Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Review: Grace For Drowning by Maya Cross

Hope is a dangerous thing. I know that more than most. Everything good I’ve ever had has been stolen from me — my friends, my fiance, my innocence, some would say even my sanity. All I have left is the cage. Fighting is the only thing that eases the ache inside me even a little. It’s the only thing that keeps the bottle at bay.

I was content to ride out my life alone. I was done dreaming that things could be better. But then I met Grace, and suddenly, I couldn’t not dream.

She's battling those same demons, only she's losing. I don’t want to care, but something about her calls to me. That pain in her eyes is so sharp, so familiar. I know it’s only a matter of time before it pulls her below the surface.

I can help her, and maybe, just maybe, she can help me too. For the first time in what feels like forever, I’ve got hope, and that scares the hell out of me.

4.5 Star Review by Jen Skewes

Grace For Drowning is a beautiful story about loss, love, hope and healing.  It deals with deep issues such as addiction, PTSD, and depression.  This is Logan and Grace's story of how two broken people find each other and help each other become whole again.

Grace is currently in a very dark place.  She is still dealing with the loss of her fiancĂ© by turning to the bottle.  She has no family to be there for her and show her love and support.  When she left town to move to Vegas her parents basically disowned her.  So now she is all alone in her fight against the demons that she is now facing.  She has already lost one job and needs to get herself straight so that she doesn't lose the job she now has at Charlie's,  a local bar.  It is at Charlie's where she meets Logan.  There is this pull that she feels with Logan but she knows that she needs to stay away.  She is not in a good place right now and doesn't need to complicate things with a man.  But she cannot deny the connection that she feels when near him.  

Logan has his own issues and demons that he is fighting.  He was off fighting for our country and after returning home he has changed.  He is dealing with PTSD and trying to cope with what went on overseas.  He lost his fiancĂ© because of his issues and at one point turned to the bottle as well.  But right now while he may be clean and sober he is still faced with the demons from the war.  He is a bouncer at Charlie's and is very quiet and very reserved.  The only thing that he has right now to help keep him going is fighting.  When he is in the ring he can lose himself in there plus he is a pretty damn good fighter.  But when he sees Grace he sees the pain in her eyes.  He knows and understands exactly what she is going through.  He understand her pain and her need for the bottle.  There is something about her that makes him want to help her.  He wants to be there for her, to help her heal.

Logan and Grace were so perfect together.  They were both so broken and you could feel their hurt and pain.  But being together made it better.  They supported each other and were there to help each other try to heal.  The slowly got to know each other and eventually the friendship that they formed became more.  They learned how to open up to each other, telling each other their secrets from the past and their fears.  Together they found comfort and happiness.  They found a love they didn't expect.  But can two people who are as broken as these two are become whole again?

Logan and Grace's journey was not an easy one.  They certainly had their ups and downs.  There were moments when fear took over and threatened to destroy any progress they made towards finding happiness.  In order to find the happiness and the love that they deserved they needed to both fight and to fight hard.  This book was emotional at times, my heart breaking for the two of them.  I felt the emotions that they felt.  They were both in such a dark place filled with hurt and pain and you felt it.  You felt their heartache, their fears, their pain.  Maya Cross dis such a fantastic job with this story.  It dealt with some heave topics but were done so in a perfect way.  This book is a must read.  I loved every minute of it and while I hear that there may be a sequel, I will say that is does not end with a cliffhanger.  Excellent read!!

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