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Blog Tour: Wife Number Seven by Melissa Brown


Lipstick. Bright, red lipstick. Nothing but lipstick. Even though it’s against our faith to wear a color that screams of sexual promiscuity and deviant behavior, I’m not allowed to protest. But, I want to. So badly.

You see, there’s more to me than the braid that spills down my back. More to me than the layers of heavy fabric that maintain my modesty. And so much more than the oppressive wedding band that adorns my finger--the same band that each of my sister wives wear. So much more. To protest would be sinful. I must keep sweet, that is my duty.

So I’ll wear the lipstick. I’ll do as I’m told. And I’ll do my best to silence the resistance within me, to push him from my mind. If only my heart would do the same.

5 Star Review by Jen Skewes

I don't even now where to begin or how to even express how amazing this book is, but I will do my best.  I have read and loved every one of Melissa Brown’s books.  But Wife Number Seven is on a whole new level.  It is so different from anything that she has written and it was fantastic.  I went into this one completely blind. I knew a little bit about the story and knew that I would probably need some hand holding while reading it.  But the less you know going in, the better. 

I can't say that I was ever completely interested in polygamy in any way, I've never read books or watched shows on the subject.  But I think in the back of my mind I always tried to understand what it was really about.  How women can be married to a man who had several wives and also had children with these wives as well.   Melissa Brown introduced me to this world that I never understood.  She made me see the true roles that these woman play in the world that they live in.  While I may still never understand the appeal or reason for living in this world I now understand the reasons why woman live this life.  I understand that this is all they know, this is what they were taught for most of their lives.  They were destined to follow the prophet.  And for most woman they were content and happy with the life they lived, and maybe that was because it was all they knew.  But Brinley was different than most of her sisters.  She may have been playing the role but at the same time she started to question it all. 

Brinley knew from a young age that she would eventually marry a man that she shared with other wives.  It was the world that she grew up in.  Her mother shared her father with his other wives and children.  So she knew that it was only a matter of time before she would be doing the same.

Brinley is the seventh wife of Lehi Cluff.  She does her duties as she is expected and “stays sweet” when needed.  She knows that based on what the p says she is supposed to be with Lehi.    But there is a part of her that wonders if there is such a thing as true love.  She wants to know what it is like to actually be in love and to feel that love through someone’s touch. What's it's like to truly be intimate with someone.  Brinley wonders what life is like outside of the compound and if living on the compound is where she really belongs.   When she meets a former member in the outside world her life changes forever. 

This is the story of one woman's struggle to find freedom, happiness and true love.  She believes in love and that maybe she can find it in the outside world.  She begins to question it all, her life on the compound, her beliefs and what she has been taught.  While she has the desire to see what is out there she also questions herself as well.  Why is she so quick to dismiss the world she knew?  Is something wrong with her for wanting more, for wanting to be free of the only culture that she has ever known?  We see the internal struggles that she faces daily and the decisions that she makes, which were not easy by any means.  This is Brinleys story and her fight to find herself, to find peace with her decisions, to find freedom and love. 

This is one of those books that you need to really just go into blind. I don’t want to give anything away.  I will say that this book is a must read.  Melissa Brown completely blew me away with her writing.  I felt the emotions that Brinely went through.  I wanted her to find that happiness and love that she so desired.  She was a very strong young girl who became the woman that she truly was instead of who she was expected to be.  Once I started reading I could not put this book down.  I needed to know what happened next, how it would end. There was certainly drama and suspense.  That feeling of not knowing what would happen next.  And the last 20% when you sit there with knots in your stomach, biting your nails, reading as fast as you can to get to the end.  Because you NEED to know that it will all work out.  Every emotion, every moment of heartache was all worth it in the end. 

Some people have asked if this is a love story and yes it absolutely is.  It is a beautiful love story between two people who fight to be together.  We see the struggles that they are both faced with each day.  But we also see the love between the two of them and how deep it really is.  I won’t say any more because you need to read it on your own. 

Melissa Brown did such an amazing job with this story.  The writing was brilliant and the story is captivating.  I am not even sure that this review did this book justice.  So I will leave you with these three words.....READ THIS BOOK!! 

Melissa Brown was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. She attended the University of Illinois and is the mother of two fantastic kids. She’s an avid reader who enjoys making handmade gifts for her family and friends, as well as baking and painting. She speaks fluent movie quotes from the 1980s and ’90s.Her romance titles include Bouquet Toss, Champagne Toast, Picturing Perfect and Unwanted Stars. She is currently developing a Young Adult series called Sorority of Three.

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