Friday, February 5, 2016

Review: The Rules (Off Limits Book 2) by Elizabeth Brown

An older-brother's-best-friend romance

When you're a guy, the rules are simple. Live by the Bro Code:
Rule #1: Always have his back. 
Rule #2: Don’t ever leave him stranded.
Rule #3: Never, ever, touch his sister.

Aw, hell. Two out of three ain't bad. 
Warning: This story contains mature humor, a lot of cursing, and of course, sexual situations. It’s intended for adult readers who enjoy that kind of thing. 
Lambo and Ainsley's story.
Dual POV with no cliffhanger.
Book 2 in The Off-Limits series. Standalone- but you'll enjoy it more if you read Book 1.

4.5 Loved It Stars!

Review by Lisa Kane 

Lambo Christie has been part of Ainsley Andrews life for years. (doesn't his name just make you envision a gorgeous guy you could just lick like a popsicle?) Her brother Ryan is Lambo's best friend. At a college graduation party Lambo and Ainsley had a pretty hot encounter that was interrupted far too early by Ryan barging into the room.  

"Feel like joining them?"
I jumped and spun around even though I knew what I'd see.
Or rather, who I'd see.
The voice belonged to Lambo Christie, one of my brother's friends. Lam was heir to the Christie hotel empire. He was definitely rich. And definitely hot. And the lack of recognition in his eyes confirmed it: he definitely had no idea who I was. 

Oblivious to what was going on with his sister and best friend Ryan was pissed he caught Ainsley drinking-she's only 16, what was she thinking? Sixteen! That just about had had Lambo running for the hills. For the next few years he made himself ignore Ainsley-she was jail bait and no matter how attracted he was to her-there are plenty of other girls for this manwhore.

When he mentioned that she was still in high school, I just about choked on my beer. 

Flash forward and Ainsley is 24 and lives with her brother and his girlfriend Natalie. (their story is told in The Lessons) Her brother, Natalie, Lambo and a few of their friends are taking off to Vegas for the weekend. Ryan won't leave Ainsley behind. Ainsley has had her share of problems; when she was a child she lived through her parents deaths (there is a horrible story connected with that) and she's had her own issues with her mental health over the years. He won't take the chance that Ainsley will go off the rails and he won't be around to help her. 

Say something, dumbass. Stop just staring at her and fucking say something.
I cleared my throat. "Hello, Ainsley."
Okay, so no one is going to mistake me for Hemingway. Whatever. 

Staying in one luxurious huge suite puts Ainsley and Lambo in close quarters. Neither one of them can run from each other this time. So all those chemicals that have been percolating between them for years-well they are about to explode. 

There isn't a lot that mutes Lambo Christie, but there you go. Ainsley Andrews apparently was my kryptonite. I knew I was attracted to her years ago, but every time I knew I'd see her, I hoped that maybe she'd grown out of being so cute. Like maybe she'd developed a hunch-back or a body odor problem.

Besides her mental issues, Ainsley suffers from a vagina that just won't cooperate. Yes, you read that right. She physically can't have sex. She's tried with four other guys and it just won't happen. In a moment of weakness she tells Lambo all and being the sex god that he is, he just knows he is the answer to her condition! But sometimes, when we fail, we have to try, try again. 

I knew if she was anxious, my dick was never getting into that sweet heat, but that didn't stop me from hoping that maybe I could declare missionary accomplished before heading to breakfast. 

One thing about Lambo, he never waves that white flag of defeat. 

It was probably the athlete in me, but at this point, I was not giving up until I'd firmly planted that ball in the net. 

Practice makes perfect, right? This is just two almost friends working on a problem together. It's purely physical- or is it? Is this player about to find out all the things he's avoided for years; commitment, monogamy, a serious relationship; are all the things he wants now? Ainsley has never told anyone the truth about her childhood; not even her brother knows the things that happened. Will she be able to finally open up to Lambo or will she go through life never letting anyone in? 

The Rules is funny and witty and so freaking hot. I loved the characters and the story line and my fingers flew through the pages. Now I have to go back and read The Lessons. I have a feeling Ms. Brown's works are going to become some of my favorites. 

"All I want is you. All of you. Only you."

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