Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Review: Jacked by Tina Reber

We all have skeletons in our closets.

Doctor Erin Novak was only sixteen when she was accused of a crime she didn't commit. Since that moment, she has made it her life goal to pursue emergency medicine, pouring her heart and soul into assuring another innocent life isn’t lost to the hands of the wicked.

We all have secrets we've never shared.

Detective Adam Trent has lost control of everything, starting with losing his partner to a punk with a gun and then everything else to the crushing guilt. Now a member of the elite Auto Theft Task Force in Philadelphia, it's his job to be one step ahead of the criminals stealing expensive cars in the city. Too bad the television cameras keep getting in the way of his investigation.

We all have pasts that we can never escape.

A stolen car, a tragic chase, and a traffic stop crosses the fates of these two, tying them together in ways that are unimaginable. As their love and trust grows, so do the enemies that threaten their survival, testing the strength of their commitment. Can true love endure half-truths, past pains, and secrets never meant to be shared?

Some things are just out of our control.

Love Unscripted spin-off featuring Kyle Trent's older brother, Adam.

4 Wonderful Stars!
Review by Allison East
I am a HUGE fan of Tina Reber's Love series- so much so, I think I have read Love Unscripted at least four times. So to say I was excited for Jacked, is an understatement! I was so excited to dive into a new cast of characters!

This story is centered on two characters, Detective Adam Trent, the hero- and Doctor Erin Novak, the heroine. Early on Erin is struck with devastating news and on her way home after a long day, finds herself tangled up with Adam for a crazy ride. I really enjoyed both of these characters, and while I totally love Ryan and Taryn, these characters rate right up there! Both characters had some painful  secrets in their pasts, and I was hoping that each would be able to give themselves over to the love that lie dormant inside both of them.  

Adam- what can I say about this super swoony detective? He was so uber passionate about his career; he had no time for love. Then he met Erin. And he felt an instant pull. And of course there was some insta-love going on, but I totally looked past that. I've met people in my life that said they knew within seconds of meeting that "certain someone" that they knew they were going to be together forever. It doesn't happen all the time but it does happen. And in the case of Detective Trent and Dr. Novak- it rang true.
Adam wanted nothing more than to protect Erin; this is part of his alpha male personality. And it made him totally hot. Erin was such a fantastic heroine. I felt like I knew her. She had such compassion and a real zest for life. She was passionate in her career- just like Adam. But what Adam had in confidence- Erin lacked. She was her toughest critic. 
There is no lack of passion in this story! Talk about steamy moments! My kindle almost caught fire a couple of times. There were some scorchers, and I thoroughly enjoyed every one of them! This book is well developed and is a lengthy read, but it is well worth investing the reader's time and effort. 
If you are a fan of the Love series by Ms. Reber, you will enjoy this one as well. This is a great kick off to a new series. The next one is called, Amped, with Jason Trent for the hero. Looking forward to this one as well! 

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