Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review: Rellik by Teresa Mummert

Rellik Bentley is to die for.

He can have any woman he wants and they will do anything to be with him. He uses and abuses them like drugs and tosses them out with the trash. The only thing he gives a f*ck about is his music. That is, until Ella Lighten walks into his life and stumbles upon one of his darkest secrets. In the midst of doing damage control, he begins to obsess over the mysterious woman who wants absolutely nothing to do with him.
Rellik won’t take no for an answer.

4.5 Killer Stars!
Review by Nicole Lorenzo
“I wasn’t a tortured artist with the need to express my feelings through music. I was the Fu*king devil incarnate, biding my time and waiting for the chance to avenge my loss.”

Drowning himself in women, booze and his music is how Rellik Bentley survives the nightmares of his past. But no matter what he does, the pain doesn’t seem to loosen its hold on his heart.  Just his bandmates know the depth of Rellik’s secrets and exactly who and what he is. He considers himself an unredeemable monster and his actions reflect his feelings of self-worth.  When a woman is being attacked in the alley behind the bar his band is playing at, Rellik doesn’t hesitate to step in and save her. The damsel in distress turns out to be Ella, a gorgeous girl with a fiery attitude and pain in her big green eyes. Something about her makes Rellik want to unlock all her secrets but she wants no part of it or him. What Rellik doesn’t know is that Ella needs him more than either of them can understand. 

“I was a curse, a black cloud. It was a sleight of hand. I hadn’t saved her, just lured her into my own web.”

Ella Lighten is fighting her own demons. She has had a tragic past that has left her broken and all alone. She is searching for answers from her past so she can finally be free of the monsters that haunt her dreams. What she wasn’t expecting was to find her very own monster in the form of Rellik Bentley. When he first saved her in the alley she couldn’t help but be terrified of him, she also couldn’t help the intense attraction towards the dangerous yet gorgeous man in front of her. Ella doesn’t miss the pain in Rellik’s eyes or the fact that it mirrors her own. What she doesn’t know is that Rellik may be the key to getting all the answers she seeks whether she wants them or not.  

“Something broken inside of both of us fit together, the jagged pieces piercing into the armor we wore against the world.” 

Rellik and Ella are more alike than they can ever imagine. They both harbor their own secrets and when those truths are revealed their worlds collide in the most unexpected way. Now Rellik is on a mission to settle some unfinished business and help Ella along the way.  

“We saw each other now for exactly who we were, without the lies and masks in place. No one suffered through the things we’d been through and came out the other side with clean hands.” 

 Fueled on both love and revenge, Rellik goes back to a place he swore he would never go again. There he uncovers more devastating secrets and lies that changes everything and the outcome may be deadly.

She was a flame, I was gasoline, and together we burned—an inferno so hot, it would consume us both. 

It’s no secret that Tersea Mummert is one of my favorite authors. She has a way of writing so it sucks you into the story and you actually live there while reading it. I will say that the story unfolded a little differently then what I expected from the synopsis. That being said it didn’t take anything away from the story at all, I  loved it!  Rellik is dark and twisty, a whole lot of sexy with a fast paced plot and a ton of curves and turns. I had no idea what was going on and was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out where the story was leading. I can’t get into detail with too much of the plot for it will ruin the story and the reading experience, and believe me you want to experience Rellik. Rellik is the epitome of a dark and dangerous man. He has his mind set on one goal, his revenge and when Ella shows up in his life it changes everything. The chemistry between the two is explosive and goes beyond sexual, it’s as if they are truly two lost souls destined to cross paths. I really hope we get the back stories of Rellik’s band members, Phantom, Trigger and Hangman, I would definitely read their books! If you are in the mood for something, or in this case someone, dark, steamy and raw, read Rellik!


“The thing about sins is they don’t have to be your own to haunt you.”

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