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Release Blitz Review: Lead by Kylie Scott

Lead Kylie Scott BANNER

Title: Lead (Stage Dive, #3)
Author: Kylie Scott
Publication Date: July 29, 2014
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin


81pip68IyiL._SL1500_Stay up all night with the sexy rockers in Stage Dive, the epic rock star romance series from New York Times bestselling author Kylie Scott, author of Lick and Play. As the lead singer of Stage Dive, Jimmy is used to getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it, whether it's booze, drugs, or women. However, when a PR disaster serves as a wake-up call about his life and lands him in rehab, he finds himself with Lena, a new assistant to keep him out of trouble.   Lena's not willing to take any crap from the sexy rocker and is determined to keep their relationship completely professional, despite their sizzling chemistry. But when Jimmy pushes her too far and Lena leaves, he realizes that he may just have lost the best thing that ever happened to him.  

4.5 Stage Diving Star Review by Faith Dotson

"Dark hair fell over his face and collar, framing the cheekbones of an angel but the jaw of a stubborn child."

Lena, who is Jimmy's sobriety partner and assistant, is a wee bit of a smart ass and I couldn't have loved her more.  Her position is basically to keep Jimmy sober and to deal with all his moodiness. She doesn't back down from Jimmy and she'd be damned if he ever saw her cower. Lena doesn't do
relationships anymore thanks to her sister who hooked up with Lena's boyfriend at the time. So let's say when she started developing feelings for Jimmy the deck was not stacked in her favor. And what made me love her even more was she dealt with these feelings and still managed to do her job.

"I have in my time dated a cheater, a thief, a repressed homosexual, a foot fetishist, and various men who just wanted a chance to meet my sister."

"Why's the foot fetishist so bad?" "Always with the strappy high heels. My toes were killing me"

"The knowledge that this was him pressed all of my buttons, 
bringing my love and longing roaring to the surface. So much emotion, I felt ready to combust. It was on the tip of my tongue to tell him all, to offer him anything. How incredibly foolish would that be? I bit down hard, the metallic taste of blood in my mouth."

We met Jimmy in "Lick", he is David's older brother, the moody one in and out of rehab all the time. He is broody, vain and all round asshole, but we all wanted to know what made Jimmy tick and now we have it. Jimmy just freaking rocks. Once it all comes to surface, you'll want to just love Jimmy and not let him go. The man has no concept on how to love someone and Lena pushes all that.

"Love was truly one of life's mysteries. That it could fuck you five ways to Sunday and still remain so utterly perplexing and unknown was kind of impressive."

Jimmy thinks he's not worthy of love so once Lena throws it out there that she is developing feelings for him, he decides that he is going to help her get over him. But he is a man after all and manages to fuck up here and there and it turns out he's pretty good at fucking up. Imagine that!

"Stupid Jimmy Ferris and his amazing mouth and penis. Who needed him? Not me, I could look after myself."

"That's why god invented vibrators, thank you very much. Masturbation was so much safer. My fingers never gave me this sort of trouble."

"Yeah, you're right. I love you."

"Are you sure?"  I had to ask.

"Slowly he nodded. "Yeah. I am. I didn't think I could do that, but."

When these two finally get down to some sexy, kitchen sex you will be thankful that Ms. Scott doesn't have them in bed right away. Like Mal says, "Interesting. I'm going to tell you what I told Killer at puppy training today when he tried to mount a teacup poodle he'd only just met. If she
means something to you, you gotta do the woo, son. You can't just be trying to stick it in."  Ahhh yessss!! we do have some of Mal in small amounts throughout the book.

"Damn that felt good, I had no idea foreheads were so receptive to sensation. My body went weak, awash with good vibrations. It was basically like having one bit happy spot smack bam on my face, mildly embarrassing but ever so rewarding.

So with all of Jimmy's issues, his crazy ass mother, Lena's luck with men, and the rest of Stage Dive you have yourself a laugh out loud, addicting, highly entertaining, sexy read. The banter, sexual chemistry (because face it these to loved to be at each others throats), the sex and the amazing power of realizing for the first time your in love grabs you and sucks you in until the last page and then
you will be screaming, "NOOOOOOOO!"because now we have to wait for the final book.

“Lena, you seen my old black Led Zep shirt?” “Nope.” “You sure?” His brows became one dark cranky line. The scratches on his face were healing well, thank goodness. Though it didn’t reduce my desire to throttle his mother on a daily basis. “Yes. I haven’t seen it.” Can’t find it anywhere…” “And this is a surprise, how?” I slipped my hands into my back jean’s pockets. “Jimmy, you own more clothing than Cher, Brittney, and Elvis, put together. Things are bound to go missing.” “Sure you haven’t seen it?” “For goodness sake, what do you think, Jimmy? That I stole it to sleep in or something?” I laughed bitterly. Sure as hell, the truth deserved a good mocking. I’d sunk so despicably low. I hadn’t even meant to steal the stupid thing, but the shirt had been mixed up with my laundry a few days ago. It’d been the first top I laid my hand on after stepping out of the shower, ready to go to bed. Without thought, I’d put it on and it’d been so soft, the scent of him lingering beneath the laundry detergent. Every night since, I’d found myself in it come bedtime. My shame knew no limits. And no, I still hadn’t quit. The words still hadn’t come even close to leaving my mouth. He frowned. “No.” “That I have some deep secret longing to feel close to you resulting in my stealing your shirt like some creepy perv?” “Course I don’t fucking think that,” he replied crankily, reaching up to grip the top of the doorframe. All of his bulging muscles stretched the arms of his white T-shirt in the nicest way. It was all I could do not to start drooling, my heart beat taking up residence somewhere down between my thighs. And who could blame it? Not me. Maybe if I got laid, this would go away and things would return to normal. It’d seemed safer to avoid rubbing up against any men just in case I got carried away and started dating again. This new situation, however, changed everything. “Well, of course not! That would be crazy.” And wasn’t that the god’s honest truth? Cray-zeee. Lock me up and throw away the key because it wasn’t like I didn’t know better. “Just can’t figure out where the hell it could be.” Angels couldn’t have smiled as innocently. They might have tried, but they would have failed, the dirty-mouthed, winged, little liars. “Jimmy, I don’t know where it is. But I’ll look around for it later, okay?” “Yeah,” he said, and then added as an afterthought, “and stop looking at me weird.” “I’m not!”  

The Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott
Stage Dive Series
Lick (Stage Dive #1)
Play (Stage Dive #2)
Lead (Stage Dive, #3)
Coming January 6th, 2015
Deep (Stage Dive #4)
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About Kylie Scott
Kylie Scott
Kylie is a long time fan of romance, rock music, and B-grade horror films. Based in Queensland, Australia with her two children and one delightful husband, she reads, writes and never dithers around on the internet.

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