Monday, June 16, 2014

Review: Angel's Halo: Entangled by Terri Anne Browning

He was the MC’s enforcer. The man to dole out punishments within the club. Men feared him, and so the peace was kept. For the most part. But Spider isn’t at peace with himself. There is only one thing in life he wants, and she just stormed back into his life…


The moment I saw him, I belonged to Spider Masterson. Now, four years later, I still can’t help but want to belong to him. Even after all the pain he has put me through, I couldn’t keep my distance.


There have been two females in my life that have ever made me feel anything. One was my best friend. The other owned my soul. She’d tattooed her name on my heart the second she had smiled at me for the first time. But the past stands in our way. I know I need to explain that night to her, but once I have her back in my bed, I can’t think about anything but making her mine.

4.5 Smoldering Stars

Review by Lisa Kane

I love this series! Each character is gritty, and real and flawed. There are times that I want to bitch slap these characters for the stupid, back ass decisions that they make and times when I want to hug them and tell them this too shall pass.

This second installment is primarily Spider, the MC's enforcer and Willa, Duke's daughter's story. At the end of the first book we knew there was history there, something bad happened between them, but there were still embers burning, just waiting to be fanned to a roaring fire. It seems 4 years ago, Willa come to the MC compound, reconnected with the father she rarely saw and fell head over heels in lust with Spider. He had been warned to keep his hands, (and other parts) away from her. She had her hands full dodging her evil wicked, psycho sister, Tasha's claws. But the heart and the loins want what they want, and these two could not stay away from each other. but fate determined this wasn't their time, and they parted in bad blood.

Tasha, ever the kinky whore that she was, hooked up with Bash, (Raven's man from the first book) and had a daughter by him. When she was killed in a shoot out, Willa raised her daughter with Bash's help. When Bash agrees to take over to fill the role as Prez, left vacant by Jet's imprisonment (and an excuse to get Raven back) Willa is forced to return to Bash's home town and to see Spider again.

Spider has never gotten over Willa, but knows he screwed up and doesn't deserve another chance. Seeing her working at the MC's bar, and watching the brother's eyeball her is killing him. But when she finds herself in danger, he can't just sit back and watch.

If you're a lover of Ms. Browning's Demon Wing's series (*raises hands in the air*) you will love this one because Jet's love interest in the first book, is now the nanny for the guys from Demon's Wings. Nicely played Terri!

Entangled has steam and angst and bubbles like a cauldron with the bikers stories. This cast is full of colorful characters-some you love and some you want to throat punch. One of the best features is that the characters in the previous books remain important to the current storyline. Their POV's are also here, and their relationships are still full of messy turmoil. I love it!

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  1. I really liked Angeles halo and can't wait to read more on these characters :-)


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