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Blog Tour: Taking the Fall by W. Ferraro


TakingTheFallCoverHunter Dennison has been an overachiever in all aspects of his life. He knows what he wants and goes after it, and he intends to follow suit in his love life with the young and beautiful Molly. His patience is at its last resolve as he waits for her to come of age, but finally the time has arrived, and he prepares to tell Molly how he feels. What he doesn’t know is that someone else has set their own selfish agenda into motion, wreaking havoc on Hunter’s intentions and his confidence in Molly’s character. Believing the vicious lies, Hunter veers off his planned path. He finds solace and comfort in another’s arms, never realizing that he leaves in his wake a devastated Molly. However, fate cannot be fooled. Now, twenty years later, they both have settled into their own lives in Clearwater Falls. Hunter intends to rectify the past by letting Molly know that she is the one he wants now, just as he had wanted then. Can passion all these years in the making overcome the weight of regret that they both carry? Or will the price of their previous mistakes leave an insurmountable divide in their chance at forever?
WARNING: Recommended for adult readers (18+) only. Mature themes, strong language, and sexual content.

4.5 Star Review by Jen Skewes

Taking the Fall is the second book in the Dennison Family series.  I have been a fan of Ms. Ferraro's since reading the Hamden Series, which is her first series.  I fell in love with her writing and the characters she creates.  In reading that series she gave me Jarod, my fave book boyfriend of Wendy’s.  But I must say that Hunter Dennison is a vey close second to Jarod.  This is the story of Hunter and Molly and how they have a second chance at love.

Hunter and Molly have had crushes on each other since they were younger.  For Molly all she could think about was Hunter.  She was in love with him at the age of fifteen, or at least what she knew love to be.  She hoped that one day her dreams of being with Hunter Dennison would come true and that his feelings for her would be just as strong as hers were for him.  Little did Molly know that Hunter loved her from afar.  He always made sure he was in the right place at the right time when it came to Molly.  He was 18 and she was fifteen but even at that young age she still held his heart.  When she reached the age of eighteen he had every intention of revealing his true feelings to her in hopes that she would feel the same and that they would have a future together.  But when that moment came for Hunter it was taken away in a split second.  Someone got in the way of any chance that these two had to be together.  When that moment happened I wanted to slap Hunter and yell at him to pay attention and to put his anger aside for one moment, because if he did he would have realized the truth.  He never did get the chance to tell Molly the truth and as he walked away that day he left behind a girl with a broken heart, one that probably matched his own. 

It’s been twenty years since that moment.  Hunter has moved back home recently and every time he sees her, those old feelings come back.  In the past twenty years the anger and the pain has never left his side.  But as much as he wants to hate her he can’t. Because even though it’s been 20 years and so much has happened in those years, there is one thing that has remained the same,  and that is his love for Molly Jensen.

Molly was in an unhappy marriage for so long.  She has two beautiful daughters that she loves.  She didn’t love her husband the way that he deserved to be loved and I think that had everything to do with Hunter Dennison.  She tried so hard to escape her feelings for the man that she has loved for so long.  But she couldn’t, because even twenty years later just seeing that man does things to her.  But the friendship that they once had has been strained and Molly is trying to understand why.  They both want each other, they both still have feelings for each other.  Will Hunter let a misunderstanding from when they were young get in the way of his second chance with Molly?

There was jus something about Hunter Dennison that I loved.  Now when he made an irrational decision when he was younger I wanted to slap him for it.  But he more than made up for it because he proved over and over again how much he loved Molly.  And you see how much pain and hurt he carried around because he did not have her in his life.  He was sweet, sexy, caring, and totally swoon worthy.  And the relationship with his daughter and the terms of endearment he uses for Molly and his daughter Leah will just melt you. 

Molly was dealt an unfortunate hand in the sense that she loved a man for so long and I think at one time thought maybe he felt the same way.  Only to find out that he didn’t, leaving her with a broken heart.  She spent years married to a man she didn’t love and still pined for a man who didn’t want her.  Or so she thought.  And even now that she has Hunter back in her life she is still afraid of moving too quickly. And I for one cannot blame her. 

Taking the Fall definitely has some drama and a few moments where my stomach got those knots that we all hate but at the same time love because it just means that you are feeling it all.   I loved Hunter despite the stupid mistake that he made years ago.  But if there is one person that I despised it was the one person who got in the way of Hunter and Molly’s love.  And that was Allison.  I honestly did not like that girl and hated the role she still played in Hunter’s life but I understand why it all occurred the way it did.   I waited for the moment when the truth would finally come out.   Because when it did I wasn’t sure where they would go from there.  I was glad that it was resolved early on in their relationship but I honestly thought that Molly’s reaction would have been a bit different.  I wanted her to be mad and maybe it’s because I was mad for her.  I felt how much she loved Hunter and being in her shoes and losing the man you loved to someone else and for the reasons that it happened just killed me.  But that's what I loved about this book, the feelings.  I felt it all for these characters.  The anger, frustration, the hurt and the pain but I also felt their love and how deep it really was.  

Things happened for a reason and in the end Molly and Hunter were given their chance at love.  If any two people deserved it, it was certainly these two.  I loved their connection and how much they loved each other.  The fact that their love was still so deep even after all of these years just proves how much they belong together. In the end a few people manned to surprise me and let's talk about the epilogue.  Oh My God, I loved it. I had tears in my eyes, happy ones of course.  It was just so sweet and amazing.  Another fantastic job by Ms. Ferraro.  I cannot wait to see which Dennison is next!

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