Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Review: Wild Renegade by Andria Large

Ace Vaughn

The bad boy, the wild one - that’s what they call me. I guess it suits me. I work hard, but I party harder. I mean, I’m single, so why not? I like clubbing, drinking, and banging random women. Unfortunately, I sometimes hook up with the wrong chicks. Like the ones who gets attached after a romp in the sack, but sometimes that just comes with the territory. I never really thought that one would actually cause so many problems. How do I keep the one I love safe when a former one night stand falls off the crazy train and lands in Psychoville?

Nicole Gionelli

I finally get the job of my dreams as a backup dancer for Renegade for their world tour. It means that I’m going to be away from my friends and family for about a year, but they understand how important this is to me. I meet Renegade on the first day at the dance studio. I knew these guys were attractive, but seeing them in person is a whole different story. Hello! I know I need to remain professional, but damn, it is hard when two of the guys start vying for my attention. Who do I choose? Do I really want to get pushed into the spotlight by dating a member of Renegade? I’m not so sure. But if I do, what's my chances of taming the Wild Renegade?

Warning: For mature audiences only. Contains seriously hot sex scenes that will leave you wanting to fulfill your very own boy band fantasy. Please keep in mind that this is a work of fiction and I made it up from my own imagination.

4 Star Review by Jen Skewes

Wild Renegade is book two in the Renegade series.  Ace Vaughn is considered the bad boy member of the group Renegade.  He loves to party and loves his woman.  He's single, famous and loving life.  When he meets the new dancer that is going to be on tour with them sparks fly.  

Nicole just landed her dream job as one of the backup dancers for the group Renegade.  She is so excited but some of that excitement is taken away from her when she meets the other girls.  They are petty and vindictive but she is here to do her job and do it well.  She meets Ace Vaughn one of the members of the group and he is even sexier in person.  She knows that she should stay away from he.  He has a reputation and they will be working together on tour.  But sparks fly and it turns into one hot night of passion.  It was meant to be just a hook up but led to so much more.  Feelings start to arise between the two of them which neither one of them can deny.  

Nicoe and Ace's relationship is anything but easy. They have so many obstacles in their way.  Being famous means that your life can be one big media circus.  But aside from that there is a pysho ex (it was really just a one night stand but she thinks otherwise, since she is a little bit crazy) and then there is Gina's father who will only accept her dating a nice italian man, which Ace certainly is not.  What started out as a one night stand turned into a love that neither one of them expected.  Can they survive the obstacles that life has thrown their way or will Ace lose the one woman he has ever loved?

Ace may have been labeled the "bad boy" of the band but in my eyes he was anything but. Yes he had a past of partying, drinking and woman, but when he met Nicole he was anything but wild.  He is very sexy but also very sweet.  I think falling in love wasn't what he expected but yet he fully embraced it.  He would do anything for her.  I loved Nicole.  She dealt with a father who was would rather lose her daughter than see her happy and then has to deal with a pyscho bitch who thinks she had some sort of relationship with her boyfriend.  But she is a very strong girl who knows what she wants and won't let anything stand in the way.   I loved watching the two of them go from a one night stand nothing more than sex to falling in love.     There was a bit of drama and some angst but the end I have to say was wonderful.  Just loved that one moment that I cannot mention.  I loved Ace and Nicole's story and cannot wait for the next one!

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