Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Review: Ignite by Karen Erickson

Weston Gallagher is falling hard-for the wrong woman.
One night of passion has haunted him for years.
Now he’s got a second chance to get the girl of his dreams…but there’s just one problem:
She hates him.

Eight years after he stormed out of Wildwood, California, West has returned to his hometown as a firefighter. His friends and family are thrilled he’s back-with the exception of Harper Hill. His best friend’s sister is all grown up and in all the right ways. He knows she’s going to do everything she can to protect her heart and keep him at arm’s length, but West has other ideas.

He will win the girl that got away. No matter what it takes…


Review by Lisa Kane 

Weston Gallagher is coming home to the place he never thought he would return-Wildwood, the town he grew up in and couldn't wait to leave.  When he left he felt like an outsider; in a town so small everyone knew his business. He lived in the shadow of his father and his brother and he wanted more. It's years later and he's now a hard worker and an excellent firefighter. He's going to prove that he's not the same person who left.

He was back in Wildwood, ready to prove that he wasn't Weston Gallagher, King Troublemaker anymore. He'd changed his wicked ways. 

But one of the first people he sees is Harper Hill, his best friend's little sister; the girl he messed with the night before he hightailed it out of town. 

He also hadn't planned on hiding in plain sight. He was a grown-ass man. If he wanted to pass by Harper Hill like she didn't exist, he could. But he wasn't that mean. She did exist. And damn she looked good. 

Only seeing Weston again brings up all the old insecure feelings in Harper. They shared one night together and then he left without a word. She never heard from him again. So when they meet again after eight years, she's less than polite and let's it be known she couldn't be bothered to see him. Things are going to get awkward because Harper is best friends with Weston's sister Wren. 

"Weston Gallagher. I heard a bad rumor that you were coming back to town," Harper sniffed, offering him her best fake smile. The one she didn't use very often because damn it, she was a nice person. Everyone said so. "Looks like it was true."

Harper is living with her boyfriend who also happens to be her boss. Roger was the man in her life now. Weston was just a memory from her past. But she can't help but compare her lack of passion with Roger to the one night she shared with Weston, leading her to make a huge decision. 

Are the feelings they once shared, still there for Weston and Harper? Weston has never wanted to make a commitment, but is he willing to this time for Harper? This was a sweet second chance at love story. This is the first in this new series; there are several other members of the Gallagher family waiting to tell their stories about their complicated love lives.  

Yes, every time West flashed her that knowing smile, her panties melted. Her heart melted, her resolve melted...he knew just how to affect her. Giving her the right look, touching her in the right way, whispering the right words...

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