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Blog Tour: Get Even by Amanda Heath

Title: Get Even
Author: Amanda Heath
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 30, 2015

He broke my heart.

She died.

He used me.

She made my world go round.

He tore me apart, put me back together and tore me up again.

She was the only person who truly loved me.

My mental state is…questionable. My life is in ruins. My heart is ripped to shreds and it’ll probably never be put back together again. 

My twin sister, Sarah, passed away a few days ago. She was the sun in my sky, the grass between my toes and the light to my dark. I miss her so much. I don’t know if I can go on without her.

My ex-boyfriend, Tate, has come back into town for the funeral. I feel rage. I feel despair. I have violent urges. I have this need for revenge where he’s concerned.

My brother-in-law, Max, is acting…strange. I think he’s hiding something, something I don’t want to find out. He might be the glue though, the glue I need to hold me together.

My name is Farah and I want to get even for every single lie I’ve been told. I want to get even for all the things people have hid from me. Mostly, I want to get even for this black hole my heart has been turned into.

4.5 Star Review by Jennifer Hagen

I had to cool  my jets before I even began to think about writing a review for this book.  Upon completion of the book I was in quite a conundrum --the problem I had when I finished this book was not that it wasn’t good, it was simply I HATE TATE.  After the hundreds of books that I have read, I have met a character that I despise beyond all comprehension. There was no way I could write a review doing this writing the justice it deserved until after I had calmed down.  You know an author has excelled with writing when you can continue to think about a character days after you have closed the book.  
Farah is 26 years old and just faced with the devastating loss of her twin sister, Sarah.  Sarah left behind a young son and a husband, Max.  Max first met Farah 6 years ago and was instantly attracted to her.  Unfortunately, his uncharacteristic one-liner didn’t earn him a chance.    All it seemed to do was open a door for his half brother, Tate.  Fate had other plans for everybody that evening that would alter the lives of these 4 people – some good and some bad.   

Farah is the black sheep of the family, never seeming to earn any praise from her mother and her father makes no effort to stand up for Farah.  Farah had some trouble in her younger years with alcohol and drugs, but at the present time does not rely upon them.  Tate and Farah share a common bond in their past and this draws them closer together and offers both of them a chance at healing and to break down their walls.

Life before Tate was a sad, sorry excuse for living.  After I met Tate, things started to make all kinds of sense. 

Tate and Farah begin a relationship that hits a bump in the road early on and for whatever reason, Farah decides to forgive him and they move in together.   I hate Tate…what he did following this is inexcusable  and is the bane of Farah’s continued anger and well-deserved unforgiveness towards Tate.  It’s been five years since Farah last saw Tate and now with the death of her sister, she is forced to see him as he returns home to comfort his brother.  She warned him not to come here because she would make him regret it.  He really shouldn’t have taken her threats lightly; in fact, this proves that everybody underestimated how much Farah was holding in from the years of pain and hurt from people that supposedly loved her.

I’m so angry with him.  So f*cking angry.  I want him to suffer because I’m suffering with all the shit I’ve put up with.  “I hate you, Tate.  I f*cking hate you so much!”  (You tell him Farah because I feel the exact same way!)

Following Sarah’s death, Farah finds a letter Sarah had written her.  In it is truths that will make you even madder than you already are…and not just at Tate, but at everybody in Farah’s life.  This poor girl.  She has been lied, deceived, and betrayed by everybody who was supposed to love her.  She eventually is going to have a breaking point, and I am so glad that it was Tate that received the wrath of her anger.  Up until this point I was really hoping that Tate was a good guy.  In fact, at one point I even thought “poor Tate.”  Needless to say I was forced to eat those words tenfold.   Farah takes the upper hand of control and goes all Carrie Underwood on him (Go Farah Go!) and unleashes her fury.  Tate has his own way of retribution and it hurts more than any physical pain Farah can inflict.

“That’s all you are Farah.  A f*cking whore for me and a doormat for everyone else in your life.”

Are you done with him Farah, because I would really like a go at Tate while he’s at our mercy.  I don’t even know where I would start.  Perhaps his most loved appendage??  Once you hear his revelations you will want a crack at him also.  He deserves any pain he receives.

Then there’s Max.  Initially I got the vibe from him that he was settling for Sarah when he really wanted Farah, but he made it clear that he loved Sarah for reasons altogether different from Farah.  He’s really a good guy, but also lacks a backbone.  He let Tate walk over him as kids and never stood up to him, and to this day has kept his secret.   Max is grieving over the loss of his wife, he is hurting for Farah, and he is being shut out by Farah because of the betrayal that’s been revealed.  He is caught in the crossfires and he needs to focus on his young son, which on some days isn’t even manageable as he seems to be falling into the depression abyss.

In the choice between twins, I should have chosen neither.  Then maybe those girls would still have each other and I would be far away. 

Let’s redirect my attention to the author for a moment…I have only read  “This Beautiful Thing”  by her back in 2012.  I cannot believe the outstanding level at which she writes now as compared to her beginning writings. This story excelled because we were able to hear from multiple points of view and had layers upon layers of character depth.  One of my requirements for giving 4.5 stars is I need to FEEL.  Well, it should be quite noticeable that I definitely felt something!  It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, I need to walk away from the book knowing that underneath all the layers of a story I could still have a passion (or a disgust in this case!) for the characters.   I should really re-direct my emotional focus to Farah, because she is the one who was taken advantage of by everybody and deserves my empathy.

Here we all were hurting the only person who didn’t deserve it.  We were all monsters but in different ways.

Now that Farah knows all the awful truths, how will she handle it?  Will she find peace or will she choose retaliation in her course to get even?  Farah is resilient and I can guarantee you that at the end of the day, she is still standing strong.  It would be nice though if she had someone to stand by her and offer support should she ever falter.  Maybe fate knew what she was doing 6 years ago in a bar…

Love might be a bitch but I think in the long run, she knows what she’s doing.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Max yells out from the top of the stairs.

I bite my lip and look down at Tate. The play sword is still in my hand over my head waiting for another chance to hit him. I'm straddling his hips and I kind of forgot how we even got this way, "Ummm..." I stutter out.

Tate clears his throat and looks up at his brother, "Just a bit of foreplay."

My face screws up in anger and the sword comes down on Tate. "You wouldn't know foreplay if it bit you on the ass!" I say, repeatedly beating Tate with the plastic sword. I know it stings because Blake's hit me enough times with it. 

Tate finally throws his arms over his head trying to protect himself, "You lie! You're the one who is always telling me to 'put it in' or 'fuck me now, Tatum' it's your fault!" 

"She calls you Tatum in the bedroom?" Max asks.

I glare down at Tate with all the pissed off anger I can muster. "You answer that question and I'll show you foreplay with this sword and your ass."

I live in southern Arkansas with my husband and young daughter. There is also an insane Boston Terrier running around. I've always been a lone wolf and find my friends in books. I started writing at a young age and I haven't stopped since. Most days you can find me either glued to my laptop or my kindle. My first novel, This Beautiful Thing was an Amazon best seller for 11 weeks and a year later I'm still tickled to see people enjoy it. I may not be a huge seller but I have the best fans ever and I thank God everyday for every single one of them.


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