Thursday, February 4, 2016

Review: Fumbled by TK Rapp

A good love story always begins the same way.

A chance meeting.

A sizzling look.

A flat tire…

Dani Miner could have been voted least likely to be a damsel in distress.

Tabor Hunter should have been voted most likely to do the rescuing.

So when Dani gets a flat tire on her way home one evening, she is, at first, less than thrilled to be helped out by a man that is clearly too charming for his own good. Even if he is handsome. And buff. And the king of the thousand watt smile.

However, prickly Dani is eventually charmed by her hottie knight in shining sunglasses. And a brief moment spent on the side of the road on a hot summer evening quickly leads to a first date.

But what Dani doesn’t realize is that she has just agreed to go out with the very famous defensive end for the San Diego Quakes. And Tabor is thrilled to finally meet a woman who doesn’t fall at his overly athletic feet. This year's most valuable player is excited to have a chance to be an ordinary guy with a less than ordinary woman.

But being a celebrity can put a real kink in your love life and Dani, a woman used to a much quieter life, is soon caught up in the high paced world of fame and football.

Falling in love is easy. Falling in love with a sports star is another story.

Can Dani figure out how to play the game before she fumbles her chance at happiness?

4 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

If you are looking for a light and sweet read then Fumbled is the perfect book.  I really enjoyed this one.  It was light and refreshing and just a great romance between two people who are living in two different worlds.

Dani is a school teacher who is a very strong willed person and very independent.  She cares a great deal for her students and her job.  When she finds herself on the side of the road with a flat tire she tries her hardest to change it herself.  It takes a lot before this girl is willing to give up and ask for help.  But she didn’t have to ask.  Her help appeared, in the form of one sexy young man with a gorgeous smile.  Dani is still a little hesitant but accepts his help, not knowing just who this person is.

Tabor is a star football player.   He loves football ever since he was a kid and his father taught him how to play.  When he sees Dani on the side of the road there is just something about her.  He watches her for a bit and then when he sees that she is still struggling he goes over to help her.  And he was right, there is something special about her.  She is beautiful and has no idea who he is.  He wants to get to know her and eventually she accepts one date with him. 

But when Dani finds out the truth she is not sure that dating a football star is going to work.  They live in two different worlds.  She is not like any girl that Tabor has dated before.  She is not in it for the fame and the money.  She likes Tabor because of the genuinely sweet guy that he is. But can she really date someone who is in the public eye and who has girls throwing themselves at him?  Will this really work out between them?

First I have to say that I loved Tabor.  He really is a good guy who is sweet and very down to earth.  Fame hasn’t seemed to change him. He knows who he is and where he came from.  He is tired of women throwing themselves at him and dating him because of his stardom.  When he meets Dani she is so different from any girl he has met.  And he will do what it takes to convince her that they belong together and that he is falling for her.  And trust me he has his work cut out for him, because Dani does not make this easy on him.

Dani I had a hard trouble connecting with at times.  She is very strong an independent and also very loving and caring.  Which is what I loved about her.  But I think she was a bit too judgemental when it came to Tabor and his career.  She had issues with dating him before they really even started dating.  I feel like while she had no interest in him because he played professional football, she in a way judged him and his lifestyle because of it.  Otherwise I really liked her.  I could see how much they were falling for each other.  And at one point in the book when something horrible happens my heart hurt for the two of them.  Tabor became something that he wasn’t and Dani’s strength showed once again towards the end, proving why I loved her.

TK Rapp did a wonderful job with this story.  I loved the characters themselves as well as their families.  They both had such a strong support system.  This was a very refreshing and sweet read.  There was a little bit of drama towards the end that was just the perfect amount.  I am looking forward to reading more from this author.     

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