Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Barely Breathing by Brenda Rothert

People see what they want to see. A burly guy with tats and a permanent scowl is probably a criminal and an asshole, right? And I can’t fault ‘em, because in my case, they’re right. My world revolves around righting the wrongs of my past. Atoning for my selfish stupidity. And it’s enough. 

Until I meet Viv – a woman who sees right through me. She’s not scared or intimidated. A woman like her is way too good for a man like me. But life as I knew it won’t be enough anymore. I realize now that before I met her, I wasn’t really living. Hell, I was barely breathing. 

3.5 Stars
Review by Jennifer Skewes

I am a huge fan of Brenda Rothert’s.  I have read most of her books and loved every one of them. I could not wait to read Barely Breathing.  I really enjoyed it but at times was wanting more. 

Matthew Kane has a past that he would like to forget.  Since getting out of prison he has made something of his life.  He owns a successful night club with a friend and is trying to move on from the past and be a better person. He still has his issues, especially when it comes to dealing with other people.  He is a bit rough around the edges and can be very short with people.  Let’s just say if you work for him you better not make any mistakes, unless you want to be looking for another job.  He is not looking for love or a relationship.  Even though he is in a good place he still believes that he doesn’t deserve all good things. 

Viv is a lawyer who is looking for love.  She has her idea of what the perfect man is and knows that he is somewhere out there.  When a blind date goes wrong it is Kane who saves her.  Kane is the opposite of everything she thought she wanted in a guy.  She comes to find out that maybe she had it all wrong where her perfect man is concerned.  Kane is who she wants.  Yes he is a bad boy with tattoos and a record but that does not matter to Viv.  She sees more to him and wants him.  She is the one woman who seems to be able to handle him.  But she needs to make Kane see just how special he really is and how much he deserves to find love and happiness.

I really loved these characters.  I think Viv was a strong woman and knew how to deal with an angry and bitter Kane.  What I loved about this book is the characters and the connection that they had.  I loved how Viv did not give up on Kane, even at the times when he felt he was not good enough for her.  As always the writing was great.  But for me personally it was missing something.  I wanted more depth to Kane’s character. I wanted to know and understand this man more.  Why was he the way he was today?  What else happened in his past.  There was also the issue of the conflict.  I understood where Kane was coming from and know that it is probably something that people do experience.  I just didn’t get where it came from given the history of the characters.  I know I am being vague but I don’t want to give it away.  Anyway I still really enjoyed this one.  Kane and Viv were great together.  They had chemistry which I loved.  Looking forward to more from Brenda Rothert.

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