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Blog Tour: Sweetest Venom by Mia Asher

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Blaire’s epic love story concludes in Sweetest Venom
by Mia Asher!


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I fell in love with a lie …
She was beauty and destruction.
Kissing her was a tender song.
Fucking her, a wild poem.
Loving her, my downfall.
But she was mine.
Or so I thought.

I told her I wanted her body
and not her love.
I lied.

One man offered me his love.
The other, the world.
I'm falling, falling, falling …
And there's no end in sight.

5 Phenomenal Stars!!
Review by Jen Hagen

Holy moly!  Very seldom do I find a sequel that lives up the expectations of the first book, let alone surpassing it – but Ms. Asher has blown the first book out of the water!  I think my review would best be portrayed by a self portrait of the gaping hole in my chest.  She may have healed it by the end of the book, but the recovery period from forgetting what this book did to me is going to take a long time.   Have you read her book “Arsen?”  (As a side note that is one book I would take with me if I knew I was going to be stranded on an island.)  The stories aren’t in any way comparable, but the pain is directly parallel to what I felt while reading.  Arsen, Ben, Law and Ronan.  These characters will forever be ingrained in my mind and used in comparative descriptions as to how to rate a triangular love story.  

I have always been team Ronan from the beginning.  I tend to gravitate towards the underdog, and Ronan is definitely the underdog.  He can’t even begin to compare to the men that Blaire normally has beside her – his salary isn’t big enough for her.  She tried to warn him that she would bring him down, but love took over his brain and didn’t see what she was trying to tell him.  Once he saw her for what she was, he has turned into an angry, angry man.  My sweet Ronan is now bitter, jaded and full of hate. 

He has changed.  There’s a reckless and confident air about him that wasn’t there before.  Something about him screams that he doesn’t give a f*ck what you think about him all the while looking like pure sex.  

Since it’s mentioned, let’s talk about sex…There’s a lot of it in this book.  If you can’t tolerate the word f*ck or cock, then you will be sadly disappointed in this book.  And the sex is really, really HOT;  some sweet and some angry.  

Lawrence was never my choice, but I’ll be darned if that guy didn’t grow on me.  We go deep into his character and damn…that guy has been through the love wringer.  I felt really bad for him, not only in the past but also in the present.  It becomes painfully obvious that he loves Blaire.  Lawrence is very protective of his heart and it took a lot for him for come forth with his feelings. 

“I’m jealous of every man who looks at you.  I’m jealous of every man who’s touched you before me.  I want you to be mine and only mine.”

Blaire’s choices are sometimes slam-your-head-against-the-wall frustrating but this wouldn’t be as good of a story if she always made the right decisions.  Her poor decision-making skills are what got her into this mess in the first place.  She can beg; she can plead; but sometimes the past just can’t be erased with magical words.

“I wish with all of my heart that I could stop loving you.”

Ronan’s character goes through a lot of changes – some good, some not so good – but the character development is off the charts phenomenal.  I can’t get out of Ronan’s head and I can’t get him out of my head.  Throw Lawrence in the mix and I felt everything – all their anger, confusion and emotions – it rolled through me and depleted my energy reserves – not to mention how my chest hurt; but I forged on.  I DID NOT PEEK AT THE ENDING, which is a huge accomplishment for me.  At 80% I almost cheated.  I needed to know what else could possibly happen.  The answer is A LOT.  Don’t for one second think that this is going to be a cut and dry novel.  Oh no…there is no sitting back enjoying a romantic read with this book.  You will be ripped to the core.  

“I could’ve given you the world, Blaire.  I f*cking loved you.”  

This book will leave you in a daze for hours, if not days.  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it and for the brief moments I do let my mind wander, they gravitate towards Arsen.  Apple and oranges…they aren’t the same, but the lingering feelings of one getting their heart broke remain.  

She’s everywhere and nowhere.  Between heaven and hell.  Her memory raises me high just so reality can slam me down – she’s gone.

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He watches me closely. His gaze, sparkling with lust, roves over my figure.
“Like what you see?” I tease.
“Not sure. Why don’t you come a little closer so I can take a better look?”
“Oh yeah?” I get on the bed and crawl toward him, taking my time as I close the space between us. I straddle his lap, rocking my pussy on his cock. “Well, what’s the verdict?”
“Let’s see …” he grabs me by the hips, his long fingers gripping my ass firmly, and pulls me forward until I’m kneeling over his face. I reach for the headboard for support and look down as my breathing accelerates.
“Perfect,” he says, his voice as thick as smoke. Smiling sinfully, his eyes are on me when his fingers spread my folds apart and his thumb begins to rub me in small circles.  “Fucking perfect.”
He plays my body like a damn maestro. I bite down hard on my lower lip the moment he drags his tongue along my soaked pussy. He breathes me in, his hot breath caressing my thighs as his hands move me against his eager mouth.
“And so damn sweet.”

Copyright 2016 Mia Asher
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Mia Asher
My name is Mia Asher.
I'm a writer, a hopeless romantic, a wanderer, a dreamer, a cynic, and a believer. And, oh yes…I might be a bit crazy - but who isn't?

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