Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Review: Contractual by Alice Tribue

They told me I’d be an escort; they made it sound so easy.

Really I’m just a high priced call girl.

Desperation brought me to this and it led me to him, my one and only client.

Hating him is easy, he reminds me of my shame.

Wanting him is wrong it fills me with guilt.

Loving him is a losing battle yet it’s become everything.

A gift and a curse, he consumes my every thought and I’d rather play my part in his bed than to spend one day without him.

4.5 Fantastic Stars

Review by Natasha Gentile 

They told me I’d be an escort; they made it sound so easy.
Really I’m just a high priced call girl.

With those two sentences you are sucked in, and don’t lie and shake your head no, you know that you are intrigued…

Meet Jackson, 35-year-old big time CEO, hard-nosed professional, commanding, condescending, hot and sometimes the biggest ass that you might ever meet.  You see this man doesn’t have time to date, he also doesn’t want any commitments or feelings, those would make him weak. 

I’m only human, just a man, and in order to perform my duties, to run an empire and keep the kind of schedule that I keep, I need to relieve the stress that is constantly mounting, the pressure that threatens my sanity day after day.  The only way I can do that is by f*cking my way through it.  The release I need, the only thing that works.  That might make me an asshole, might even make me a bastard, but I don’t care.  It’s not my concern what they think of me after I’ve finished with them.  I never lie, and I never make promises that I can’t keep.

Ok maybe I didn’t describe him that way, I was being nice.  You read that and you're thinking - this guy, he’s a real piece of work.  He totally is, and there are many times in this book that I wanted to reach into it and literally throttle him or kick him in the balls.  Which I thought about doing, but let's face it, he’s hot and knows how to use it. He's about to get his world rocked!

Meet Sage, a girl from Indiana that moved to New York to…wait for it..not to become a model or actress…she moved for love..  Right off the bat you're thinking there is no way these two will ever even connect.   I mean she moved away from home for love and he, well he just doesn’t believe in love.  This should be interesting.

Sage moves to New York with her boyfriend, a boyfriend who thinks it’s a good idea to sleep with the neighbor.  A word to wise, it’s never ok.  Sage does what any normal woman would do; she kicks his ass to the curb.  Which leaves her in a pickle, it’s really expensive to live in New York and no matter what she does she can’t seem to keep up with all her bills.  She is two days away from being evicted, so she turns to the one thing she thought she would never do.

“You hire prostitutes?”  I ask flatly.  Of course, I would answer an ad for prostitution.  That fits perfectly with my brand of bad luck.
“No. No. We hire escorts, Sage.  Escorts who service a very elite clientele.  We are very particular about who we will work with.  Our clients are the crème de la crème, as our employees.”

I mean it’s not like she is a virgin, it's just sex.  Who the hell am I kidding, there is no way in hell I would be able to do that.  I mean call me old fashioned, but you should have a connection.  The good news is that it’s one guy at a time.  What do you mean, you ask.  If you accept the job, you are allowed to date only one guy at a time, there is no double dipping at the escort center. 

Are they really that far gone that I would consider selling my body to a complete stranger?  But it’s a pay check-a constant steady paycheck that I can rely on every single week.  There are no other options; this is the only one.  Going back home would be worse than this.

So it’s a done deal, contracts are signed, a date is made.  Is it really a date, when you know that it’s just sex?  I don’t think so, but I’m trying to be the hopeless romantic.   She is ready for this and Jackson, he just wants a wham bam thank you ma’am.  Except the moment he sets eyes on her, he’s not sure what to do.  He knows that this is her first time, not knows knows, but she’s shaking and about to break down in sobs.  This is not what he had in mind, and Sage she just wants to get this over with so she can get her paycheck, but little did she know that the guy she was meeting would make her mouth water.

I’d like to say that I didn’t look, but the truth is that I do.  I take in every inch of his naked body and it’s better-So. Much. Better.-than what I could ever even attempt to imagine.  He’s tall and muscular, but not in a bulky way, in the kind of way that lets you he takes care of himself.  His abs are cut, extremely well defined, and if I were his girlfriend, I would love to run my hands along them.  He knows he’s beautiful and that make it so much worse because just looking at him makes me feel completely inferior.

So here they are going on ‘dates’ and just when she starts to think it could be more, he knocks her down, each and every time.  He never knows when to take the high road and always lets her know that she is his paid date. 

I don’t know if I’m angrier at the fact that he actually thought he needed to teach me a fucking lesson, or the fact that he felt like he had to humiliate me in order to do it.  Either way, tonight Jackson treated me like exactly what I am.  He’s once again reminded me of my place in his world, reminded me of the fact that he’ll never see me as more than just a prostitute, and that this is…I’m not so sure I’d want him to see me as anything more now.

Hating him is easy after that; the thing is that loving him is even harder.  Jackson didn’t sign up for this feelings bullshit, he doesn’t want them, doesn’t need them, except he can’t stop it.  Everytime he knocks her down, he feels the pain from her look, and he feels his heart break for putting the pain in her eyes. 

He really is perfect, once you break down the asshole part, that is.  He’s obviously smart, successful, and beautiful.  He f#*ks like a god, and at times, he’s even funny.  What more could anyone ask for?  Jackson Stone is the whole package.  His only problem is that it seems he doesn’t want to be anyone’s Mr. Perfect.

So will he finally give in and be her Mr. Perfect or is he okay with cancelling the contract and having her be someone else’s.  What you should know is that Mr. Jackson Stone doesn’t like to share his toys, and that includes Sage.

Added bonus-this is a stand alone. 


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