Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Refusing to Fall by W. Ferraro

Reed Dennison prides himself on perfection. Strategizing and maneuvering himself into positions of success in his professional life; all the while holding every detail regarding his personal life close to the vest. For Reed, every aspect must be controlled - everything must be in its place and the impeccable public image can never falter. 
Well that is his plan anyways until a routine coffee run morphs into the first of many fiery encounters with the sexy artist Colby Jackson. Their explosive, yet casual, affair ends, and they part ways never expecting to see each other again. 
Imagine Reed’s surprise when Colby is introduced, as the newest resident in Clearwater Falls and soon becomes fully entrenched in the daily lives of his family. But, something about this one-of-a-kind woman has Reed willing to forgo his thoroughly crafted rules. 
Will Reed’s desire for Colby loosen his tight rein of control? Or will Reed’s ambition destroy any chance he has at a shot to really live? 
Reed thought he knew exactly what he wanted out of life. Now, he may lose the one thing he never knew he wanted. 
What do you do when your private haven, threatens to become the ultimate land of temptation? 

3.5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

This is the third book in the Dennison Siblings series.  While I would recommend reading the first two books you do not need to.  These can each be read as a stand alone.  I have read all of Ms. Ferraro’s books so of course I am very familiar with the Dennison clan.  But I have to say that Reed is a little different from the rest of them.  Which of course makes sense because each sibling has their own personality.  But I think he is different from what I expected him to be. 

Reed is currently the DA and is looking to run for State Senate in the very near future. He is not a guy to make his personal life public.  He doesn’t have a girlfriend and really isn’t looking for one.  When he first sees Colby in the coffee shop he cannot stop thinking about her.  He finds himself going to the shop more than once a day just to see her.  When they finally do meet and talk, they both agree to a no strings attached, sex only relationship, which is perfect for Reed.  Right now his career is everything to him and he does not need to fall in love.  But he is a guy after all and no strings sex works for him.  But at some point Colby tells Reed that she is moving in with her cousin and any relationship that they had is over.

It isn’t long before they both realize that Colby has moved to the same town that he lives in and soon becomes friends with all of the people that he sees the most.  Reed has never been able to get Colby out of his head.  Seeing her again makes him want to be with her again.  But Reed is a very private guy who does not share any bit of his personal life with anyone, not even his family.  Between trying to keep his sex life a secret and putting his career first, will he end up ruining the best thing that has ever happened to him?

I have loved W. Ferraro’s work since the very beginning.  I read her first book and have read every book after that.  She is a fantastic writer and boy does she know how to write a hot and sexy scene.  So it kills me to say that this was not one of my favorites.  It wasn’t because of the writing, because as always Ms. Ferraro did a wonderful job.  But for me I just did not connect with these characters at all.  And to be quite honest I was not a fan of Reed.  And I love every hero that Ms. Ferraro writes but there was something about Reed that just made me mad.

I get that Reed liked to keep things in his life to himself and I understand that Colby agreed to it all.  But I never felt the emotional connection between them.  To me it was all about lust and sex and to be honest I was not sure where it came from.  For me Reed was a puzzle that I wanted to solve, except that I seemed to be missing a few pieces.  Therefore I didn’t understand his issues and where they came from. 

I won’t want to go into detail or my reasons because I don’t want to spoil it and because I am obviously in the minority with this one.  But I just felt like he took advantage of his relationship with Colby in a way.  She was falling for him and I think for that reason she went along with what he felt he needed.  I wanted Colby to break down his walls, find out why he feels the need to be in control and at the same time I wanted Reed to fight for Colby.  I wanted more of the romantic and emotional side to their relationship.  He somewhat redeemed himself in the end but for me it just wasn’t enough to fall in love with him. 

Overall the writing is great, the sex scenes are hot and I loved the friendships that Colby formed with Reed’s family.  I loved the supporting characters and cannot wait to see more of this family. I really cannot wait for Mason’s book because he seems to be a very interesting character.  Overall an enjoyable read that I think most people will love. 

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