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Release Day Launch: Set in Stone by Rachel Robinson

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Holy crow! We are so excited to bring you the Release Day launch for Rachel Robinson's SET IN STONE! SET IN STONE is a Contemporary Romance and a companion novel to Rachel’s bestselling novel CRAZY GOOD. Warning! This book has some hot passages within. Check out the steamy excerpt below, enter to win, then grab your copy of SET IN STONE!


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Set in Stone -CoverSET IN STONE Synopsis: There is something all too vague about second chances. What happens when your utterly perfect first chance never really ends? What if it’s stolen? Bull-nosed attorney Morganna Sterns knows what she wants. Self assured, powerful, and independent, she finds herself struggling to find balance between honoring what has been stolen, and deciding if her second chance is going to end just as tragically. Steven Warner is a Navy SEAL with nothing to lose. His overt humor and charm paired with his lethal skill set make him a perfect catch--for the right type of woman. His world is littered with relationships, but only one stands the test of time. Competing with a ghost is hard. Especially when that ghost is a teammate: his brother at arms. It’s not, “it is what it is.” It’s what you make it. What you, and only you decide it should be. Navy SEALs never make the same mistake twice. Will Morganna?  

5 Star Review by Natasha Gentile

This has to be the most anticipated book ever.  When I first started Crazy Good I fell in love with the
“take no prisoners, in your face Morganna.”  I loved everything about her.  She was what I wanted to be when I grew up.  She seemed to have it all till tragedy struck and she became a widow.

Well we have begged for this book.  We, and I say we, but really I have stalked this author to find out if she would give Morganna the story she deserved and well, not only did she give us a story she made me fall in love once more.

Perfection can’t last forever, though.  It’s Murphy’s Law, it’s the way of the universe.  It’s one of those things I just know.

Meet Morganna, top divorce lawyer.   She takes crap from no one.  Self assured, powerful, and independent. She was married to her soul mate.  He was a navy SEAL.  He was her life.  He was her heart.  How does one continue without their heart?

I lean my head back against the seat and watch the huge trees fly by only interrupted by flashes of the pool blue sky.  I think this might be one of the most peaceful moments of our relationship—just existing outside of everything else.  He’s magnetic.  The positive to my negative.

So Stone was stolen from her life all to soon.  Now she has to survive, or has to learn how to survive.  She is trying to do the best she can.  Thankfully she has her best friend Steven Warner.

Steve is a Navy SEAL, with nothing to lose.  He is a there no matter what. What happens when your utterly perfect, first chance never really ends? What if it’s stolen?

He guards his heart and throws out humor to shield himself. He is the perfect catch.

You have to be down with the quickness to be a Navy SEAL, but I’ve been quick my whole life.

Morganna and Steven have had a friendship since high school. He was always her “go to person.”  He was the reason she met Stone.  Now she isn’t sure that she even wants to have a friendship with him.  The memories and the pain are too much for her.

"When my husband Stone passed away, Steven was a bittersweet reminder of everything.  Good memories and tragic, depressing memories always sneak in when I spend a lot of time with Steven.  Eventually, I decided that it’s worth it to have his friendship and his humor included in my life."

So she lets him be her friend.  It’s the only thing he knows.  He is there for her, whenever she needs it whether it is to change a light bulb or sit down and talk.  The little thing is that Steven is in love with her, he has been since high school.  She has always been his heart. Now all he has to do is make her see that he was always in her heart too, she just wasn’t ready for him.

"Why am I looking at him this way now?  Literally after years of placing him in the friend zone.  Maybe I’ve denied myself the privilege before.  Maybe I shouldn’t, but I can’t stop.  The realization hits—I don’t want to stop.  The truth creeps out and penetrates the air around me.  My heart pounds in response, blood whooshing in my ears."

The thing is Morganna; she fights him all the way to the finish line.  She wants to date the total opposite of everything that he is. Until Steve pushes her, pushes her to accept him.  Pushes her to admit he is the one.  Pushes her to see that she needs him.

