Friday, June 6, 2014

Review: Make Me by Alyssa Turner

Willpower is overrated.

Manhattan’s most eligible bachelor, Kyle Hunter, is a Marine Corps vet, the son of a US Senator and the prodigal heir of American corporate royalty. He’s rich, smart and a notorious flirt. Kyle Hunter is also in love with his best friend. So why did he tell Manny they could never see each other again?

Manny Tescadero isn’t about to be hurt twice. He’s lost a lot and if there’s one thing he learned in Afghanistan, it’s to defend yourself and those who need you at all costs. When Rebecca Sinclair lands on his doorstep, his honor won’t let him turn her away. His heart won’t let him pretend there isn’t more to it than a soldier’s code. But new love interests aren’t part of the mission plan; not when he’s still in love with someone else.

Rebecca Sinclair has never been good at letting loose. As a librarian she has her dream job and a new start with an amazing apartment in the city that never sleeps. She thought she was happy until everything she’s worked for is gone in a flash. Turns out having it all may just mean something else entirely. 

There are a mountain of reasons why they shouldn’t be together and not one stands a chance of keeping them apart.

4 Star Review by Jennifer Skewes

Kyle is the son of a Senator and currently America’s most eligible bachelor.  He comes from a very rich family.  He is a flirt and with his charming good looks can have any woman that he wants.  But unfortunately the one person that Kyle wants is the same person that he pushed away.

Kyle and Manny have been best friends since college.  But they have both learned that they want more than friendship with each other.  They have fallen in love with each other.  Neither one of them consider themselves to necessarily be gay and know that the only man they will ever love and want to be with is each other.  They are both in the Marines and are serving time in Afghanistan.  They are stationed together there and the find themselves sneaking to be with each other every chance that they get.  But sneaking around runs the risk of being caught.  When their secret is found out, Kyle’s first instinct is to run. He ends things with Manny and knows that they can no longer be together.  He needs to protect himself and his family. 

Manny is now home and not only had he had to deal with a broken heart courtesy of his best friend and lover, but his grandmother has also passed away.  He is now living in the apartment that she left to him.  He has given himself sixty days to work out his feelings, meaning no hook ups or relationships until that period is up.  As of right now that is completely working for him.  Until Rebecca enters his life, or should I say his apartment.  Rebecca is the woman who his grandmother sublet the apartment that he is now living in, to.  He tried reaching her for the last month but since there was no response he put her things in storage and moved right on in.  He likes Rebecca and lets her stay with him until she finds something. 

Rebecca has been away on an assignment for work and when she comes home she finds out that she no longer has a home.  She agrees to stay with Manny because show has no place else to go.  Manny and Rebecca have a connection, and not just a physical one.  They find comfort in each other.  But there is also an undeniable attraction.  But before doing anything Manny needs to wait out the sixty days that he has given himself.  He needs to figure out his feelings and get over his broken heart.

When Kyle comes back into Manny’s life and meets the new woman in his life, sparks begin to fly.  Manny and Kyle have always shared woman in the past, but this time it is different.  Rebecca is different.  Kyle and Manny are in love and Rebecca is the missing piece to their puzzle.  But in order to be together all three of them have to accept a trio relationship and at the same time they all need to be honest with each other regarding feelings.  Living as a trio comes with a lot of risks and with Kyle’s family living in the public eye things can get very complicated very quickly, especially if word gets out.  Can these three handle the ride that they about to take when they agree to having a relationsip together?

I always love reading a good ménage story. And for me personally the best ménage stories are those where all three parties feel the connection.  Where there isn’t one person who feels forced into wanting the relationship or giving it a try.  And that is what I love about this story.  This is my second mengage story written by Alyssa Turner and I have to say she does such an amazing job writing a manage.  You instantly feel the connection between the three of them.  You never feel like one person is forced into something they may not want or feel like anyone is ever left out.  Because with three people being involved it can happen.  Manny, Kyle and Rebecca have this intense connection both in the bedroom and out.  Kyle is falling for Rebecca just as much as Manny is and vice versa.  They want it, they need it and you can feel every bit of that want and need. I loved the three of them together.  Ms. Turner knows how to write a menage story that is not only awesome but HOT!!!!  Trust me you need to read this one. 

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