Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Review: His Light in the Dark by L A Fiore

My first memory was of a slap, hard across the face: the sting on my cheek and the jarring of my bones as I slammed back into my bed. It was my dad who had hit me.

I had been four.

Most of my memories were much of the same and no one ever saw, no one ever fought to help, no one ever cared.

Then we moved.

My new neighbor cared, rescued the twelve-year-old I had been from a beating. Always thought I'd suffer the nightmare alone, I was wrong.

Mace Donati saved me that day in all the ways a person could be saved.

And his daughter, Mia, she became the friend I had always wanted, my conscience when my own faltered, the light that led me home when I had lost my way.

The girl who grew into the only woman I would ever love.

But when you realize you're more like your father than the good people who took you in and gave you a home, the only way to return their kindness is to let them go.

I let them go, got so far lost in the shadows I couldn't remember who I was anymore. Mia never gave up on me. She fought for me, kept the light on so I'd find my way back.

And when I did, life threw us a curveball. I had to hurt Mia in order to save her.

But when my past comes back to haunt me and I almost lose her, I'm ready to fight for her...fight to find a way back into her heart while keeping the demons from my past from finishing what they started.

Cole Campbell

4 Stars!

Review by Jen Hagen 

The first time 7-year-old Mia meets Cole she knows there is something or someone hurting him just by looking into his beautiful  eyes.

Eyes that pretty should sparkle, like my shoes, but they were dark, like he was lost and couldn’t find his way.  It made my heart hurt, being lost in the dark was my biggest fear and Cole seemed to be living that nightmare.

Mia comes from a home filled with love by her single father; Cole isn’t as lucky. Her dad has enough love in him to make certain that Cole feels it too.  For two years Cole sleeps on their couch and becomes a surrogate son.  For two years Cole knows what it’s like to have love from a family.  In a life that has already been full of curveballs for Cole, he is dealt  a fast ball that suddenly changes the outcome of his game, but familial love still remains constant. 

“Don’t let the unfortunate circumstances of your childhood dictate the rest of your life.  Reach for the stars, Cole, I’ll help you.” 

Mia doesn’t give up on breaking through Cole’s hardened exterior.  She wants him to be able to see that there is light in this world, however small it may be.  Cole’s choice to lead a life that falls on the other side of good was difficult to see.  Cole isn’t a bad man, but being hit with that fast ball really did a number on him.  He doesn’t fit in with the world around him.  He lost time on the outside and doesn’t know how hard he should fight to get that time back.  Luckily for him, his stand-in father still loves and supports him.  And most importantly, Mia loves him.  Her girl crush has risen to exponential levels.   

“You’re lost, Cole, but you can find your way home; the candle has been in the window since you left and we’ve been waiting.”

Mia doesn’t know this, but Cole has been looking into the window peering at Mia for the last couple of years.  He keeps an eye on her telling himself that it’s to make certain she is safe.   Even a fool could see what his real reason is…

“I stayed away but that doesn’t mean I didn’t want you, didn’t think about, crave you, ache for you.”

Finally Cole breaks his silence! There’s still more to come for Mia and Cole.  The darkness that surrounds Cole doesn’t necessarily go away the minute Cole sees the light.  There are lots of twists, turns, and surprises to keep you guessing until the last page is read.  Mia and Cole’s story does conclude with this book.

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