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Book Tour: Time and Space by Rachel Robinson

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From the author of Crazy Good comes a new military romance from Rachel Robinson!

Meet Cody & Lainey in Time and Space.

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Several men did Navy SEAL Cody Ridge DIRTY.

Not only did they take his career and his fiancée, they stole everything but his life, and he barely escaped with that.

Cody is back.

As the boss of Ridge Contracting, his life is a blur of adrenaline and endless hours of work. Thriving and successful, he has never forgotten what was taken or who is to blame. His scars run as deep as the hatred in his heart.
Everything Cody lost will be his again. At any cost.

Lainey Rosemont can decorate anything. Your drab bedroom? She’s got it. A rundown shack in the middle of N.Y.C.? Lainey is the woman for the job. Unfortunately her past love life isn’t something she can Feng shui.

She has moved on from her relationship with Cody. It was over--literally buried in the ground. When he comes spiraling back into her life she’s not sure where their limits lie. With her nuptials to the swoony, heartthrob, Navy SEAL, Dax Redding fast approaching Lainey has decisions to make and a past of sinister secrets to confront.

Time changes everything and space apart turns lovers into strangers.

The only thing standing between happily ever after and fate is revenge.

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5 Stars
Review by Natasha Gentile

So if you have been following my reviews you will know that Rachel’s first book Crazy Good killed me.  It was and is in my list of top books read of ALL time.  It started me on my path of stalking this author.  Waiting for whatever crumbs she would feed me.  Next she gave us Set in Stone.  This book, if you think Crazy good was heart-wrenching Set in Stone took what ever was left of my heart.  I didn’t think she could do it again; well I’m going to say she did.  Time And Space, people prepare whatever is left of your heart because Cody is coming and he’s claiming you.

I have to say that I’ve read many many prologues but this prologue had me the moment Cody Ridge described his love for Lainey.  This is what hooked me, it's what makes you look for your own Cody.  It's what you always hope that the man you are with feels for you.

If you were to crack apart any one of my two hundred and six bones, you would find her.  That’s how deeply she’s rooted inside.  She’s hidden away, tucked neatly in a place where not even time can touch her.  Dementia and other human ailments are capable of stealing the confines of the mind.  Bones? They protect everything. 
You get to take them with you to your grave.

In your bones.  I don’t care how many other books I read, that sentence will forever remain with me.  Let me tell you about the journey through, love, heartache, healing, and finally a happily ever after years in the making!

If you think about Navy SEALs, you think Rachel Robinson, they go together hand in hand.  She knows them like no other.  So you know that her stories are as real as they can get.  Cody Ridge, he is one bad ass navy SEAL.  On a mission, routine you could say,  when in a spilt second everything that he knows is stripped away from him.  

The U.S. declared me dead after one year, seven months.  I now know, Lainey waited three years and two months before accepting a proposal from another man.

Shattered.  Broken.  That is what you felt with this book and I’m only 3% in.  The love that Lainey and Cody have is one that is so embedded inside you it can never be erased, or replaced.  It’s always there, festering, reminding you, sometimes just the thought of that love settles you down.  

Lainey Rosemont loved a man named Cody Ridge.  Until one day they took him from her.  Took half of her with them, although they didn’t know that.  The woman that now exists is a reborn woman.  She has to be reborn, because deep down inside she knows that Lainey is gone.  

Trying to live her life trying to basically exist. Until one day it all that she built came crumbling down.

The next seconds are a blur of Dax’s words bouncing around in my skull.  Alive.  Cody.  Alive.  Cody.  Alive. Cody.  I don’t even pause to consider if his words are truth.  I know they are.  He wouldn’t lie to me about something of this magnitude.  Cody Ridge, my deceased fiancé.   

Cody is back. He's running Ridge Contracting and his life consists of endless hours of work.  He’s thriving and he’s successful, but he can’t forget what he lost.  He fought for three years to come back, he isn’t going to let a little thing like a fiancé keep him from the woman that is deep in his bones.

Laniey wasn’t ready to face Cody when he came back, couldn’t see through the guilt of moving on while he suffered to come back to her.  Guilt that she can’t shake off no matter how much she tries to turn the page and accept the card that she has been dealt.  

