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Blog Tour: Loving the White Liar by Kate Stewart

Loving the White Liar by Kate Stewart
Released July 20



I met my true love when I was twenty-seven. He was handsome, charming, witty, and irresistible. Jayden Monroe came along when I was struggling with indecision and made things simple, turned monochrome into vivid color, and forever altered my perspective on life.

I was not naive enough to believe in happily ever after, but with Jayden, it seemed possible . . . until I realized something wasn’t quite right.

You see, I met a man who would be anyone I needed him to be, and after I found out that fact, I knew it would be impossible to walk away. His disorder, however, would change everything I ever thought about love and what it truly meant to accept someone for who they are.

This is not my sob story; this is his success story

4 Star Review by Jen Skewes

When Kate Stewart told me she was writing a book that deals with ADHD I couldn’t have been more excited to read it.  This is a topic that we very rarely see in romance books.   It is an issue that affects so many people and not just the person who has ADHD but it also affects the people around them. Ms. Stewart did a wonderful job portraying both sides of it.  

Hilary and Jay met in the apartment complex that they both live in.  When they first met there was this instant connection between them.  There was dating and flirting and witty banter between them.  I want to say that they took it slow in a way but at the same time they both fell fast and hard.  But there was something off about Jayden.  Something that he was keeping from Hillary.  He is this gorgeous sweet and sexy guy but has difficulty when it comes to relationships.  Hilary learns the reasons for this when Jay tells her that he has ADHD.  Hilary at first sort of dismisses it in a way.  Not that she doesn't care she has it but not really understanding what it means, therefore not letting it affect her or their relationship.  Until Jay starts having his "moments" and she is not sure why or how to handle it. And that's where the struggles begin.  They love each other and are so good together.  They are there through the highs and lows.  And when things are good they are so so good together.  But Jayden's everyday struggles with his disability can get in the way of the relationship that they built.  Is there love strong enough to get through it all?

I loved both of these characters.  Jayden was sexy, adorable and made me laugh. He loved Hillary and you could see how much he was falling for her but at the same time how scared he was that he would lose her because of his ADHD. 

Hillary was a little hard for me to like in the beginning.  She loved Jayden there was no doubt in my mind.  She fell for him fast and hard.  But in the beginning I felt like she took no time to try to understand Jayden and what he was dealing with.  Like she sort of just dismissed it.  But as I read on I realized that it also had to do with the fact that Jayden shut her out. He was open with her in so many ways except when it came to his ADHD.  This is the part where I felt like I needed more emotion from these characters. I wanted more depth when it came to his character.  

I am very familiar with ADHD on a personal level,  but I am also still learning as well.  For me personally I think that everyday is a learning experience and no matter how much you research it, everyone’s situation is different.  I’ve learned so much about this disorder from talking to other parents whose child also has ADHD.  So with that being said I was hoping for more emotion from Jayden where this issue was concerned.  I get it.  I know at times he may not understand why he acted in such a way but I wanted to feel those emotions with him.   I wanted to see him describe and explain to Hilary what he was feeling, what emotions were going through him in those moments, even if he didn’t know why he was feeling a particular way.   I understand Hilary’s reactions.  She acted in a way that most people would, not taking Jayden’s shit.  But I felt we never truly understood Jayden’s side of it all and just how hard it was for him.  When she finally learned everything she needed to know about ADHD it was more from a clinical standpoint than an emotional one I guess is the point I am trying to make.    I also wanted more emotion and less sexual intimacy. 

Overall I really loved this book.  I loved Jayden and Hillary together.  They made each other laugh and they had fun.  Jayden had a romantic side to him that I just loved.  Hillary was the perfect woman for Jayden.  She loved him with everything she had and she would do everything to fight for their love, even when Jay pushed her away.  She wouldn’t give up and I loved that about her.  This was a beautiful story and at times yes it was very emotional.   Kate Stewart did a wonderful job.  She created characters that were real, they had flaws and they had struggles in their relationship. But their struggles weren’t caused by unnecessary drama.  They were real issues that they both needed to learn how to deal with.  Their love for each other was strong and they loved each other unconditionally.  This is a story of true love, real life and the struggles that go along with it.  I applaud Ms. Stewart for writing a story that deals with an issue that many people may not understand or know how to deal with.  Excellent job!


“Jayden,” I said in warning.

“Okay.” He let out a long breath. “It’s like a tidal wave that’s impossible to stop. I just get sad and a little scared. It’s not clinical, but it’s rough. I feel like everything’s wrong. Nothing will get better. You know, hopeless.” I nodded as I felt the discomfort he was feeling from telling me. “It doesn’t happen a lot, once or twice a year, and it doesn’t last long. It’s not even really a symptom of ADHD. I don’t know. I guess my racing brain just gets tired and I shut down. It’s all about the chemicals in my brain. You know what ADHD is, right?”

“I’m beginning to think I don’t,” I said honestly. “I started to look it up the other night and then your mom called.”

“My mom called?”

“Yes, we are going to a barbeque Saturday.”

“No shit,” he said, smiling.

Jayden picked up a sponge from the side of the tub and poured some liquid soap on it to suds it up then began rubbing my leg with it. “She’s going to love you, Hilary.”

“Oh yeah, how do you know that?”

“I know her.” He grinned.

Jayden’s sponge drifted over my stomach as he crept closer to me. Still working his sponge, he managed to lift me by my arms, pulling me into his seated lap. I felt his growing hardness as I wrapped my legs around him. His muscled arms firmly around me, he used the sponge on my back as he stared into my eyes. “I missed you.”

“You didn’t have to,” I protested, looking away. I didn’t want to cry again. I didn’t want him to think of me as weak. I wanted him to be able to trust that I could handle it.

“Look at me,” he ordered gently, gripping me tighter as he continued to bathe me. “I wasn’t there.”

I nodded. “I’ll live. I . . . You didn’t tell me about that part.”

“Do you have any idea how hard it is to explain to the person you are falling for that they might not want to reciprocate your affection because you may on occasion have an uncontrollable, explosive temper tantrum? Or that you may pop off with inappropriate comments at any point in time that could alienate them? Oh, and don’t forget the controlling, OCD tendencies with a small, short-lived side of anxiety and depression. Or better yet, how to explain you weren’t listening to something important they were trying to convey because you were too busy figuring out the difference between jelly and jam.”

“Just like that,” I answered, knowing it wasn’t that simple.


Kate Stewart, a native of Dallas, now resides in Charleston, S.C. She moved to the city three weeks after her first visit, dropping her career of 8 years, declaring the city her creative muse. Since her move in 2010, she has published two novels, the third Loving the White Liar set to publish July 2015. She lives with her husband of 8 years, Nick who is featured on the cover of the novel, TITAN. (Set to re-release some time in 2015.)

Her other novels include Room 212 and Never Me which are both available now.

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