Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Review: Beloved by Corinne Michaels

Not enough.

Catherine Pope has never been enough. Every man she has ever loved abandoned her—from her father to her fiancĂ©. She finally accepted the fact she would never be enough to hold any man’s heart and soul.

Then Catherine met Jackson Cole.

When her world literally collided with the sexy former Navy SEAL, everything she always believed is turned upside down and left scattered. He made her feel alive and desirable, consumed her with fierceness and loyalty—which completely unnerved her. Jackson got her in a way no one ever had, giving him the power to destroy her.

If she breaks down and gives him what’s left of her battered heart—will he protect it? Or will Catherine become an irrelevant part of yet another man’s life?

Will she get the one thing that has always evaded her – to finally be someone’s beloved?

4 Stellar Stars
Review by Allison East
I read the description and immediately wanted to read this debut novel from Corinne Michaels. It was a great blend of romance and humor for me. I also thought the writing was excellent for a debut novel. The storyline was well thought out and pieced together in such a way, where I found myself getting lost in reading it.

Catherine is beautiful, and exudes confidence- even though her rotten ex-fiance cheated on her and left her alone. After three months, Cat finally goes out with friends to a bar, and captures Jackson's attention. She has a ton of baggage- but who doesn't? But at least she isn't whiny like a lot of other leading ladies. She doesn't let that define her. I love all of Catherine's friends too- the secondary characters are developed in such a way that you can't help but appreciate them for their own individual personalities. 

Jackson is an extremely sexy, ex-Navy SEAL. I mean, that right there is reason to read this book. But he is also a deep down romantic, and owns his own companies. He does have some fantastic friends as well and they add to the story- and just love to tease him. He also has a dark, broken past- for which he blames himself. For the most part, he really has nothing to blame himself.  These poor heroes blame themselves for accidents- and it is truly never their fault, and I feel so badly for them!

Jackson and Catherine are such a good couple. They had their strengths, as well as their weaknesses. Although, I would have liked to have had Jackson's POV, just so I could crack him open as well. Maybe in the next book there will be more from him. Catherine always felt like she was never enough, just one time she wanted to feel loved and wanted, and thank goodness Jackson made her feel that way. Even if she wanted to run he seemed like he never wanted to give up on her.

Beloved does end on a cliffhanger-  just a heads up. I am looking forward to what happens in the next installment- I hope we don't have to wait too long- I need to know how Jackson and Catherine's story will end. Beholden is the second book in the Belonging series, and I hope she also writes about the other characters as well. They have lots of material to make things interesting! Looking forward to more from this new author.



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