Until the  one day she can longer run.  Until one day she can no longer say no, until one day she needs to see him.

Then I see him.  Cody is looking directly at me, standing still in the middle of the sidewalk.  People move around him like he’s a statue or someone mildly inconveniencing  construction sign.  No one sees me either.  The rest of the civilization melts away.
We only see each other.

She thought she moved one.  Thought he was gone along with the love she felt was buried, only now she isn’t sure which way to go.  She’s in love with someone else.  She has moved on.  She keeps saying the words, just one catch, her heart!

Tears trickle down my face, a slow assault on my willpower, and his pace falters.  He stops.  He’s examining me, the new Lainey—the person that was born after his death.  The woman he knew is gone.  The problem with that is that I still have her heart.  It races along, thumping jaggedly for the man I love.  For the man I thought was forever gone; for the man who I now have no right to.

My heart is breaking, my soul empty.  This can’t be the way things have to play out.  Yes, she is engaged to fellow Navy Seal Dax Redding.  She had to move on, she didn’t chose to move on she had no choice; he was gone.  

Time changes everything and space apart turns lovers into strangers. 

They have both grown into other people.  They have both moved on, or so it seems.  It takes one meeting, it takes one second for it to come all pouring back to them both. 

It’s the moment I know without a shadow of doubt that, after all this time, she’s still mine.

She tries her best to be honest with Dax, she isn’t that person that will string you along.  She knows and does what she knows is right, she can’t give herself to him when she loves another.  It’s hard, it’s soul breaking, it’s going to hurt, but she can’t do it to him.  For that she gets a royal bow.  

There were so many different ways that this could have played out .  There were so many ways that she could have lied, but the point is she didn’t.  Honesty;  that is what Dax deserved and that is what she gave him.  What she didn’t know was that something was brewing,  something that she had no idea about.  Something that made her happily ever after seem like a forgotten dream.

The only thing standing between happily ever after and fate is revenge.

He can’t forget what he went through, he can’t forget what he lost, he can’t forget what was taken from him, no matter that he has it almost all back.  It’s almost within his reach, his finger tips touching it softly.  

They say that space makes the heart grow fonder, and that space heals it.  What they don’t tell you is that there is no amount of time nor space that can make you forget it who you were, or where you came from.  There is no time or space than can erase the past and all the mistakes you have made.

What they also don’t say is the neither time nor space can erase the love that you feel all the way to your bones.   When it’s that deep you can’t even try to run from it. It’s a forever type of love.  The love that you hold onto with everything that you have, because with time and space it just grows into everything that you hope you can ever feel!!!!

Just like that she got me again!  She took me under her spell and played me like a fiddle.  I went through heartache, sadness, hope, laughter, forgiveness, bitterness, and most importantly I went through love.

She’s been his for the stolen years. I called Dax. We spoke of Lainey and how he wants her to know she has options. He wants to win her fair and square. I didn’t have the heart to tell him fair and square loses every single time. The option that Lainey is exercising at the moment has my mouth watering and my dick rapt at attention. A stronger man--a man with more integrity would resist. I was stripped of everything, integrity included. I just want back what is rightfully mine.
“I want to kiss your entire body. You want that?” I ask, rubbing the insides of her thighs with the palms of my hands.  Her body excites me. It’s familiar and brand new at the same time. Everything washes away when I touch her. I can block my pain receptors with her pleasure. I can forget. “Every single square inch of you.” I say folding my hands around her tiny, tan waist.
She nods. Her doe eyes challenging me to merely kiss her. Smirking, I lean over her drag my lips across her tits, down her stomach and back up her neck to find her mouth. Lainey whimpers as I rest some of my body weight on top of her.  My mouth is watering by the time I bring my lips on top of hers. Her scent is all around me, her warm skin is against my chest, my cock is nestled right where it wants to be. How to tell her how much I’ve missed her? Or that her fucking gorgeous face is still the center of my universe?

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About the Author

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Rachel grew up in a small, quiet town full of loud talkers. Her words were always only loud on paper. She has been writing stories and creating characters for as long as she can remember. After living on the west coast for many years she recently moved to Virginia Beach, VA.

Stalk Rachel here:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads

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