Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Review: Chasing Cassidy by D. Kelly

When Zachary Stafford first set eyes on Cassidy Pope she was being beaten by her father. After witnessing the traumatic event, he made it his mission to befriend her. As the years pass, their relationship evolves and Cassidy not only gives Zack her friendship but her love, as well. 

Cassidy spent her childhood being verbally and physically abused. The best part of her life is her friendship with the Stafford twins, Zack and Rylee. Although she tries to put on a brave front, the years of abuse have turned Cassidy into a woman filled with insecurities who doesn’t believe she deserves love. Especially not the kind of love Zack has given her for the last twelve years. 

On their wedding day, Cassidy’s insecurities get the best of her and she does the one thing she knows how to do well…she runs. Zack is devastated and when he discovers why Cassidy ran, his devastation becomes fury. Long ago, Zack made Cassidy a promise he fully intends to keep and sets off on a journey to bring her back into his arms where she belongs. 

Will Zack and Cassidy get their happily ever after, or will Cassidy’s inner demons keep her from getting the only thing she ever wanted in this world? To be loved.

4 Star Review by Jen Skewes

I loved this book.  It is one of those books that just makes you feel good.  It is a beautiful love story between two people who have known each other since they were six years old.  There wasn't a lot of drama or angst but this story did not need it.  It was heartbreaking at times to see all that Cassidy went through but at the same time it will warm your heart because Zachary Stafford is one amazing man.   Chasing Cassidy is the beautiful story of a girl who feels so unworthy of love that she decides to run and the guy who will do everything to prove just how worthy and loved she really is. 

Cassidy and Zach have been best frieds since they met at the young age of six.  They began dating and fell in love when they were in high school.  But Zach always knew from the time he was a little boy that he would marry Cassidy. She is his best friend, his lover and his world.  He would do anything for her and to protect her. 

Cassidy is about to marry the man of her dreams.  The man that she loves with all her heart and the man who is also her best friend.  Just before they are about to say “I Do” Cassidy runs, leaving Zach at the alter wondering what happened.  When Zach finds out the real reason that Cassidy ran, he is not happy, but he will do whatever it takes to get her back.  He chases after to her and is on a mission to prove to Cassidy how much he loves her. 

Cassidy knows Zach loves her and she loves him.  But the issue is that she really needs to believe that she is worthy of all the love that he has for her.  She doesn’t believe that she fits in his world.  But Zach has a plan.  He is going to show her how much she means to him and let me tell you, his plan will make you swoon and just melt your heart.  Will Cassidy finally accept that she is enough for Zach and his world?

I really enjoyed this book.  I felt for Cassidy so much.  What she went through as a child will break your heart.  The prologue alone will just grab you from the start.  But Cassidy was a fighter and all though she had some insecurity issues she was still a strong woman and I loved her.  Zach was every women’s dream.  Honestly he couldn’t have been more perfect.  He is sweet and sexy and the love he has for Cassidy is so intense that you can just feel it.  He loves her something fierce and I loved how he created little moments from their past to show her how much she means to him.   I loved his passion and his desire when it came to her.  He would give up everything for her and just from his words alone you could feel his love. 

Zach’s twin sister is also Cassidy’s best friend and I loved the relationship that they both had with her.   This story was Cassidy and Zach’s but we also see her relationship with his family as well.  She has known them since she was a little girl and has always felt like a part of their family despite the issues that she had.  This is beautiful story about self discovery and true love.  This is my first book by this author but it will not be my last.  I cannot wait for Rylee’s story and I’m wondering who she will end up with.  

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