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Review: With a Twist by Sawyer Bennett

Wyatt Banks is ready to give one woman the world. Unfortunately, his job as a cop tends to interfere with other goals. When Wyatt is sent deep undercover to investigate a sex slave ring, he doesn’t have time to do anything but focus on staying alive in a dark and dangerous underworld.

Wyatt isn’t alone though in his quest to save the women that are being sold into sexual slavery. 

His partner, FBI Agent Andrea Somerville, is immersed just as deeply as he is, and she’s the bait to lure the sex slavers out into the open, as she poses as an erotic dancer in an attempt to snare the enemy. But danger runs as high as the sparks between them, and now Wyatt is caught between the job he loves and the woman he wants.

4 Star Review by Jen Skewes

With a Twist is the fourth installment in the Last Call Series.  This is Wyatt's story who is best friends with Hunter, whom we first met in On the Rocks.  Wyatt is surrounded by love.  The love that his three best friends have found with their woman.  The time has come where Wyatt wants what they have. He sees the way they look at each other, sees how happy they all are and he wants that for himself.  But unfortunately for Wyatt now is not the right time.

Wyatt is a police office in NC and is being sent on an undercover mission, working at a strip club.  There is more going on behind closed doors at this club ad it is Wyatt's job to uncover it all.  Wyatt has to take on a whole new identity, a shady one at that, so falling in love is not in the cards right now.  He seems to be in well with the owner of the club, but being "in" means being a sleazy manager of a strip club. But it will all be worth it in the end when he takes them down.  Wyatt has found out that the will be getting some help in his mission.  

Andrea is an FBI agent in Pittsburgh.  She has dreams of following in her father's footsteps and furthering her career.  Her fiancee just recently broke up with her and her brother while close with him doesn't live near her.  She is called in by her boss who tells her that she is going on an undercover mission as a stripper.  She is more than ready to jump into the role and get the job done.

Andrea and Wyatt are partners.  Wyatt has every intention 0f protecting Andrea no matter what.  But they also have a job to do and will have to play the roles very well and be very convincing to the others around them.  They cannot blow their cover which means when certain situations present themselves ,they must go along with it.  they are being tested to see how trustworthy they really are.  and since these tests come from the people that they need to trust them they have no choice.  Something happens between Wyatt and Andrea while undercover that they cannot explain.  But once the mission is over and they both go their separate ways, they find themselves thinking about each other.  Should they call the other and see where it takes them?  Who will make the first move?

I loved Wyatt and Andrea together.   I loved the mission that they were both on and it brought a little suspense to the book.  I honestly thought that it would have went a little further than it did and the story itself revolved more around them being undercover but otherwise I really enjoyed this book.  Wyatt and Andrea were good together.  They both felt something for each other but a long distance relationship was something that they both feared would get in the way.  Andrea was one strong woman.  To be honest playing the role that she did undercover proved to me how strong she was.  To be in that environment and perform while your partner is in the same room would have been very difficult for some people.  But Andrea had a job to do and her determination to get the job done is what motivated her.  Wyatt was such a great guy who I loved.  He was protective of Andrea, he is sexy and sweet.  He wanted what his friends had and meeting Andrea proved how much he really wanted it.  I loved that we got to see all of the other couples from the first three books and loved how easily Andrea blended in with their little family. Their circle of friends is one that you feel like you are a part of.  They are the closest of friends and want what's best for each other.  They are the perfect group of friends.  I love this series and am hoping that Casey gets her story too.  

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