Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review: Saxon by Chantal Fernando

Some men won’t take no for an answer.

And some women might find this flattering, being asked out over and over again by a man determined to have you. But not me.

Not that the man in question isn’t sexy as sin, funny as hell and charming as they get.

Because he is.

Sometimes you just can’t allow yourself to be interested in someone for other reasons, other variables.

This is one of those times.

Saxon Tate is my best friend’s ex-boyfriend.

He cheated on her.

He could possibly cheat again.

That's three strikes.

He’s out.

3.5 Star Review by Jen Skewes

I loved Saxon and Tee together.  To refresh everyone’s memory Saxon is Lexi’s ex boyfriend.  Yes the one who cheated on her and broke her heart.  But Saxon has learned his lesson and has grown up since then.  His relationship with Lexi was a long time ago.  She has forgiven him and moved on with Ryder (his bandmate).

Saxon is looking to move on himself with Tee, Lexi’s best friend.  He’s always had a thing for her since he met her but given his past history with Lexi, Tee has yet to give him the time of day.  As of matter of fact she acts like she hates him.  Part of her does for what he did to Lexi.  But the truth is she wants Saxon.  Just by the way her body alone reacts to him tells her just how much she wants him.  But she is afraid of giving herself to him.  She is afraid of him repeating his past and breaking her heart.  Saxon is out to prove how much he wants Tee and not just for one night.  He wants to show her how much he cares for her and that he is not that guy any more.  But will Tee give in to her feelings for Saxon and give him a chance?

Saxon was sweet and loveable but also sexy as hell. He is the perfect match for the very feisty Tee.  She is the type of girl who says what she wants, she will completely rip you apart if you wrong her and has no problem with kicking men in the balls when necessary.  My kind of girl!!  But when it came to Saxon Tate part of her wanted to melt every time she saw him but the rational part wanted to walk away.  They were honestly the perfect match.  When she finally gave in to her feelings the two of them were hot and sexy together. 

Saxon is a very quick and easy read, and one that I really enjoyed.  I love the roles that Ryder and Lexi play in this one.  Ryder has always been on of may faves so I loved that I got to see more of him and I love the relationship he has with both Saxon and Tee.  I think my only issue was that I wanted it to be a bit longer but it was also missing a little something.  Maybe I expected more angst given his past and the fact that he is a sexy rock star who has woman wanting him.  But overall certainly another enjoyable read by Ms. Fernando.   I am hoping that we get to see more of the men from Morning Alliance in the future.  

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