Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Review: Here's to Tomorrow by Teagan Hunter

Rae Kamden has no idea what she wants to do in life. She thinks leaving her small town is the way to go, but after running into car trouble (and the sexiest man she's ever seen), she begins rethinking everything she thought she wanted out of life.

Hudson Tamell isn't your typical twenty-four year old. The last seven years haven't been a cake walk. But after finally getting his life just where he wants it, he meets Rae and her impossibly unfiltered mouth. She's like no one he's ever met before, totally throwing him off that carefully paved road. But can she handle his life and all the baggage that comes along with it?

Now the girl who doesn't really fit into his world is the one person he wants in it...no matter what demons she has.

This book will be part of a series but CAN be read as a stand-alone. Each book will follow a different couple. Recommended for 18+ audience for explicit language and sexual situations.

This book is a very sweet read with ordinary, everyday people as the lead characters. Because sometimes love can be that easy.

4 Sweet and Sassy Stars!
Review by Natasha Gentile
“Shouldn’t you at least buy me dinner before you screw me?” 

When a book starts with a sassy comment like this I just know that this is my kind of heroine.   

Meet Rae Kamden, she has no idea what she wants to do.  She just knows that she needs to move to the city of Boston.  I mean she wants the hustle and bustle of the big town, so she does what she thinks is going to get her there.  She’s a waitress, which is weird since she graduated with a degree in marketing, but I guess this will help get her to the city.  What she wasn’t expecting was Hudson Tamell to come into her life.  

He looks up at me and our eyes collide for more than half a second for the first time.  And holy hell was this worth the wait.

They’re beautiful.  Swirls of dark and light green with just a smidge of blue.  The colors blend perfectly together, like the ocean on a stormy day. 

Hudson is a 24 year old mechanic.  He has everything that he needs right now.  He has a plan on how to better himself and all his ducks are lined up.  He doesn’t have time to fall in love, or lust.  The last thing he planned for is this beautiful creature to end up in his garage station with a busted car.  But one look is all it took, oh and her sassy mouth didn't hurt either! 

I can’t seem to look away, though.  I’ve already tried a few times. 

She’s beautiful.

Not the in-your face, runway beautiful, but a subtle kind of beautiful.

The best kind of beautiful.

The real reason I can’t look away?

Not only does it look kissable, it’s…weird. The best kind of weird.

I swear if my car ever needs servicing I’m going straight to him...  So imagine their surprise when they are both escorting their best friends on a date.  This blind date just got better. 

“Sorry about that.” I freeze as my date sits down next to me.  “I went to the bathroom and got a phone call I couldn’t miss.”

I know that voice.  It’s a voice that’s been haunting me for the last three weeks.  A voice that I honestly can’t get enough of.  A voice I’ve been dying to hear again.  A voice that makes me want to love blind dates.

I suddenly don’t want to go anywhere.  In fact, I kind of want to stay here forever.

I turn toward my “mystery” man.  “Hudson.  Good to see you again.”

So now that they have both been out together, and have thoroughly enjoyed themselves they decide to date.  I mean it’s simple right?  Except they both have secrets, secrets that they have no idea how will affect the other or how they will react.  One thing is for sure is that there is always a tomorrow, but will they both be there standing?

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