Monday, December 29, 2014

Review: Ella and Micha Infinitely and Always

Secret Series Novella 

After five years of marriage, Ella couldn’t be happier. Her job is great. Her marriage is amazing. But when she receives some surprising news, her world is turned upside down. 

Micha loves being a musician, but being on the road, and away from Ella, is difficult. When the industry begins to put pressure on him to change his image, he makes a choice; one he fears is going to drastically change Ella’s and his future forever. That is until he learns Ella has a secret, one that makes his career choice seem hugely insignificant.

4 Star Review by Jennifer Skewes

Ella and Micha Infinitely and Always is a short novella that gives us a look into Ella and Micha’s happily ever after.  I am sure that I have mentioned once or twice how much I love this couple, so getting to see them five years after we last left them was just perfect.

Ella and Micha are just as happy and in love as they ever were.  Micha is on the road touring and Ella has a career that she loves.  But with any married couple they do face some struggles.  Mainly one of them being that Micha is always on the road and their time spent together is limited.  Oh and Ella gets some news and she is not sure how to handle it. 

As always Ella and Micha work through it.  It my not always be easy for them but they are always there for each other.  Micha knows Ella better than anyone and he knows how to work through her issues with her.  This was the perfect ending to this couples journey.  I also loved that we get to see Lila and Ethan's happily as well.

I love these characters.  Thank you to Jessica Sorensen for giving us just a little bit more of them. 

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