If you love something, don’t set it free.  Hold on to it tightly.  Never let it go. So they decide that this thing between them is going to happen.  But what starts out as friendship just might turn into love.  The only problem is how do you compete with a ghost?  You can’t, you just hope and pray that although he is in her heart, that she has room for you also. It doesn’t matter what is set in stone, it doesn’t matter as long as there is room to add on that stone!

It’s not, “it is what it is.” It’s what you make it. What you, and only you decide it should be. Navy SEALs never make the same mistake twice.
I am so happy that Morganna’s story is out.  I am so happy that we got to know the hard nose lawyer and all her layers. I loved the whole thing and can’t wait for more!


*Due to sexual content and graphic language this book is intended for readers 18+* 

With her rapt, I say, “Sex is primal. Its mouths, hands, sweat, and skin. It’s uncontrollable reactions. It’s tongues, asses, delicious wetness, unbearable connection…it’s absolute and irrefutable fire.” She wets her lips. Shaking my head I say, “You don’t plan sex. Not you. Definitely not me.” I let my hand fall away, stroking her neck before I pull away. She leans into my hand, craving connection. Ignoring my advance, she says, “Why are you doing this now?” Her normally clear voice falters. “It’s not fair. I of all people know fair when I see it. You…” She waves her hand at my body and face and then perches it on her hip. “Are not fair. You’re not playing by the rules. You come at me with your sex appeal wafting like a Yankee candle and confuse me to no end. I don’t get confused, Steven. You are my friend. Friend.” Her accent punctuates every word she speaks. I motion to her body, mirroring her. “I have no need to play by the rules anymore. I did for far too long. There is nothing confusing about what I’m proposing. I’m only wafting the vibes because it’s you.” I smile. Morganna throws her hands up in the air, defeated. “Great. Now you’re proposing things. I need to get out of here. I need some air, I need to breathe. I’ll return a few phone calls.” I see her eyes darting for the exit. I’m losing my grasp. “Only sex,” I growl. “What?” Her head whips to face me, her black hair swinging around one shoulder. “I get it, M. Stone. I get it. We’re similar and you’re trying to push me away because of it. It’s best to stick with the brand of crazy you’re accustomed to. If you weren’t so busy repelling that notion, you’d understand how perfect we’d be together. But if you can’t then please, at the very least, have insanely, amazing sex with me. Don’t have sex with that guy just because you planned to--because you think it will be different. I broke up with Chloe and Sasha as a peace offering…as a way to show you that I want to give us a legitimate try. As fucked up as that would sound to a stranger, I know you get it. You’ll be the only one. I swear. How long have you known me? You know I’m serious.” I thump my fist over my heart. “No one has to know about what we do except you and I and whatever surface we mutually decide we want to fuck on.”  

Don't miss CRAZY GOOD, the book that started it all...

  Crazy Good

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About CRAZY GOOD: Before there were bikers, or fighters, or even good old-fashioned jerks, there were Navy SEALs. They put the bad in badass because, well…it’s their job. Navy SEAL Maverick Hart has everything. Women want him. Grown men idolize him. Little boys want to grow up and be like him. The job, the glory—it’s all his. Not because it’s handed to him…because he works hard for it. The second his sights lock on something, he owns it—or destroys it. Unfortunately he does both at the same time. Windsor Forbes only takes calculated risks in her profession and in her personal life. After being left at the altar by the only person she’s ever loved, the very last thing she’s looking for is a relationship—especially the insane brand an arrogant Navy SEAL is offering. Hesitant, yet trusting to a fault, she gives in. She knew she shouldn’t take the chance, especially a second time, but love is irrational and their love is perfect, infallible. Or so she thought… The downfall to having everything is you have that much more to lose. A man like Maverick can’t have it all without something slipping out of grasp. Crazy people perish for love. Good people live for it. Love doesn’t die. No matter how many bullets you put in it. *Due to sexual content and graphic language this book is intended for readers 18+*  

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About Rachel Robinson: Rachel Robinson grew up in a small, quiet town full of loud talkers. Her words were always only loud on paper. She has been writing stories and creating characters for as long as she can remember. After living on the west coast for many years she recently moved to Virginia Beach, VA. Crazy Good, her contemporary romance novel, is an International Amazon bestseller.            

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