Friday, February 27, 2015

Review: A Love Called Simon by Sandi Lynn

No more men.
No more rich men.

That was what I vowed when I left New York and moved to Seattle until I met Simon Young, CEO of Young International, one of the largest luxury hotel chains in the world. He desired me and I let him. I was fully aware of his love for women and his hatred for relationships but I decided to play his game. I had a void that needed to be fulfilled and Simon Young was the man who could do it. Entering into a physical relationship only was the plan. No strings and no emotions allowed. But plans are made to be changed and rules are meant to be broken. We grew closer and I was falling in love, but Simon had a secret. A secret that would destroy everything. He was about to lose me and I was willing to walk away.

4 Steamy Stars

Review by Lisa Kane 

Gabby has been with the same rich loser boyfriend for 6 years, Brendon Sommers. On a plane ride home from Vegas (where he virtually ignored her to party with his friends) he refuses to help her with her suitcase in the overhead compartment. 

"It's your shit. Not mine. You were the one who did all the shopping, so deal with it."
"You're an ass."
"And you're a bitch." 

But across the aisle is a gorgeous gentleman who doesn't hesitate to help her. Gabby can't help but give him covert glances; he is not only beautiful but made such an impression on her. When the flight is over, he makes sure to let her pass in front of him in the aisle, but cuts off Brendon. 

Gabby's troubles are just starting. She ends up getting laid off from her marketing job and her douche bag boyfriend gives her quite the shock. She makes up her mind to leave and go to Seattle where her best friend, Giana lives.

Giana is thrilled to have her stay, she was not a fan of Brendon's. But she has her own hands full; she's been seeing a married guy, Donovan, but is convinced he's going to leave his wife. Giana drags Gabby to a charity event and low and behold, the gorgeous airplane man is there. But he's not alone. Gabby has had enough of rich men thinking they can play women for fools, so when he tries to make conversation with her, she cuts him off. 

"I would like to know your name?" he asked in that sexy voice that I had longed to hear again. 
"It's none of your business." 

A job opportunity comes her way at Young International. She's shocked during her interview when the same mysterious man turns out to be the CEO of the company and finishes interviewing her. He is charming, and sexy and quite the flirt. He hires her on the spot.

Simon Young is dynamic, filthy rich and a player. He has a reputation for having women all over the world but it's a known fact he has no intentions of settling down. Gabby knows this, but can't help but fall under his spell.

He mesmerizes her with expensive dinners, a luxury car, a beautiful office, a high powered job and most of all his body. He makes no secret of the fact that he wants her in his bed. Gabby falls in a big way.

There is certainly the insta love element in this story, but if you keep in mind this is a fantasy about a multi millionaire ruthlessly pursuing a beautiful but scarred woman, the storyline works. Besides oodles of steamy sex, (with a little kink thrown in!) there is a secondary story for Giana and Donovan and their relationship. Throw in some stomach plummeting drama, secrets both Gabby and Simon are withholding and you will be furiously turning the pages.

Gabby frustrated me a few times in this book; she lets her insecurities and abandonment issues sway her relationship with Simon on more than one occasion. He is an Alpha to the max and must learn to compromise or he will lose her.

This is a slightly angsty story about second chances, real love and soul mates.  

"You fill the void that's been inside me all these years." 

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