Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Review: Chasing You by Kelly Elliott

I chased, you pushed 
I chased, you friend zoned 
I chased, you fell 
Now I chase to protect you. 

You chased, I resisted 
You chased, I accepted 
You chased, I fell 
Now I pray you’re not too late. 

After finally winning the heart of the woman I loved, there was no way in hell he was taking her from me. 

4 Stars
Review by Lisa Kane 

Meagan Atwood and Grayson Bennett are fighting a losing battle. They may think that they are just best friends with benefits, but both of them know that they are so much more. But Gray has a new employee at work and it's none other than Meg's nemesis, Claire Watkins, the girl who made her college years a living hell. And it seems that Gray might be dating her. 

The shock of seeing him with Claire that day and the idea of my past coming back to haunt me hit me like a brick wall. 

Gray is ambitious, he's one of the youngest detectives on the force and he's out to prove that this is no fluke; he is determined to rise to the top. But he and his partner are stumped over a series of rape/murders. There are lots of clues, but no real leads. But it's no accident that Gray is the best, he'll figure out who is doing this or die trying. 

Meg works as a social worker specializing in working with kids who are bullied. Her own experience makes her empathetic to the pain these kids feel and she wants nothing more than to offer them the help she wishes that she had when Claire tried to ruin her life. 

I wanted to dream of a future with him, but who was I kidding. The moment I open my heart he'll stomp on it and move on to Claire. 

Finally Meg tells Gray exactly why she despises Claire and he is sickened by what he hears. These two have finally left the walls between them fall, but how far are they willing to take their new relationship? If it doesn't work out, will they lose the best friendship both has ever known?

Glancing between the soup and the beautiful girl sitting on my couch, I felt my chest tighten. I wasn't falling in love with her, I was already in love with her. 

I adore the Love Wanted in Texas series. The way that Ms. Elliott weaves the characters into each of the stories, whether they are the main subjects or secondary characters ensures that they become familiar, old friends. Their stories don't end, they keep growing and changing and living between the pages. 

"Are you ready to fall?"

"Will you catch me, Gray?"

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