Friday, March 4, 2016

Review: Teach Me by Lola Darling

“Looks like you dressed for the occasion."

“You said I should come prepared, professor." She wriggles beneath me. 
I bring my hand down on her bare ass, just sharp enough to make her feel it, not enough to leave a mark. She inhales sharply, her hips bucking. 

“And have you, Ms. Reed? Or will I need to reprimand you more thoroughly?”

When Harper Reed came to Oxford, her dream was to study modern poetry with the infamous Professor Jack Kingston, NOT to sleep with him. But his lectures are intoxicating, his knowledge captivating, and his accent drops panties faster than Charlie Hunnam on a Saturday night.

Harper has never made good decisions when it comes to sex and Jack has never been able to commit, yet there’s something between them that neither of them has felt before. But students and teachers are not supposed to fraternize, even as this out of control connection puts both of their futures on the line.

When their forbidden love is tested, can they make the grade?

4 Stars!
Review by Lisa Kane

Harper Reed's an American who's travelled to England to go to university with her childhood pen pal, Mary Kate.  As soon as she arrives, Mary gives her the address of a party and tells her to "wear your best habit." Harper thinks she means it's a formal affair and dresses up for the occasion; she feels like a fish out of water when she sees everyone dressed instead for Tarts and Vicars night.  Her friend ditches her for a hot guy and she wanders into a makeshift confessional. Only she's not alone. A sexy voiced guy is in there; the two flirt and there may be some undressing and naughty playing which occurs. When their private party is broken up by a group of raucous partiers, Harper leaves in horror. 

But imagine her horror when she recognizes the voice of her professor, Jack Kingston as the sexy vicar from last night. He is drop dead gorgeous but doesn't seem to recognize her. (and she makes sure not to let him hear her voice) 

"Very good," replies our famous professor, the man I came here hoping to study with.
The guy I hooked up with last night. 

She does end up meeting him in the hallway and confessors who she is-he is equally shocked and makes sure she realizes she won't be getting any special treatment because of this. (can he take that stick out of his butt please?) 

Since this story is told in both POV's, we learn quite a bit about Jack's background. He doesn't have the easiest family life and there is a reason he avoid commitment with women. 

But of course there is something brewing between Harper and Jack and eventually their relationship of teacher/student is going to cross over to lovers. That's when all the lines are going to blur, and things will be more gray than black and white. Jack's reluctance to share information about Harper with his family and friends is going to come back and bite him. (and not in a good bite way either!) 

Maybe someday if won't hurt anymore. Maybe someday I'll be able to look back on this whole experience and smile.

This was a charming story with a bit of a twist. Harper is mature for her age and has enjoyed past relationships; even though her former lovers all turned out to be douche bag losers. Jack is ten years older than her but they have many things in common not just a blinding passion for each other. There is some drama but it's not contrived for drama's sake. This is an interesting, witty and fun read, I will check out this author's other books. 

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