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Blog Tour: Scavenge by Tiffany Aleman

Christmas is a time for family and friends. A time to be with those we love and cherish, the ones who make our heart beat. But when the love of your life is half way around the world, how do you let the spirit of the holidays lift you up and bring you cheer?

Kelsey and Riley spent more time apart than together early on in their relationship, but now he's away for a different reason. Riley’s absence while deployed is taking a toll on Kelsey. She finds herself crying more often than not and distancing herself from the people who are there for her the most.

Riley employs the help of some friends to make Kelsey's Christmas without him a special one. A series of notes and gifts remind her of the good times they have shared so far and the ones to come.

Is Kelsey strong enough to handle one of the happiest holidays separated from the man who completes her in every way?

Will Kelsey scavenge for the strength she needs to embrace the role of a military girlfriend or will she crack under the pressure from the distance?

Only she knows how much she can take….

4.5 Fantastic Stars!

Review by Lisa Kane 

Smoldering is one of my favorite books of 2014. Kelsey and Riley had such an intense, angst filled relationship in that book, but my heart was healed at the end. Riley was deployed to do another tour in Afghanistan and had returned just as the book concluded. Scavenge is about their first Christmas as a couple, while he is still deployed over seas.

Though their relationship is finally on rock solid ground, they are not physically together. Skyping and texts help, but they are no substitute for the real thing. Kelsey is having a tough time being apart, and the worrying for Riley's safety is almost more than she can bear at times. She has a supportive group that surround her with love-Jen, Candace, Dante, Riley's parents Lana and Ron, and even Lyle are there for her. If it were up to her though, she would probably never leave her bed the entire 8 months that remain for his deployment.

Riley seems to be having a hard time of it also. He has made the Army his career, but he tells Kelsey that she is his home and maybe this armed forces isn̢۪t his future.

"I don't know if I can do this anymore," he sighs. "The deployment, I mean. I used to live for this shit. 

My eyebrows dip in confusion as I lean back against the bar and give him my undivided attention. "What do you mean used to?" I ask. 
"Being in the Army has always been my dream. But here lately, my dream consists of you, with my ring on your finger, my babies growing inside of you, my future consisting of only you and the family we'll create. The rest," he waves his hand around his temporary home, "is a blur." 

But it's Christmas time and Riley has enlisted (pardon the military pun) Jen and Candace into making it a special one for Kelsey. Little notes, gifts and thoughtful messages appear out of thin air. They are sweet and make a difficult situation bearable.

Skyping may not replace being with someone in person but there are lots of naughty things you can do with the doors locked and a little privacy.

"God, I love the way you look right now."

"And how is that?" I ask, breathless from the image of him pleasuring himself to me. 
"On my white rug, with your dark hair fanned out beneath you. I love the way your body looks, wrapped in red lingerie, the shadows of the flames licking your skin. I want you to touch yourself, baby. Imagine your hands are mine. Remember how they touched your soft, delicate skin, Envision your fingertips are my lips, kissing along the slope of your neck, trailing hot, wet kisses along your collarbone, and down your chest."

These two have such love for each other and are determined to let go of the destructive things that happened during their 3 months they broke up. Kelsey pushes down her memories from that time.

His eyes are just as bloodshot as mine. The scent of whiskey seeps out of his pores. The evidence of lipstick runs down his neck, across his jaw and on his lips. 

Many people wouldn't be able to move past the physical substitutes they used to try to forget the other, but we, the reader, know these two will make it. They are so into each other and are so sorry for what happened. The holidays just make them yearn for the time they will be reunited. Being away from Riley makes Kelcie that much surer of what she does want for her future.

"I want to marry you. When you get home, I want to work on creating a family with you. I want us to grow old together," I rush out, needing him to hear what I have to say in case he never gets the chance. 

At the very end Riley has one final gift for Kelcie. The ultimate gift and his odd request to her regarding that gift is so sweet it made my eyes wet. There just may be a little more of this couple in our future-personally, I can't get enough!  

Tiffany Bio:
Hey everyone! I'm the author of the International Bestseller, Smoldering. I'm a mom of 2 great kids and I'm married to my best friend. I live in the deep south and wouldn't have it any other way. Originally, I hail from Austin, Texas. 
I've been writing ever since I was kid but I decided to put my passion to use in May of 2013. Smoldering is my solo debut. It's a book that took up residence in my mind and wouldn't leave me alone until I finally decided to write it.
When I'm not writing I can be found on the beach with my family and friends or out in the woods getting dirty in some Georgia clay on a four-wheeler.

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