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Review: For the Thrill and For the Fight by Nora Flite

What happens when two hitmen agree to share you? 

We've seen and done horrific things.
One rule keeps us from destroying each other: Share everything.
So when little miss curves and confidence swings her hips into our lives... Well. The rule can't change. I already said it.
We share everything.
That includes Marina.
Even if we help her--the only kind of help two hitmen can offer--we can't let her live.

No risks. No mistakes.
We want to taste and touch and suffocate on this woman.
But our desires don't matter.
This ends with her in a cold grave.

4.5 Star Review by Jen Skewes

I just finished For the Thrill and Oh My God, Jacob and Kite, sigh.  They are hitmen who really don’t care about anyone else.  I mean of course not, they kill for a living.  So is it so wrong that I completely fell for the two of them?  Because I did and I can see why Marina is just as fascinated with them.

Jacob and Kite have been best friends since they were younger.  Actually they are more than just best friends, they are blood brothers.  They know each other better than anyone.  They understand each other and know exactly what the other is feeling.  They own a bar together but also work as a team to kill.  But that part of their life has come to an end, after finishing their last hit.  They have never been caught, always taking great care in using their skill to do what they do.  But when Marina Fidel walks into their bar things change, because she knows.  She knows exactly what they do.  But Marina is not there to turn them in, she is there because she needs their help.  Now Jacob and Kite’s first instinct, of course is to kill her.  But knowing that killing her may have consequences they go with their second choice.  Help her out and then take care of the situation at a later date.  But in order to help her things need to go their way.  She has no choice but to move in with them in exchange for their help.

Marina is a beautiful woman who is after one thing.  Revenge!  She knows how dangerous going to Kite and Jacob really is. But she doesn’t care.  She wants one thing and if working with two very dangerous men will help her achieve her goal then who is she to argue, even if it means living with them.  There is no denying that Jacob and Kite are attractive men.  But what truly draws her to the both of them is the danger.  She knows falling for a hit man is very dangerous and wrong on so many levels.  But she cannot control what her body feels when she is near them.  Being with Jacob or Kite reeks of danger.  But will it be worth the risk? 

Jacob and Kite feel the same attraction towards Marina. There is just something about the woman no matter how much they know being with her is wrong and sloppy.  But no matter what they have rules.   And no matter what happens between them and Marina, the rules will never be broken. 

I love this book and cannot wait to start the second one in the series.  This is a little dark in the sense that the well Jacob and Kite kill people, for money.  But there is also that element of suspense of what will happen next?  Will they stick to their rule?  How will being with Marina get in the way of their plan?  And will she come between two blood brothers?  Even if they share everything, one has to wonder how the both of them sharing Marina will really work.  These are all questions that I need answers to and know that we will get them as the series goes on and I cannot wait. 

The first book or series that I read by Ms. Flite is her Body Rocks series which was fantastic. I have since read her other books and loved them all.  But I think that this one may top the Body Rock series.  It has such a unique and different storyline that I loved.  I read it in one sitting and did not want it to end.  Jacob and Kite are two very interesting characters both of who I just want more of.  Marina is tough and smart and may understand more than one thinks.  I loved her and cannot wait to see what she brings out in these two men.  This is told in all three points of views, which I love.  It is always nice to see the story from all views.  It never got confusing and flowed perfectly.  And I loved getting inside the head of these two very bad and very dangerous men.  They kill for money and they thrive on it.  Trust me no matter how dangerous these men are,  you will fall for them and be wishing you were Marina.  Another excellent read from Nora Flite.  

I shouldn't have let them kiss me. 

When I'm near Kite and Jacob, the world shrinks. I ache for their skilled hands and warm tongues. I should be thinking about my revenge, but it's so hard to focus. This is true addiction.
I can't pick a favorite, I want them both.
Maybe I don't have to choose.
Pressed between two seductive men, lost in bliss, everything feels so amazing. Perfect.
Too bad I know it won't last.
I've figured out their plan. Death is waiting for me at the end of this.
Being brave used to be easy. I had nothing left to lose.
Why did they have to go and change that?

Author's Note: Cliffhanger ahead! Part 3 is coming soon. This romantic suspense story contains explicit, erotic scenes and themes of violence/mature situations that could make readers uncomfortable. It is NOT a Love Triangle!

4.5 Star Review by Jen Skewes

I devoured this book in one sitting.  I needed to know what happened between Marina, Jacob and Kite.  I needed to know if they found the man that they have been looking for and if so how would it play out.  But I also just wanted more of Jacob and Kite, the two very dangerous and very sexy men that have taken up space in my thoughts since finishing the first book.

For the Fight starts of exactly where we left off.  Marina has found out that when Jacob and Kite want the same thing they share that want, and yes that even means her.  She gets the both of them or neither of them.  Oh my what is a girl to do?  I mean honestly who would not want to these two men?  I know I would.  But there is more to just wanting the both of them.  There are questions and possibly consequences when you are shared between two men who claim to be blood brothers that have a very unbreakable pact.   While Marina wants both of these men she is still here for one reason.  And that reason is still revenge.  She also knows where her fate lies once she gets it.  But while she is here and waiting for that day to come, will she give in to both of them?

Aside from the sexual tension between these characters and the fact that Marina isn’t sure what being with both Jacob and Kite means for her there is also her main task at hand that is to be dealt with.  Getting the revenge she needs to be able to move on.  She came to Jacob and Kite for a reason and despite what is going on between the three of them the main focus is and should be finding the man that destroyed her family years ago.  Will Jacob and Kite find the man that she is looking for?  And if so what will they do with the info?  There are still so many risks, and consequences to consider.  And as the reader you find yourself on the edge of your seat because you are not sure how things will go.  Will they stick to their plan and help her out?  Will being with her in a sexual way ruin everything that they have built together? And most of all will it cause them to break their rules?  

While we do find out the answers to some of the questions we have there are still more to be answered. I loved that we get to see more of who Jacob and Kite are and more of what they are feeling when it comes to Marina.  There is so much depth to these two characters and I cannot wait to find out more of their background and what it really means to be “blood brothers”.   I am loving the suspense that we get with this story.    It’s like a game of waiting and guessing.  Trying to figure what will happen next.   Marina is still the strong woman that we met in the first book, but her reaction to both men is something that she cannot control.  She knows the danger behind it but cannot help the way she feels.  And as the reader I wonder what will happen. I know what I am hoping for.  Maybe just maybe Kite and Jacob will realize the depth of their feelings and save Marina.  But we will have to wait until the next installment to find out.

Once again Nora Flite has created characters that you just want more of.  She knows how to write a story that completely sucks you in and you never want it to end.    I loved the suspense, the drama and the scorching hot sex scene.  Jacob, Kite and Marina certainly burned up my Ipad.   I feel like I just babbled through this whole review but I honestly do not want to give too much away.  And it is so hard to describe how much I love this series and the feelings I get while reading it.  I could not read fast enough and when it was over I wanted more.  The best feeling when reading a book.  I cannot wait for the next installment to see where these 3 characters end up. 

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