hope and I was so excited to read his story. He was certainly an intriguing individual in A Cry for Hope and I could not wait to meet the woman who be able to get Will to settle down.

The books starts out on 9/11 with Will, a firefighter being on the job for a only few days.  Being a New Yorker and remembering that day like it was yesterday caused the prologue alone to bring out emotions in me.  I was completely captured by Will and his story from that moment.  You see how that one day, and what Will went through changed him and his outlook on life.  From that moment he chose to live his life to the fullest. He chose to live in the moment. 

It is now the present day and Will is still living his life the way he chooses. He has a wonderful family who loves him but yet Will has always felt that he never lived up to his father’s expectations and always felt that his brother Jamie was who his father favored.   While his brother became a successful lawyer Will chose to become a firefighter.  He loves his job and loves the ladies.  He is a bit of a man whore, but you quickly learn that while he may be a man whore, beneath it all he is a sweet and caring man.  One day on the job he gets hurt and is sent to the burn unit and is forced to stay there while he heals.  That is where he meets Gabby, the woman who will forever change his life.

Gabby is a nurse in the burn unit.  She is sweet and friendly and does everything she can to take care of her patients and make them feel comfortable.  She tries to make them forget the pain that they are going through.  Her father who was the one person in her life who loved her unconditionally had passed away.  Gabby has a mother who is only concerned about image and a boyfriend who is just simply an ass.  When she meets Will there is this undeniable connection, but not in a sexual way.  They form this bond and feel this comfort with each other that they have never felt before.  Will has been with many women but has never felt the connection or wanted a friendship with one the way he does with Gabby. 

Gabby and Will quickly form this amazing friendship and when Gabby really needs a friend, Will is there for her.  He is there for her with open arms to comfort her, a shoulder to cry on and a place to stay when she suddenly finds herself without a home.  Will and Gabby become very close and feelings start to emerge.  But knowing that they are only friends and nothing more will either side ever be able to admit what they are feeling or will it be too late?

I loved Will so much.  I loved how much his relationship with Gabby meant to him and how much he treasured her and their friendship. She was his best friend, his angel and he would do anything to protect her. Gabby was unlike any woman that he had ever met.  He shared with her more than he has ever shared with any woman.  They were there for each other in every way that a friend should be.  I loved the banter between them and just how sweet and adorable they were together.   With that being said there were times when I wanted to yell at Will and tell him to wake up and see what was right in front of him. He had his casual hookups and even with all his sexual escapades, what I loved was that Gabby was always what was important to him.

On that memorable yet horrific day many years ago, Will had vowed that life was too short and he was going to live his life and enjoy it.  But what that meant for Will was not settling down in any way.  Maybe he didn’t see it that way but loving someone and having a serious future with someone was not in the cards for Will and I think that was out of fear.  And for that he just has meaningless sex with woman and no intentions of having anything serious.  But what happens when that fear may cost you the woman that has ever meant anything to you?

I loved Gabby and thought she was the perfect match for Will.  She was so sweet and kind and was there for Will when he needed her the most.  I loved watching their relationship grow.  Seeing the love and laughter between them but also the hurt and the pain. 

I have read every one of Beth’s books and will honestly read anything that she writes.  I love her writing.  I love the characters that she creates and how much you can relate to them and feel right along with them.  Her stories are so real and deal with very relatable issues.  A Will to Change had a swoon worthy hero, a sweet heroine and their cute and adorable friendship.  Yes it was fun and sweet but is also had some twists and turns and some heartache and sadness as well.  I felt the pain and hurt that these two felt.  I laughed and cried with them.  You will fall in love with Will and Gabby.  Together they will melt your heart, and then break it, only to put it back together again and leave you with a big smile in the end.  Another fantastic job by Ms. Rinyu.

Gabby rambled on until our food came, only stopping when her eyes lit up at the size of her burger.
“Told ya!” I teased.
“Told me what?” she asked, taking a bite from her fry.
“I saw the look on your face when you saw the size of that burger.”
“This little thing?” she asked, looking down at her plate. I nodded. “Oh please, Will. I’ve had bigger ones than this in my mouth.” I almost spit my ice tea all over the place. “I meant burgers, pervert!”
“Mmm hmmm, I bet you did!” She smirked as she smothered her burger in ketchup and relish. “Geez, Gabby. Why don’t you have some burger with your ketchup and relish?”
“I love ketchup!” she said, licking it off her fingers.
“I can see that!”
“Don’t you?” she asked, opening her mouth wide and taking a bite.
“Yeah, but not half the bottle. Definitely not relish, though.”
“Mmmm….you don’t know what you’re missing!” she said, taking another huge bite. “Here, taste.” She held the burger up to my mouth.
“Gabby, it’s drenched in -.”
“Come on, Will. Don’t be afraid to try new things.” I opened my mouth and took a bite. It wasn’t half bad. “Not bad, is it?” she asked with her adorable grin as she picked up the napkin and wiped the ketchup off my face.
I took the top bun from my burger. “Lay it on me, Gabby girl!”
She held her hand up to give me a high five before picking up the bottle of relish and ketchup. “Woohoo! Sister Gabby has made you see the error of your ways. Bless you, Will,” she giggled.
She squirted on the ketchup and relish, and lifted her burger up to her mouth. “Come on, Will. Let’s do it together,” she teased in an overly sexy voice.
“You are a piece of work, you know that?” I chuckled.

She took a bite of her burger at the same time as me. I never thought that someone could actually look adorable chewing food, but Gabby proved that theory wrong. She swallowed it down and took a sip of her milk shake. “Was it good for you?” she asked. Neither one of us were able to control our laughter. It didn’t get any better than being here with her.

Ever since I can remember, I have always enjoyed Creative Writing. There was always something about being able to travel to a different place or become a different person with just the stroke of a pen - or in today's world a touch of the keyboard. I am the author of The Exception To The Rule, An Unplanned Lesson, An Unplanned Life and Drowning In Love and A Cry for Hope. I am currently working on A Will To Change the companion novel to A Cry For hope....stay tuned!

 My life is not as interesting as my books or the characters in them, but then again whose life is? I was born and have lived in New Jersey my whole life. I'm a mom of twin teenage boys, a teenage stepson, a crazy Border Collie and a cat with an identity crisis! I guess you can say writing is my form of Calgon! I am married to a wonderful guy - but we'll keep that between us, I don't want him getting a big head!

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