Thursday, May 5, 2016

Review: Illicit by June Gray

I never meant to be the other woman… 

Jake and I felt a connection the moment he walked into my life, an attraction both of us tried so hard to deny. Still, I found myself longing for the very thing I couldn’t have. 

I didn’t set out to fall in love with Jake. Not when he clearly wasn’t mine. 

He was my mother’s. 


* Illicit is a full-length standalone novel told in five parts. It contains strong language and sexual content and is recommended for readers 18 and over. *

4.5 Stars!

Review by Jen Hagen 

I love the taboo romance-- in fact, I think it has to be my absolute favorite in the literary genre.   Throw in Ms. Gray’s thorough writing, and I had a book that captivated me from start to end.  

Joss is meeting her mother’s new boyfriend of 3 months for the first time and can’t believe how incredible good looking he is!  Her mother is 41 years old and Jake is 30 years old.   Joss’s mother seems to have the dating factor aced, whereas Joss would rather sit at home.   Joss loves getting lost in the world of literature and has oodles and oodles of books that overrun her space she shares with her mother.  Joss is soon to be 21 years old and lives at home with her mother.  She and her mom seem to have a close relationship, probably enhanced by the fact that Joss’s father left them 7 years ago.

Jake seems to have struggled to get to this point in his life.  He could never seem to find an occupation that interested him and his love life always took the wrong turn.  Jake and Joss can relate to their obsession with books and they just seem to “get” each other.  It’s a good thing they get along so well because Joss is soon going to be getting a new housemate!  Jake is moving in!!  Joss needs to curb her feelings that have somehow grown from friendship to lust.

What began as admiration was fast becoming something more complicated and forbidden.  It was turning into full-blown infatuation. 

And she’s not alone with her dirty thoughts…

“You’re not the only one who lies awake at night, craving something forbidden,” he whispered.

Ms. Gray takes this forbidden romance and along with the angst that comes with wanting something you can’t have, she throws other scenarios at us – twisting the knife in our wounds a little deeper with each stomach-plummeting moment.  This is more than a quick illicit affair – this is a journey in finding love.  Be forewarned – there is cheating.  

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