Monday, March 16, 2015

Review: Indisputable by A.M. Wilson

Eighteen year old Tatum Krause wants nothing more than to finish her senior year without any more drama. After the near overdose of her drug abusing mother the previous year, she moved out in the hopes of making something better for herself. However, the week before her final year, she ends up needing the help of a sexy stranger who’s about to flip her world on its axis.

Jacoby Ryan only wants one thing: to forget his past. The last two years have been filled with empty feelings and women in an attempt to stem the heartache and guilt. He’s ghosted blindly through the motions until late one night, he finds a car stalled on the side of an empty highway where he meets a beautiful girl with a haunted look in her eyes.

She has a secret, but so does he. Despite their magnetic pull, the two come to the shocking revelation their relationship isn’t so black and white. Is it possible to fight a bone-deep attraction when the entire universe is telling you it’s wrong?

4.5 Star Review by Jen Skewes

I loved this book.  When A.M. Wilson asked us to review this book the blurb intrigued me but I don’t think I really knew the emotions that this book would bring out in me.  I felt it all, the sadness, the hurt, the pain, the guilt but also the happiness and the love.  Indisputable is a story about a forbidden love between two broken people finding each other and healing in the process.  This is A.M. Wilson's debut novel and she did an amazing job. 

Tatum is just an 18 year old girl but she has experienced more hurt in those 18 years than most.  She had a mother who loved drugs and men more than her.   She has had a horrible childhood and about a year ago she was basically left to take care of herself.  Because of all this Tatum has had to grow up quickly.  She is not a normal 18 year old girl.  She works full time while also attending high school so that one day she can get out of this small town and be something.  She’s on her own, and never really knew what it felt to love someone or be loved, or what it feels like for someone to take care of her.  Until Jacoby Ryan came along.

Jacoby is in his own world of hurt.  He came to this town two years ago to escape his own past and the guilt that goes along with it.  He meets Tatum on the side of the road one night when her car breaks down. They spend some time together that night and there seems to be this instant chemistry.  But when the night ends Tatum is quick to run away leaving Jacoby to wonder what happened and if he will ever see her again.  They eventually meet again but due to the circumstances of that meeting any chance of them being together is gone because Tatum has just become completely off limits to Jacoby. 

No matter how wrong it is to think about Tatum he cannot help himself.  She is different than the girl he met that night but he also sees that she has walls up and wants to know why.  As time goes on they begin to spend more time together and start falling for each other.  They are both so broken inside ad have bother coped with their pain in different ways.  But as they start to open up to each other they start to form a bond.   Add to that bond the physical attraction and neither one of them can help themselves.  But being together can cost them both so much ad they have to decide if their relationship and feelings for each other is worth the risk.

Tatum and Jacoby went through so many struggles, both individually and as a couple.  It certainly was not an easy ride for them.  But when they were together it just felt right, no matter how wrong it was.  They helped each other heal and to live again. Being with Jacoby felt safe for Tatum.  I loved these two so much.  My heart broke for the both of them and what they went through but Tatum, that poor girl.  She has been through so much already and to have to do it all on her own would break most people.  She was strong and determined and I admired her so much and understood her fears.  Jacoby (sigh), what can I say about this amazing, sweet, caring man.  There was just something about Tatum that drew him in and he he just wanted to help her.  He wanted to be there for her, to protect her and keep her safe and just take care of her.  He was everything that Tatum needed.  And when he called her sweetheart I completely melted EVERY single time. 

This book brought out so many emotions in me.  There are some tough topics in this book that are dealt with but the author did an amazing job with touching upon those issues.  I cannot even explain my feelings while reading this book.  When you read a book and feel every emotion that the characters feel, whether it be hurt, heartache, happiness or pain it has everything to do with the words on the page and how they are written.  And Ms. Wilson wrote this book in a way where I constantly felt it.  There are happy moments where I just smiled and my heart melted.  There are moments where I got choked up and felt the hurt of these characters.  And I also felt the love between them.  Even when Jacoby would become frustrated with Tatum you just felt how much he cared for her and the impact that she had on him.  So when I say I felt emotions, yes I meant I felt it ALL!!!. 

Tatum and Jacoby’s story is a beautiful one.  They found each other at a time in their life when they needed it the most.  They learned to heal and live again and they did together.  And I have to point out that there is one supporting character in this book that I really hope gets his own story.  Trey is Jacoby's best friend and I loved him.  He deserves his own happily ever after and hope he gets it.

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