Sunday, October 12, 2014

Review: Smolder by Lacey Weatherford

Russ knew true love existed—he’d seen it first hand—he simply didn’t believe it existed for him. And then she walked into his life. Russ didn’t know what had hit him . . . all he knew was that she made him burn.

4 Smitten Stars!

Review by Lisa Kane

A new book in The Crush series? This is a no brainer 1-click for me! At the end of the last book, Cami and Dylan Wilcox and Russ Weston had just moved to Charleston. They bought a big historic house by the water. Cami and Dylan have the first two floors and Russ is renovating the third floor for himself. Both Russ and Dylan are firefighters and Cami is expecting a baby. They moved to start a new life after suffering the loss of their baby, their dog and their home. Russ is closer to these two than his own family, their experiences cemented their circle. Russ is probably the only one that could put up with Cami and Dylan's PDA anyway. He's always been a player, but lately he wishes he had the kind of relationship they have; his life is full but he yearns for someone special.

Russ has really settled in at the station and his life is busy.  While doing some life guarding at the lake for some extra money, he sees a girl struggling in the water, and he dives in. After the rescue, he's told her name is Evie but he never sees her face. Russ is a little embarrassed at the attention he is getting from this, he thinks this is his job and there are many who do the same thing he does.

But ever since the incident that he, Cami and Dylan had with their lives being threatened, he has had horrible nightmares. He thinks it's time he got some professional help, so he makes an appointment with Dr. Evelyn McKnight, PhD., a specialist in PTSD. Now guess who Evie, the woman he rescued turns out to be? Yep, she's the same therapist he was going to use for his therapy.

Once he sees her, he is smitten, really taken back by how beautiful this girl is and how much he wants her. She seems to be a interested in him too, but is afraid this can cause many problems ethically.  But it seems the good doctor also has problems. Several years ago, her boyfriend Kory served in Afghanistan along with her brother Paul and he was killed. Her brother, who encouraged him to enlist, killed himself shortly after. Evie has not been able to move on, she still keeps all his things out where she can see them in their apartment.

Russ and Evie agree to see other; they agree to be friends discussing mutual problems.

I nodded. "I'm more than okay with it, but it does leave me with one tiny, little problem."
"What's that?"
"I was kind of hoping you'd be my doctor, too,"
Reaching for a pencil on the end table beside her, she picked it up, tapping the erased end lightly against her lip. I was envious of that pencil.

Slowly, they get to know one another and even get so far as to try out the bed in Russ' room, the one with the springs that make so much noise, Dylan begs both of them to get a new bed. And just when they are both about to confess their love for each other, something wonderful happens for Evie, but in a way not so wonderful for Russ. Both their lives are completely uprooted. Evie is now faced with the biggest choice of her life and is so torn about what to do. Russ struggles to get his life on track without her, but having had a woman he loved, he finds it hard to go back to superficial relationships.

 Maybe   I   wasn’t   cut   out   for   relationships.  Maybe  I  was   meant  to  spend   eternity  as the third wheel to Cami and Dylan. I could  be like their really old adult child they adopted. Hell, in a few more years I'd end up in diapers-just like Piper-and I'd fit right in. No one would even notice. Of course., that would mean Cami and Dylan would probably be in diapers too. I shivered. That was gross.

Lots of things are happening in this book-Cami and Dylan welcome their baby, in fact it's Russ who ends up delivering it. (and makes sure to note that Cami really is a natural redhead!) Dylan and Russ' bonds of friendship are shown to be stronger than anyone could have imagined when both their lives are once again threatened.

And the epilogue-it's classic Lacey Weatherford-funny and sexy and oh so delicious!



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