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We've changed. Darker, damaged and unable to conform. My husband Joshua is dealing with the past the best that he am I.
Nobody else can understand the language we speak. The trauma we have been through.
But with the pain comes pleasure and happiness is our gift.

5 Orgasmic Stars!
Review by Lisa Kane

I have been waiting for this book since I finished the last page of Stanton Completely. I tried stalking, I  tried messaging the author; I fully expected to have a restraining order taken out against me. If that would have gotten Stanton Bliss in my hands any sooner, it would have been worth the lawyer fees! 

Joshua and Natasha put me through the wringer with the Stanton Trilogy. Ye gawds, I wanted to knock some sense into both of them. Especially Josh and his manwhoring ways back in the days of Stanton Adore. I still can't bring myself to read some of his shenanigans he enjoyed while trying to put Tash in his rear view mirror. And don't get me started on Natasha! Woman, you drove me to distraction. Always jumping to conclusions, always running away. Finally, finally loyal readers got the HEA we craved. But of course being the book sluts that we are, we wanted MORE! 

I am going to spend each day of the rest of my life adoring the woman I love and being the person she makes me.

Stanton Bliss is our more. Our beloved couple is married but how are they coping with the horrible things that happened leading up to their nuptials? Joshua had his private life exposed for the entire world to see. He lost his freedom. He lost the love of his life. He damn near lost his mind. 

I sit in the darkened room as I watch her, the weight sits heavily on my shoulders and my mind refuses to stop.

Natasha was forced to do things to escape that would make the most secure person cower with fear around every corner. Can she live with what she has done? Can she ever feel secure again? 

"You don't want to go back there?"

I shake my head quickly.
"It was terrible, wasn't it?"
I nod sharply.
"It's better not to think about it, isn't it?"

What about Ben and Bridgett? Will they work things out? How about Dr Romeo, Cameron Stanton himself? Will there ever be one woman who can satisfy his desires? Adrian and Nicholas are drifting along but not together. Why? Some of these questions are answered. Some doors are left opened because we are getting more stories about these characters that we have come to know like our family members. (a dysfunctional family but still a cherished one!) 

Sometimes epilogues have tons of filler. Nope, not this one. Is there sex? Come on, Josh and Natasha burn up the sheets every chance they get. Not to mention on every surface and in one scene take coming to a bar to a whole new level! So check that requirement off your list. 

She kisses me again and arches off the bed. "Josh, I need you to fill me."

I inhale deeply as I try to control myself.
Bloody hell, how do men do this gentle thing?

Is there drama? Yes, but thank gods it's not stomach plummeting like the drama in the series. Does Natasha still drive Josh to distraction? You bet and in one scene he just about loses it. Joshua Stanton is beat up by everything that has happened to him, but he is slowly recovering. It's no secret the man has a fierce temper. Natasha presses all his buttons and that lion roars! But this is Natasha we are talking about-she gives as good as she gets!

"So help me God, if he's so much looked at one fucking stripper, I am going to kill him with my bare hands."

But there's a ton of humor in this story too. These characters love life, they love to laugh at themselves and each other. That's the glue that keeps them together. They bicker and argue but at the end of the day they would lay their lives down for each other. Stanton land is not just about Joshua and Natasha. It's a whole cast of characters that provide color for our canvass and fill our world with intrigue and steam and laughter. Stanton Bliss is the perfect conclusion for Joshua and Natasha fans. This isn't the last we will see of them, because I'm sure they will be woven into the stories of the other characters. As for me, I'll take them anyway I can get them! 

Never in a million years would I have thought, all those years ago when I was filling her void with other women, that this precise moment was in my future...that this higher level of being could ever be achieved. 


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From my bed, I hear the front door open downstairs, the car keys hit the foyer table with force, then I listen as he takes the stairs two at a time. I feel a rush of excitement sweep through me.
My man is home.
Once upon a time, he trained to fight. Now his fight is daily. Mentally battling his demons and physically battling competitors at 6:00 a.m. every morning, I feel sorry for the poor bastards he fights. They don’t stand a chance. He’s changed. He’s darker, damaged and unwilling to conform. Joshua Stanton is dealing with the last six months the best that he can... as am I.
We have each other, we get it, nobody else can understand the language we speak or the pain we have been through. I lie still, trying to recover from our night, and yet he has been up and to the gym. I know why he does it; he’s trying to control the anger at what we have been through. He’s still furious, furious at himself for letting it happen, furious at Amelie for doing what she did, and furious at the press for feeding on our nightmare. He turns the corner into our room and his dark eyes drop to my naked body on the bed. He’s wet with perspiration and there’s a tangible force, a feeling of adrenaline pumping through his body out onto me where I lie. His t-shirt comes slowly over his head, and he drops his pants to reveal that beautiful rock hard body.
“How was your fight?” I whisper as my eyes lower to my name on his side.
He smiles sexily as he walks around the side of the bed, surveying me. He doesn’t answer as his hand drops to between his legs and he gives himself three slow hard strokes. My breath catches. He hasn’t said a word or touched me and yet, as always, just the sight of him makes me good to go. “You look exceptional, Mrs. Stanton,” he whispers as his hand continues to stroke his cock.
I hold my breath and open my legs just that little bit farther. Joshua cracks his neck hard as his dark eyes stay fixed between my legs.
His tongue slides over his bottom lip before he drops his head and begins to lick my inner thigh.
“Give me my breakfast. I’m fucking starving.”
I lay back and close my eyes. Mr. Stanton is here, like he is most mornings when he returns from fighting. The adrenaline in his system is through the roof and I’m the lucky girl he releases it on. Our sex is rougher and less controlled than it has ever been, but it’s also never been so hot. I’m putty in his dominant hands.
I crave his control over my body. I crave the way he takes what he needs without a care in the world.
His strong hands hold my legs apart and his hot tongue swipes through my flesh.
“Hmm,” he groans into me.
My hands fall to the back of his head.
“Oh, you fucking taste good, my beautiful girl,” he whispers.
I shudder immediately and close my eyes. If I watch him do that, I will come in five seconds flat.
He starts to really eat me, dragging my body up and down his face. His sharp whiskers are grinding but it’s a pleasurable burn, a pain I have become accustomed to, the pain is my addiction.
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About the Author:
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Tee Swan was born in Sydney Australia and is the author of Contemporary Romance novels, Stanton Adore, Stanton Unconditional and Stanton Completely.
Her new novel, Find Me Alastar is due for release in early 2016.
She studies Psychology and works for the Australian Schizophrenia Fellowship. When Tee is not working in the depths of mental health, you will find her daydreaming about her next story, writing, drinking coffee or hanging with her beloved husband and three kids in her sleepy beach side town south of Sydney.
Tee’s aim is to write steamy, tender love stories that stay with you long after you close the book.

STALK HER:  Website |  Facebook  | Twitter |  Goodreads

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